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  1. 2021 Season The Philadelphia Stallions get an update on their away jerseys: A new secondary logo is used so the original isn't lost on the jersey anymore. For the first time, the league had a Christmas Day game which will be known yearly as the "Christmas Clash." Both teams in this game will be wearing special third jerseys. The 2021 game was the New York Pride visiting the Miami Landsharks: And finally, the 2021 All Star Game which was also held in Miami, Florida:
  2. We'll finish off the "2020 Season" with updates and All Star Game graphics. Cleveland Rock: Changed the logo to a "classic" guitar body. Added yellow and changed the striping on the away jerseys. Thickened the logo outline. Indianapolis Thunder: Changed the logo, tried to make it feel more balanced which I think I accomplished. Moved away from the orange to a red, and adjusted the striping slightly. Minnesota Monarchs: Removed the small diamonds from the logo to clean it up, shrunk the accent striping thickness too remove it from feeling so bulky. 2020 All Star Game: Appreciate all the feedback so far. For the next few "seasons", there will likely only be all star graphics and some minor tweaks that I think I can make on some of the teams so far. I'll also be adding special third jerseys for the "Christmas Day Clash" which will become a yearly tradition in the league.
  3. Last 2 expansion team reveals before some expansion edits. I truly appreciate all the feedback thus far. Expansion team 7, the Vancouver Chinooks: Team 8, the Washington Saints:
  4. Toronto is the capital of Ontario, where the Provincial Government is. They have their own government buildings. The 67s is a play off of the Montreal Expos, as is the design of the logo. The Montreal Expo was in 67, so instead of calling the team the expos I went with the year.
  5. Expansion team 5, the Montreal 67s: Expansion team 6, the Toronto Parliament:
  6. Love those Seahawks jerseys, specifically the green set.
  7. Expansion team 4, the Minnesota Monarchs
  8. I think it's too "open" for lack of a better term. I think the logo can be tweaked to feel smoother though, I'll see what I can pull together.
  9. I'll work on tweaking the logo and see what I can come up with. Appreciate the feedback and compliments! Let's move on to expansion team 3, the Indianapolis Thunder: I'm probably going to change up the colour scheme as I didn't realize until afterwards how close it was to the OKC Thunder colours.
  10. Expansion team 2, the Cleveland Rock!
  11. Expansion team 1, the California Octopi:
  12. To close out the 2019 season, we'll reveal the All Star logos and jerseys, which takes place in Quebec City: And coming up next ... expansion! I'm pretty excited about the expansion set. There are some of my favourite jersey reveals coming.
  13. Last update from the original 12 with the final 3 teams. First the Saskatchewan Rivermen: Jerseys remain the same, slight difference on the home away looks besides colour. Team 11, the Seattle Storm: Shrunk the striping on the home jersey near the shoulders. Added a double outline to the home numbers. Really like the "green machine" vibe of the home set personally. Team 12, the Winnipeg Polar Bears: Decided to leave the numbers as the font matches the logo. The unique font also keeps it different from other teams which I liked for this set.
  14. I also grew up with this which is why the 2 options was never even a thought for me. However I appreciate the feedback!
  15. Team 7, the Portland Loggers: Jerseys remain the same. I considered changing the numbers but I think they work with the logo so I left them for now at least. Team 8: Quebec Arctique Again not much change for this set as I felt they worked the first time around. And since there wasn't much added there, let's do Team 9: the Rochester Hawks. No matter how I layed out the jerseys I ended up not liking the original colour scheme with Rochester. My two options were to either make the jerseys very simple and try to use the colors as an accent, or completely overhaul the colour scheme. I obviously went for the latter.