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  1. JCR! Hell of a project and start. Excellent work as always. When you say relatively temperate, what do you mean? Based on the location and proximity to the Arctic Circle, it looks like it'd be hella cold. Do the volcanoes keep it warmer? Lots of great logo marks and uniforms here. Liking the (new?) template! I really like the stylized "M" of Metallurg Novyzamok. Also really like Torpedo's name and logo. Nice work!
  2. Can't believe it's been a month! Life has been pretty crazy, I'm a recording artist in real life and I'm preparing to release my next album next week! Anyway, I have the next couple of seasons already written up so I'll probably post them fairly quickly so we can get to some fun new concepts! 1961 STAR SERIES 1 Waterdee Ducks vs 3 Cobantle Bears [2-4] Game 1: Bears 2, Ducks 5 The bitter rivalry between Waterdee and Cobantle only intensified as the 1961 Star Series matchup was set. The roar in Union Park was palpable as Game 1 started with Dillon Callender on the mound for the Ducks. It was tied 2-2 in the 6th until Ducks 3B Douglas Davis smashed an RBI double through the right alley and SS Anderson Crouse followed it directly with a massive blast deep into the left field stands to chase Griffin out of the game. Game 2: Bears 12, Ducks 0 As has become almost standard Bears tradition, Game 2 was a complete rout. The Bears posted 10 runs in the very first inning as the Ducks burned through four pitchers to stem the tide. The game was a wash after that as Shultz only pitched 3 quick innings and was sent to the showers to get ready for a potential short-rest start. The clubhouse in Waterdee was somber afterward, Anderson Crouse even refusing to speak to the media, only pointing at the boxscore. Game 3: Ducks 2, Bears 5 Pride still stinging, the Ducks fought admirably in Game 3 but came up short as Scott Salvatore had 3 hits including a solo home run and the Bears kept constant pressure on the base path in The Cavern with 3B Jeffrey Olson notching 2 steals. Both bullpens have been strong and Waterdee coach Lenny Knox was confident afterward saying, “We'll turn this around, I have faith in my guys here.” Game 4: Ducks 5, Bears 4 In a crucial game for the Ducks, Dillon Callender pitched a gem after first serving up a 1st inning meatball for Alex Peters to send into the centerfield stands. Callender exited in the 7th with a 3-1 lead and a man on 2nd but reliever Fernando Glover immediately allowed back-to-back doubles by Craig Edwards Jr. and Randall Phillips to blow the lead. In the top of the 9th, a weird bounce off the wall from a hit by 2B James Roberts allowed a triple and the Ducks were able to score two runs off Bears closer Arnold Alvarado. In the bottom of the 9th, the Bears stormed back on a Salvatore RBI double to get within a run. With two outs and Salvatore at 3rd and Edwards at 2nd, Ducks closer Mark Rogers walked Randall Phillips to load the bases. After an 8-pitch at-bat, second baseman Jeff Long struck out to end the game and rally. Game 5: Bears 11, Ducks 1 Cautious after Bailey's shellacking in Game 2, the Ducks elected to start Merlin Gainey instead but the Bears scored 6 runs in the first 4 innings to back up an electric performance from Gilbert Shultz. After allowing a sac-fly in the 1st inning, Shultz was untouchable for 8 innings and Alvarado avenged his previous mistake with a 9-pitch 9th inning to close it out. Anderson Crouse struck out four times as he appeared to have trouble seeing the curveball. The Ducks blundered into three errors, the worst of which a routine flyball that CF Dale Morgan completely whiffed on in the 2nd inning, allowing 2 runs to score. After the game, Craig Edwards Jr. wryly stated that he wouldn't make any guarantees but he'd let his bat do the talking and felt confident they could close out the series on their home turf. A grouchy Crouse heard the statement and fired back that Edwards was an idiot and would have to “get through me first.” Game 6: Ducks 7, Bears 8 The Ducks scored first but the game quickly became a see-saw affair, both teams trading big runs for the first 5 innings. Bailey pitched better than his forgettable Game 2 debacle but the bats were hot for both dugouts. Anderson Crouse broke his hitless streak with a bomb in the 3rd but Craig Edwards Jr. answered back with one of his own and pointed a finger at Crouse as he rounded the bases. Both benches cleared and several punches were thrown but nobody was ejected. Scott Salvatore continued his torrid pace, racking up 4 hits and 5 RBI's. The benches cleared several more times as the game grew increasingly testy. Ducks reliever Darius Ritchey whizzed a heater near Edwards' head and was immediately ejected. In the 8th inning, Douglas Davis sent a line shot just past Edwards diving glove in centerfield and as he coasted into second base he threw double middle fingers toward centerfield. An all-out brawl broke out and 7 total players were ejected after that, including both coaches. After a very stern warning by the umpires, the now-sparse benches finished the game in peace as the bullpens kept the score at 8-7 for the remainder of the game. It was an ugly end to a great series but the Cobantle Bears showed plenty of moxie to return to the Star Series and win it. Scott Salvatore took home series MVP honors after his stunning stat line in the playoffs. The Vertex Exclusive: Bears The Bears were on a mission all season and rose the occasion when it counted most. Series MVP outfielder Scott Salvatore after Game 6 said, "It's a good feeling. We wanted this bad. I'm real proud of this team to climb the mountain and get to the top. We were close enough to taste it last year, now we get to eat. Let me tell you, it's good eatin'!" Bears coach Wilson Gibbs concurred, "It's satisfying because of how much hard work and effort it took to get here." The Oracle Post-Game Report: Maroons The sour feeling out of Waterdee is only compounded by the bush league antics of the bullpens and childish petulance of the dugout. All-Star shortstop Anderson Crouse has been tabbed as a future player-manager but his lack of leadership and self-control probably sabotaged the Ducks' chances to extend the series against Cobantle. The Ducks ownership and top level staff have to be concerned with the lack of discipline in the clubhouse moving forward. Starter Dillon Callender's ascension is encouraging but the sour note will persist until the Ducks can overcome adversity.
  3. Nice work on the Danes. Being a Steelers fan, I agree with Bella, if you want to use 'Burgh' then you'd probably have to go with 'PGH' which is the common abbreviation, though I'm not sure if it's 50's appropriate. 'PITT' would be much more common and widely accepted, especially for the era I'd imagine. You could potentially use 'Da Burgh' but again that might be more modern, not sure about era usage.
  4. Nice work by the Beavers! The other teams must be jealous. Will you be introducing/tracking any actual players in this series? I'm dying to know who pitched the shutout in Game 2. Lol.
  5. Nice start. We don't get many basketball leagues around here. Excited to see how this develops. I like the cardinal "C" though it could also be mistaken for a shark fin or it also kind of reminded me of a backwards hurricane icon. I'd explore adding one other vague piece of bird anatomy to really sell it. The Yardbirds logo is nice. I can imagine them becoming an iconic team that weathers plenty of PC storms in later years. I think what is causing the modern look for the league logo is the squared edges and lines of the font. I like the ball through the letters look a lot, but a font more grounded in the 50's would probably do wonders. Then the ball through the letters can be upgraded through each era. Only other thing I'd recommend is to make sure your posts are properly spell-checked, I noticed a few errors.
  6. Go Coons! I like that Rabbits logo, nice work. The Beavers look good. That logo is, uh, something else indeed. Ha.
  7. 1961 TORLAND STAR LEAGUE SEMI-FINALS 1 Waterdee Ducks vs 4 Engor Flying Tigers The Tigers started off hot, upsetting the Ducks in Game 1 in Waterdee to spoil the playoff debut of Dillon Callender. The Ducks however, showing their newfound resiliency, proceeded to tame Engor with fundamental play and long at-bats resulting in lots of walks and ground down the Tigers the next four games to a series win. The Vertex Exclusive: Flying Tigers A disappointing result for this Tigers squad, who had bigger dreams after their surprise debut season. They made a better showing than in 1960 but still couldn't solve the postseason puzzle against a surging Ducks team. Coach Warren Miller said after the final Game 5, "It's tough. We liked our chances and I think our guys fought hard but we came up short again. We can't thank our fans in Engor and North Cabriga enough. We want to get back here and win one for them." Typically short-answered ace pitcher Mike Pollack was more loquacious in lament. "After that first game we all felt really good. But that's kind of all we've been good at, just one game in a series. I think next time, and I believe there will be a next time, we've gotta focus on more than one game. We can't rest on our laurels, you know? We'll see you guys next year." The Oracle Post-Game Report: Ducks The Ducks reeled off four straight wins after a Game 1 upset loss to tame the Tigers and advance to the '61 Star Series. Rising ace Dill Callender showed moxie after the upset with a great performance in Game 4 on the road. He will be key in how far the Ducks can go. Two big positives: Callender is pitching like an ace. Third baseman Douglas Davis is hot at the plate. Two big negatives: While the bats have been hot, the gloves have been cold and team defense has been a recurring problem for the Ducks. The clubhouse is moody and unpredictable, headlined by the sour personality of Anderson Crouse. Team chemistry goes a long way in the postseason and the Ducks brass hopes it doesn't become a problem. 2 San Ferrio Tars vs 3 Cobantle Bears In a fireworks-filled series, both teams battled back and forth. The vaunted Tars bats were flaky between offensive explosions. A short-rest start by Manny Herrera in Game 4 proved to be the turning point as the Bears battered him and were able to start a rested Gilbert Shultz in Game 5 to gain momentum in the series. A walkoff home run by Alex Peters in the 9th inning of Game 6 sealed it for the Bears. The Vertex Exclusive: Tars The Tars have yet to discover a clutch gene in their clubhouse. The big MVP George Howard was apprehensive to call anyone out after the bitter series loss to the Bears. "I think we're all to blame, it was a team effort and a team loss. Our coaches put us in a great position and we couldn't follow through. We will get better and improve because of it." Pitcher Manny Herrera wasn't as forbearing. "Nah man, we got our asses handed to us. We're better than that. I hope we all think about this one long and hard and think about why we want to be here. Anyone who doesn't want to play their ass off needs to get on a bus outta town ASAP. We'll figure it out. Bank that." The Oracle Post-Game Report: Ducks The Rollercoaster Bears have turned into a well-oiled machine, posting bombs of 14 and 13 runs on the hapless Tars pitching staff. They're playing loose and aggressive and look locked-in mentally as they advance again to the Star Series and avenge their previous loss. Two big positives: Number two starter Richard Griffin is pitching lights-out which gives the Bears plenty of rotation length. Centerfielder Craig Edwards Jr. is producing web-gems at a prodigious rate. Two big negatives: The back of the bullpen has been shaky at times, closer Arnold Alvarado needs to shore up his game. All-Star Scott Salvatore is in a mini-slump. We don't expect it to last but he is their biggest key for success. Up Next: 1961 Star Series featuring a return of the vengeance-minded Cobantle Bears versus the hated regional rival Waterdee Ducks!
  8. Opening Day 1961: All The Ribbons! In Opening Day action the Waterdee Ducks won the Bird War and survived a shootout with the Blackbirds 13-8. San Ferrio topped Cobantle 4-1 while Perna walked off 3-2 against Malvaton. The Tigers were rocked by the Seals 11-5. In their new home duds, the Cabriga Blackbirds were a dud. It was a high-scoring affair but the Ducks proved their mettle by scoring early and often. Top starter Dillon Callender showed off a nasty splitter, a new addition to his repertoire. The pre-season concern for the Blackbirds pitching staff looked to be justified as they couldn't hold back the flood by the Ducks as 3B Douglas Davis totaled 6 RBI's and the stalwart defender against Father Time, SS Anderson Crouse smashed a pair of home runs. Cabriga's 2B "Mini" Maupin was strong at the plate, notching a 4-5 performance on the scorecard although his usual power seemed off. The Monsters of Midway In our midseason checkup of our favorite baseball squads, Year Two of TSL is proving to be topsy-turvy. The Bears have surged to the top of the leader board with the rival Ducks clawing with San Ferrio for second place. The Blackbirds have shocked the league with a respectable showing and currently sit in a playoff spot just ahead of Engor if the season ended today. The Maroons have disappointed, a balanced stat sheet but struggling with gaining wins. Perna brings up the rear, incapable of scoring runs and the pitching staff hasn't been able to keep up. Survival of The Fittest? The Blackbirds and Tigers had a tightly-locked battle for 4th place until the final game of the regular season but the Tigers won their last game to secure a berth. The Maroons battled injuries, most notably to Charley McLaurin and made a valiant team effort but came up short in their bid for a second playoff appearance. The Ducks broke away from the pack to score the #1 seed while the Tars and Bears finished with identical records for second and third places. The Seals bullpen carried a black eye all season while the 'Caps failed to discover any offense. George Howard lost his batting title to a transcendent performance by Malvaton's 3B Todd Wilfred but still squeaked past Bears' Scott Salvatore for the MVP hardware. With the injuries to Charley McLaurin, the path to the POTY was wide open and Ducks' Dillon Callender took advantage, with his new splitter befuddling batters. His coach Lenny Knox was rewarded for his efforts in corralling the Ducks to a postseason berth. Editor's Take: Postseason Series Matchup Analysis 1 Waterdee Ducks vs 4 Engor Flying Tigers The Ducks' luck seemingly reversed from the previous season, they appear primed and ready to make a championship run. The Flying Tigers are always game though and could surprise. We still like the Ducks in this series as we expect Dillon Callender to continue his hot streak. Ducks in 5. 2 San Ferrio Tars vs 3 Cobantle Bears The Tars learned from their mistakes in 1960 and are ready to avenge their razor-thin Semi-Finals loss. The Bears' reputation as a roller coaster has been tempered but the proof is in the pudding, still if the Bears are up they're unbeatable. This series is a toss-up which could come down to a memorable Game 7. We think the Tars will advance but we won't bet on it.
  9. This will be an addition to the previous championship post, as I wasn't finished creating this. I designed a simple championship trophy. It's not meant to be particularly ornate, though I did have much more embossing that doesn't seem to translate beyond a PSD. Anyone know the cause of this? Congratulations again to the Malvaton Maroons! ------------- 1960-61 Offseason: A Time to Dream The Commish Report Commisioner Bo Gossett made a few announcements about the league following an incredible inaugural season. First, the league will begin holding yearly amateur player drafts starting before the 1963 season. Divisions will also be instituted in 1963, tentatively named the Metro Division and the Federal Division, four teams each. The division winner is guaranteed a playoff berth and will have hosting rights in the first round. It hasn't been decided which teams will populate the divisions but it is assumed that efforts will be made to preserve natural city rivals such as Waterdee-Cobantle and Malvaton-Moriga. A moratorium on player signing and trading will be lifted after the 1961 season concludes. Players released from team rosters will be free to sign with any team. All trades must be approved by the commissioner's office. Kip Christy On The Loose? Gossett declined to comment on a vicious rumor that Blackbirds owner Kip Christy had attempted a coup in the league office and ownership council over frustrations with lack of cooperation in support for building a new stadium in Moriga. Their usage of the decrepit Alliance Center is year-to-year and the fans, while excited about the new team, were equally disgusted with the condition of the property. Christy denied the allegations and instead proudly announced a new home uniform to be worn for the 1961 season. It was seen as cheap way to gain appreciation but the fans also were happy to see a more unique uniform. Tilly Kasera and Vertex Report Make Waves The Christy rumor also prompted a series of other rumors regarding potential expansion opportunities for the new league. Gossett was adamant that it was too soon to discuss expansion and reinforced his commitment to fostering and growing the new league with the inaugural eight teams into a stable and profitable enterprise. An aspiring young female sports reporter named Tilly Kasera broke a vague story about 7 potential new club locations which promised detailed information on potential ownership groups and stadiums. Gossett denied knowledge of any of it, though he admitted that he had also heard rumors but stressed that the Star League was a hot new commodity and of course people would be interested in investing and participating in it. The TSL ownership group threatened to shut Kasera down but Vertex Sports stood behind her and the owners had to bite their tongues. Among the cities named by Tilly Kasera, were several intriguing options, including Dosa City, Chasonne, Prestonburg and Port Alrene. Among the smaller city options were Guilden, Narva, and Lecayne. Despite being lax on details, league ownership's instant public beef with Kasera created waves among new fans and interested fans, who noted a rising public voice that could keep an empire in check and give the fans real talk. These waves also provided momentum for the growing sports network coverage around Torland and even internationally. After a successful first season, baseball league delegates from Japan and the USA announced they would visit soon. Who's Got Power? With an exciting first season in the books, we've gathered back our reporters to analyze all the data we could find about each team and rank them accordingly. 1960 Power Rankings San Ferrio Tars – The Tars lost a close 7-game series to the eventual champs and feel the best player in the league, George Howard is only getting better. What must get better though is the pitching staff for this team to go anywhere. Starter Zack Chestnut and reliever Eugene Pearson must be rock solid for it to work. Engor Flying Tigers – The Tigers were something of a surprise and proved they can win a lot of regular season games but got blasted in the first round against Cobantle. The young pitching staff is maturing but the bats will need to gain rhythm. Outfielder Adam Bates and catcher Gino Spivey have to improve. Malvaton Maroons – Charley McLaurin can almost single-handedly win a series but questions remain if the 'Roons championship run last season was luck or skill. The bat of 3B Todd Wilfred will be the key in keeping Malvaton in the hunt for a playoff spot. Once in, they're confident they can repeat. Waterdee Ducks – Luck or lack of it seemed to be the Ducks main enemy. They were solid all around, even posting a +17 run differential on the previous season but came up short in the win column. If noted disciplinarian Lenny Knox can't tweak his coaching style, it may be an early hot seat for him. Cobantle Bears – The Bears squeaked into the playoffs and made a great run but the overall roster must improve for them to have continued success. The team ran hot and cold too often to be reliable, as seen in the Star Series where they squandered a 2-game lead. Young catcher Randall Phillips must become a leader. San Estas Seals – The Seals have a balanced roster that has a chance to make noise if the pitching rotation can solidify behind aging starter Greg Watts. Coach John Dawson had to juggle the bullpen often due to injuries so the key for San Estas will be staying healthy. Perna Whitecaps – The 'Caps bats were emphatically bad in '60 but the roster is young and experiencing growing pains. The pitching staff has a chance to be electric and will have to figure out a way to carry the team even more. Coach Doyle Holloway will be tested to keep the team from stalling out. Cabriga Blackbirds – The disfunction in Moriga is already steaming and the club is barely a year old. The roster is young and lacks maturity and coach Van Buchanan has his hands full in steering the team away from the rocks. Catcher Elliott Byrnes and outfielder Jack Cohen can become the leaders the clubhouse needs. Up Next: TSL Turns Two
  10. This is an awesome and unique new series, RR99. Love the vintage vibes you're displaying throughout. Ace job on presentation. All the identities definitely fit the era, even if some of them are repetitive. Go 'Coons. What is the average attendance for most games?
  11. The Rebels saga is compelling as always! I think I have cast my allegiance with the Destroyers in the past but for this playoffs I will root for Tampa Bay as the underdogs in honor of me being born in nearby Clearwater in 1991. Go Bobcats!
  12. 1960 STAR SERIES 2 Malvaton Maroons vs 4 Cobantle Bears [4-2] Game 1: Bears 5, Maroons 0 The storyline heading into Game 1 of the 1960 Star Series was rest; the Bears being rested and the Maroons coming off a grueling 7-game series against San Ferrio. Despite insisting they were fine, Malvaton's bats fell completely silent and starter Cary Page couldn't keep the Bears at bay. Scott Salvatore had three hits including a 2-run homer in the 7th-inning. Gilbert Shultz was electric and the Bears haven't lost when he's pitched. Game 2: Bears 9, Maroons 0 If the Maroons weren't feeling too good after their goose egg in Game 1, they didn't feel much better after getting steamrolled by the Bears in Game 2. Starter Lawrence Moody was good through 6 but fell apart in the 7th and the Bears capitalized with a 6-run inning. Once again, Malvaton's bats were non-existent as Cobantle starter Bruce Richardson had a brilliant outing despite the dinged up thumb. It's panic time for the Maroons now. Charismatic Bears outfielder Craig Edwards Jr. was quoted as saying, “They're toast. We've toasted 'em. We just gotta butter that toast and put some strawberry jam on it.” Game 3: Maroons 2, Bears 1 Charley McLaurin showed why he won POTY with a lights-out performance of 7 dominant shutout innings giving up only 2 hits. The 'Roons offense showed signs of life with RBI's by 3B Todd Wilfred and a home run by first baseman Mack Howell. The Bears struggled to get anything going until after McLaurin had exited, posting a solo homer by outfielder Alex Peters, but that was all they could muster. There was extra security during the game after fans of both teams were getting testy, stemming from Edwards' previous declaration. Game 4: Maroons 8, Bears 3 A close game turned on its head in the 7th inning when Maroons 2B Oscar Houston finally broke out of a slump and blasted a grand slam over the centerfield wall. The Bears bullpen faltered mightily and wasted a solid performance from Shultz. They poked in a pair of late runs, one a long moon shot by catcher Randall Philips, but it wasn't enough to rally. The two teams have traded both sets of home games so both teams hope to rediscover home field advantage in order to win this series. Malvaton skipper Ron Woolridge dryly noted the series was “a real gully washer.” Game 5: Bears 3, Maroons 9 In an essential Game 5, the Maroons back at home struck quickly as Alexander Adkins squeaked a leadoff home run just barely past the leaping glove of Craig Edwards Jr. at the centerfield wall. The Maroons fans at Rhymorkin Park jeered Edwards relentlessly for the rest of the game. It was the Bears turn to have their bats fall silent as Cary Page pitched 7 scoreless innings while the Malvaton hitters scored often, every player notching a hit. Cobantle mounted a rally in the 8th and 9th but it was too late. Undaunted after the game, the Bears' Scott Salvatore quietly assured reporters that they were “making every effort to right the ship” and get back into the series. Skipper Wilson Gibbs will have to make a tough decision on who to start in a must-win Game 6. Game 6: Maroons 7, Bears 2 The Bears showed confidence before the game, liking their chances to lengthen the series being back at The Cavern. But just like the previous game, the Maroons struck quickly. After Adkins doubled to lead off, Oscar Houston smashed another home run to open the scoring barrage as the Maroons roughed up Cobantle starter Griffin and continued it against Shultz who appeared in relief. Charley McLaurin started and held the Bears in check, allowing only 2 runs on a two-run double by Scott Salvatore. As closer Jonathan Quinn recorded the final out, Rhymorkin Park was shaking as the fans celebrated an incredible comeback series victory to underscore the first Star Series. McLaurin was named series MVP for his postseason domination on the mound. The Vertex Exclusive: Bears In what is becoming an all-too-familiar tale, it was the Good Bears versus the Bad Bears. Cobantle dominate in the first two games, stealing two road games to set up an easy series but the Bad Bears showed up and derailed those plans. Only All-Star Scott Salvatore has been consistent and we chatted with him after a Game 6 loss. "It stings man. We felt good and couldn't seem to get out of our own way after that. I think our burning goal is pretty clear now. Get back here. I feel confident we can do that. We have a good team. The Maroons were better than us for this series though and they get to hoist the hardware. So yeah, it stings." The Oracle Post-Game Report: Maroons The Maroons rode the hot hand who saved them from hot water. Perhaps just short of miraculous, Charley McLaurin has accomplished more for a new league in a short time than the owners could have dreamed. His sheer dominance and postseason magic hit news outlets all across the world, particularly in the USA and Japan where the other great baseball leagues play. It created a tangible international buzz leading into the inaugural TSL Star Series and his stellar Game 3 performance to wrestle the Maroons out of hot water earned him and the new league a place on the shelf of firmly established leagues to follow. The Maroons were all in on sacrificing longevity for a first trophy and it may have long-ranging consequences. Lost in the hubbub of McLaurin's magic was a grouchy pitching elbow, no doubt inflamed from a sudden full season and long postseason of abuse. One unnamed source in the Maroons clubhouse expressed concern that McLaurin heroics might cost the first half of the next season. We will continue to monitor the situation while congratulating the Malvaton Maroons on a brilliant season to capture the 1960 Star Series. Up Next: An offseason of big dreams
  13. Annnnnnndddddd Playoffs! 1960 TORLAND STAR LEAGUE SEMI-FINALS 1 Engor Tigers vs 4 Cobantle Bears [1-4 Bears] In a thrilling Game 1, both team's aces allowed big home runs and worked out of big jams in a seesaw affair that ultimately saw the Bears prevail on a late sac-fly by Scott Salvatore. Game 2 was an intense marathon and a Pyrrhic victory for the Tigers as they burned through almost the entire bullpen to complete the game and lost 3-hole hitter Adam Bates to a lower leg injury. The series wasn't close afterward, the Bears easily taking the next three games to win 4-1 and advance to the 1960 Star Series. The Vertex Exclusive: Flying Tigers Make no mistake, the Flying Tigers were humbled by a suddenly dominate Bears squad. Other than a low-scoring Game 2, the Tigers pitching staff allowed a horrific 46 runs in four games. We talked to Engor manager Warren Miller after the final game, who said, "No way to sugarcoat it. We were bad. We have to regroup and recollect our mindset. I think we have the talent to compete at a high level." Later we caught up with the young rising ace starter Mike Pollack who was more succinct. "I sucked. Proud of our year and we'll get better." Perhaps lost in the fervor of the pitching staff was a lineup that struggled after a long and exhausting Game 2. Catcher Gino Spivey offered a positive outlook. "We still had good at-bats even with Adam [Bates] out." The Oracle Post-Game Report: Bears It's difficult to pinpoint a true identity for these Bears, even after a fairly straightforward series win against Engor. Starter Gilbert Shultz allowed 6 runs in a Game 1 win and then only allowed one run over 8 innings in another win in Game 4. Two big positives: Outfielder Scott Salvatore has been nearly unstoppable at the plate and reliever Sherman Lane has been nearly untouchable. Two big negatives: Number Three Starter Bruce Richardson dinged up his thumb on his throwing hand toward the end of his Game 3 start, which could limit his effectiveness in the Star Series. Catcher Randal Phillips has showed his youth and inexperience behind the dish with too many moments of confusion with the mound during the series, something he'll need to work on and mature quickly. 2 Malvaton Maroons vs 3 San Ferrio Tars [4-3 Maroons] The marquee matchup in the semi-finals did not disappoint. Pundits were split on the outcome and the series was certainly a war of attrition with both teams matching strike for strike and run for run. Star first baseman George Howard struggled through a hamstring injury in games two and three and it hampered his performance. The difference was the big ace Charley McLaurin, who won three starts in an ironman performance, including a brilliant Game 7 despite being visibly exhausted. The Maroons prevailed in an instant 7-game classic to set the first-ever Star Series. The Vertex Exclusive: Tars As fans, we love a good, closely-contested series and San Ferrio and Malvaton provided the drama. With so many twists and turns in the series, we applaud both skippers for navigating the games and we sat down with Tars manager Cliff Marshall to ask his thoughts on how it all ended. "Man, we fought. They fought. It's kind of like wrestling with your brother. You're both so evenly matched and know each other so well that it seems like the match will never end. We came up just short but I liked our intensity and ability to fight back." On a decision to start Billy Simms instead of ace Manny Herrera in Game 4, Marshall said, "Yeah, Manny was low on his velocity so we felt it best to let him rest longer. Billy pitched well even with the loss and obviously Manny was fantastic in Game 5." We also caught up with "General" George Howard and got his thoughts. "I think it's tough to lose back to back home games. I'm proud of our team to get back into it but you're behind the 8-ball when that happens. The hammy was unfortunate for me and I felt like I let the team down. Credit to those guys over there [Malvaton Maroons] for a heck of a series. Good luck to them." The Oracle Post-Game Report: Maroons An ace up their sleeve, Charley McLaurin wore his dominance on his sleeve and Malvaton proved their mettle against a resilient Tars team. The Maroons can go as far as Charley's arm can take them. Two big positives: It's too easy to go with Charley McLaurin, but enough cannot be said about how he has carried the team. Center fielder Alexander Adkins has been a vacuum in center and a force at the plate, with a soaring on-base percentage. Two big negatives: Starter Lawrence Moody has been mediocre, allowing an alarming number of walks and has seemingly lost his curveball. Second baseman Oscar Houston has been mired in a deep slump, notching only an infield bloop single in the Semis that didn't spring him. He needs to dial back the frustration and return to his strength as a contact hitter. Up Next: 1960 Star Series featuring the Cobantle Bears versus the Malvaton Maroons! I finally came up with a series graphic that I liked. Appreciate any C&C on it. I matched the color scheme to the scoreboard from the previous post, but will probably update them both to neutral colors in the future to better showcase team colors. I like how Veras and Hawkfan showcase uniform matchups in their series, so I want to try to add that in somehow. I was originally going to just have the super short recaps but added these two differently styled reports as a fun way to highlight league details. What do you guys think? Hopefully it's a good balance of information and story. The Star Series will feature game-by-game recaps.
  14. Hey guys, I'm not dead, just have been traveling overseas so it was tough to find the time for this project. I'm back home now so expect the series to continue very soon! Thanks for supporting this series!
  15. I use a little program called Xkoranate to simulate the season standings. It's not the best but it serves my purposes well enough. I base my story lines and team/player ratings on each season's results. League awards and All-Star selections are directly based on each team's run differentials combined with consideration given to the highest rated players who may have performed well outside of team success. Yeah, I had hoped for a wider margin as well but the whole point of the short developmental season and the drafting process was a fair shake for each team in the opening stages of league play. Commissioner Bo Gossett was desirous to avoid a Yankees-type situation where one team couldn't run all over the league with a big budget. The Yankees appeared in the Word Series 19 times in a 30-year span from 1930-1960. Without penalizing good teams, it is hoped that maintaining league parity in these beginning stages will help set a competitive course for the league. I can say, however, that the margin gets wider later on, though I'm purposely not too far ahead on simulation yet to keep the stories and reaction fresh.