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  1. Love the Braves, the gold-beveled Nationals is really cool, and I love that you embrace the red for the Pirates!
  2. Your graphic design capabilities are clearly fantastic, and all of your concepts have been really well done. Nevertheless, I really, really don't like the removal of the tomahawk. The tomahawk is just such a sharp addition to the Braves jersey and is so engrained with the fanbase that I'd have a hard time seeing it go.
  3. I love the silver. It's one of my favorite parts of New England's current identity. I would consider placing more silver in the body of the jersey, whether it be in the piping or an outline around the numbers. This is a fantastic series.
  4. As a Dolphins fan, it gives me no particular thrill to upgrade the logo/uniform set of the team that beats up on us twice a year, but the current Pats set has felt stale- even if, in its own right, it has become a classic. The silver with New England's helmet and piping (and, yes, at one point, alternate jersey) has always felt kind of odd, but they've really made it their own- the winning they've done in the post-Bledsoe unis have all but solidified this set as a classic, irrespective of its aesthetic merits. The Pat Patriot logo, though, still seems to have a particular resonance with Boston sports fans, and in an attempt to have my cake and eat it too, I did a sort of cross-blend of eras by updating the Pat Patriot logo but keeping the sensibilities of the current set. Would love to hear thoughts! Logo: Home: Road: Alternate:
  5. And for those interested, here's a more detailed look at our history, with "the 29ers" and "33,000 Kareemails" being basketball team names:
  6. After a ton of work, here's the design I came up with:
  7. Looks good, probably will be a good looking poster.
  8. Thank you for this. I'm back to the drawing board at the moment and I'll keep you posted on my progress.
  9. Thanks- I am surprised that Freshman year is your favorite, but I agree with you that Junior year's is a few tweaks away from being a decent logo. I really wanted to make a logo that looks like one of these, but I don't know enough of the process on Illustrator to do so: The silhouette-styled face is such a new school look but I'm having a hard time actualizing it.
  10. Hey all- I think I've posted a similar thread to this for the last three years as we've toyed with our identity. i describe us as a "franchise" because we are a group of kids who play all of the same sports together under the same umbrella of names. Our name has been different iterations of "The Pharaohs" for our four years here, and we've used black, different shades of orange, and different shades of a yellow-orange as our three main colors. We've never had very strong designs, most likely because the designer (me) has never been anything but mediocre. Better than a guy off the street, but not by much. I was always a good hand-drawer of logos, but I've never quite mastered the art of vectorizing. I have a heat press and I often will print our team jerseys for different sports. Here is our evolution: Freshman Year: "Campion Pharaohs" Our primary mark for our freshman season living in Campion Hall had an amateurish "Tequila Sunrise" look and the alternate mark had what was an early attempt at both simplification and depth via shading. Neither goal was accomplished, but it was better than the primary I suppose. Either way, relatively weak sauce freshman year. We went with a white jersey with the logo centered, no names/numbers. Sophomore Year: "Loyola Pharaohs", so-named after our dormitory "Loyola Hall", featured the pharaoh head as the focal point of the logo, an elevation of yellow to the secondary color, and a demotion of black to the tertiary. The logo is ambiguous, and it's hard to tell what it is, but it looks (slightly) more like a real logo than its freshman year predecessors. Our jerseys were fairly good looking, with a neon-orange top, a flag on the breast, and our logo front and center. Names/numbers were in yellow. Our softball uniforms were astros-styled with the tequila sunrise look. Junior Year: "106 Pharaohs"- Named the 106 Pharaohs because our friend group was split between Townhouse 106 and, ironically, Apartment Building 106. The closest thing to a quasi-respectable logo we've had, the pharaoh head is at least fairly identifiable as a pharaoh. The eyes are still quite amateurish, but the wordmark makes this set stand out. The 106 in yellow embedded into the Pharaohs wordmark made it a distinct and solid look for us. We got embroidered New Era style black hats and the black-chest orange camo-sleeved jerseys seen at right. Names/numbers in team font in white on back. Yellow is demoted back to tertiary status, and black regains its status as a secondary color. Senior Year: "Sunrise Pharaohs": The name is in honor of our street name. I was anticipating trying to get us a respectable look for our senior year team, which would have been a fairly significant departure from the last three years. I wanted a clean, bold look that was reminiscent of some of the new-school face logos that use shadows and silhouettes to fill out the profile of the face. Unfortunately, I struggled mightily in this charge. The three concepts below are just that-concepts. I've toyed around with going full circle with the gradated shades of orange, but I'm underwhelmed with all three options I've produced. The logo on the far right is one that we like as an alternate or wordmark and are fairly certain we're going to use in some form, but everything else is up in the air. Do you guys have any critiques/criticisms for a direction to go, given the team history and current concepts I've detailed?
  11. Dude. Oh my. This is amazing. Been clamoring for something like this for a long time and this is just...perfect. Awesome series, so impressed.
  12. While I think this interpretation is a bridge too far for me insofar as it almost seems to be searching for a problem where there isn't one, it's your series! Keep up the good work, the designs have been great.
  13. As you noted this is, in fact, an unpopular opinion but I am staunchly in favor of keeping Chief Wahoo. Just wanted that on the record. I love the stirrups. The "Indians" script always looked so much better than the block lettering. If they do get rid of Wahoo permanently (and I desperately hope they don't) I'd like to see them go back to this "C":