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  1. Not bad. I'd recommend more color contrast. Maybe try a darker green in place of your current darkest green.
  2. "Professional" =/= TNR, Calibri and Garamond. There are more typefaces than the ones that come preloaded on a PC.
  3. This is dope. Reminds me of a Saul Bass/Paul Rand logo.
  4. No, we just want to emphasize teal as our main color rather than purple. (We are the only teal team in the league, but not the only purple)
  5. I would've liked to have seen them use this lighter blue as an accent color, and replace the uses of navy with black.
  6. I think the "C" logo is still great, and I love the new word mark (although I'm a fan of the current, I think the new one combines aspects of the uniform mark + script mark pretty well). Not a fan of the global logo...don't think it's very well executed. None of the elements feel like they fit together naturally. I wish they'd just abandon the navy instead of hiding it.
  7. They were referring to bringing back the old brand completely and how it would take away from the HC sales. That's why the Hornets brand is so much different today than it was 20 years ago. Throwbacks are always an addition. They won't need to scrap a set to add a throwback. New uniform rules are on the way too.
  8. These aren't bad suggestions, but I actually think black is a good addition to the Clippers brand. There are too many RWB teams, and I think the black looks nice on merch/court.
  9. with all sincerity, :censored: that. bring on the alts.
  10. You're totally wrong about sports design having a different motive than any other type of design. Aesthetics are a piece of the puzzle, but as you said the main motive with aesthetics is to appeal to the audience. The original point of a modern baseball hat was to block the sun from the wearer's eyes, not to look cool. I just outlined for you problems with the current design of baseball uniforms. Buttons are basically pointless and are used inconsistently by players. They also create issues with team branding on front of uniforms. Belts are unnecessary for athletic apparel. Fabric and cut have changed since the start of the sport but in general haven't advanced with whats possible or what makes sense due to the abilities apparel companies have today. This doesn't happen often, but there have even been plays where the ball has entered the player's jersey through the holes in between buttons. This is a design problem whether you understand it as such or not. Is it a huge deal? No. Obviously, like I said, it rarely happens. Regardless it is a flaw in the design. If the point of sports design was solely to create aesthetic appeal, why would baseball have ever changed from these looks? I'm thinking because it makes no sense to wear a tie and collared shirt to play a sport. The belt and the buttons are just pointless leftovers.
  11. It doesn't mean it cant be a thing.
  12. Im not making it seem like that, I'm simply saying it's hot out. The materials have improved over the last 100 years, but let's not act like we aren't all hot when we stand outside in July weather. It's not like its a conspiracy. Sun+Summer=hot. The less fabric the better. Shorts won't work, but why are baseball pants essentially slacks with a belt? Why do players need buttons and undershirts? Button up jerseys are more "formal" than "athletic". They also create problems with team branding across the chest, and some players look sloppy because they opt to leave buttons undone. Some teams, like the Cardinals, have extra wide gaps between buttons because the logo needs more space. It just doesn't make any sense. Design is supposed to solve problems, not create problems. Baseball jerseys with buttons are a design problem.
  13. The Sota word mark and general idea is awesome. Not a fan of the trees on the shorts, I think you could keep refining that aspect.
  14. I think it's fine...although I can already tell the uniforms will be great. The colors are working really well.
  15. If people really have an issue with doing away with belts and buttons, thats their own problem. It's never made sense to me how outdated baseball uniforms are. These guys play in the worst heat of any sport, but wear multiple layers of dated clothing that makes no sense.
  16. You're right, but you can't magically create great work. A degree isn't just a piece of paper that you sign up for and receive a few years later. You learn things along the way...not only technical skills but also how to work with others, communicate your ideas and think in new ways. People have a common misconception that being a great designer is all about making something that looks good. That's why people get jealous when huge agencies land million dollar contracts to create a simple logo. You need to learn how to conceptualize and sell unique ideas.....not impossible to do without school, but school definitely helps. *I've finished my BFA program w/ focus in GD....finishing up a couple gen eds this semester and graduating in May.
  17. In a bad way? I definitely prefer it without pinstripes on the shorts.

    Personal Logo

    I'd think of something different that could represent you besides your initials. It's the go-to for many, especially those interested in sports, so it's definitely outplayed. What you've done isn't bad, but I think you could figure out a more unique mark. What do you want a viewer to know about you? How do you approach design?
  19. Looks good. Not sure the shape around the lettering is even needed.