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  1. Same! (I'm in Weatherford, btw) I haven't been around Lewisville in a minute but from what I recall the pitchfork is somewhat iconic. I'd try to keep that element in your redesigns. Saw this on Google search, may help in your decisions:
  2. Jordan, massive props on the creativity here! I always enjoy your work. You definitely killed this presentation.
  3. That frog is incredible. You're a brilliant designer, Sparky, so I hesitate to even say anything. Incredible series. I'm not a fan of the monogram gemstone. It looked like an FC to me and doesn't have a ton of panache. The frog, however, does. Super unique identity. Having been to Seattle many times (family), I feel like it's an identity they could get behind. I think I'd rework this concept around that frog. I still like Emeralds but their may be other options that tie directly to the tree frog. Nice work!
  4. Admittedly, the logo concept wasn't my favorite (hard to please Pittsburgh fan here) but man those wordmark concepts are great. The I-beam Pitt is brilliant. Bravo. Made this ol' senile Steelers fan happy.
  5. Ambitious project! Kudos. Nice start here. I think the tan and gray are too similar on the color wheel. If you don't want to darken the primary color, then it looks good where you have the logo stroked in black, I would bring that motif throughout the rest of the design for contrast. The dark red on the eye is cool and fierce-- I think you there's an opportunity to use that elsewhere to tie it all together. I would either make the wing feathers on the alternate black or also stroke them. They get lost imo. Looking forward to the rest of the project.
  6. Just dropping back in to say congrats on a fantastic series, but especially that Titans logo. Damn that's incredible. They need to buy that from you asap.
  7. I hate the Ratbirds, but that's a beautiful take on their logo. One of your best in this series. Nice work!
  8. Quite a cool concept. I'm neutral on which direction is better. They both have possibilities. I think the second one looks more like a wolf figure though. If you flip the stick and point it down, it becomes an immediate "L" though; SL-- Sea Lions. Just a thought.
  9. This was a fantastic project that I enjoyed following. You came up with quite a few unique designs and team brands that I've not seen before. It all felt coherent like it was a real international league. Definitely some inspiring stuff. Great work.
  10. Thank you. Yeah, I agree about the color palette. I think I got stuck on it and looking back it looks too much like the Titans and less of a league. I guess I was trying to avoid a classic red-white-blue combo. Thanks, Pulv. That makes a lot of sense. I was originally looking for a shield shape but it kinda went on its own direction. Thanks guys!
  11. I've always been too scared to get critique because everyone on here is amazing, but since I'm going to try to hit every event this year I thought it'd be helpful to get some real feedback this time. Please give it to me straight. I've been out of the professional game for a little too long and I feel like what little skill I had/have is slipping. I've always been more of a league-creator type guy, but I really want to get better at logos and designs. I already missed the 2nd event, so I'll post what I would have submitted after the voting is over. Until then, here's the first event. Event 1 Of course the event had to start off with a scratch logo, my super weak point. What could I have done better?
  12. I forgot when the deadline was so I wasn't able to submit mine, but man these are all awesome. G: 2 S: 9 B: 6
  13. Awesome design. Really screams Nashville in a modern way. I can dig your explanation of the SC mark, but it really distracted me. I think if you're wanting to implement the letterpress variance, you'd have to do it with the Nashville wordmark as well. Otherwise it looks way too out of place. Combine the two font styles for more of a vintage lettering on a modern logo. Overall design is top notch!
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