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  1. UW: I'm usually against the purple helmet for the Huskies, but this looks pretty good. I wouldn't mind this as an alternate. WSU: Nice look, but like the comment above said, Pullman is pretty flat.
  2. Literally the worst game the Seahawks have played since Wilson came in 2012. I've never seen a team dominate Seattle for sixty minutes like that game. Wilson played the worst game of his career, too. I have no idea where the Seahawks go from here.
  3. Congrats! This is well deserved!
  4. That wasn't how it worked in 2014. Ohio State wore their red jerseys in the title game, while Oregon wore a white-out.
  5. CU going with the all-white look for the Pac-12 Championship game. Since Colorado is in their whites, count on Washington going on their standard gold-purple-gold home combo.
  6. Not sure the red in the Dem logo works. I would change that to at least a different shade of blue. Also, make the equal sign a little more obvious. Maybe make it a bit longer. Other than that it looks great. The GOP logo is fantastic, no complaints there.
  7. Two days late again here, but let's wrap up the series with a Utah update and Colorado. Changed the stripe on the black sleeves to red. This is a combination of their old set and the new. The Northwest stripes return to the sleeves, and the TV numbers are moved to the shoulders. Thanks for all the C&C everyone! And thus ends my first fully completed series.
  8. Sorry this is a day late. The forum was down when I checked yesterday evening and...well...the election...so... Quick update for Oregon State: Helmet stripes thinned out. It looks a lot better now. Utah's up next. I am a really big fan of Utah's throwback. I set out to modernize it slightly with updated logos and numbers. The red helmet becomes the primary helmet however. The white helmet is eliminated completely. Honestly I wanted to just keep it at red and white, but I decided to throw in a blackout set because, really, blackout night at Rice-Eccles is fantastic .
  9. My thoughts exactly. Not only is this the first time they will be wearing anything besides gold/purple/gold at home (they're 5-0 in those), but they're also only 2-2 all time with those W-flag helmets.
  10. Washington is ditching the tradition for a salute to service blackout set. The W on the helmet has the flag instead of the traditional colors, and on the right chest there is a badge that will bear the name of a veteran associated with UW.
  11. I thought that might be an issue. It seems to me like they've shrinked the stripe recently. That can definitely be changed. That is what you would think, however, that's not what they currently do.
  12. UW is in the traditional gold/white/purple combo. Cal is in their traditional blue/blue/gold combo.
  13. Yeah the outlines could be thicker. I'm honestly not a fan of drop shadows, it's too 90's for me. I guess the pant stripes are debatable. I didn't realize they don't have them right now And the NOB is small because that was how the template is made. I could enlarge it I guess. I didn't make the template. I'll keep working on the Bruins. Here's their crosstown rival, USC. If if ain't broke, don't fix it. Simple enough.
  14. Gold/white/purple again! Let us celebrate!
  15. Nothing? Okay, let's move on to Washington. Black is gone. Black has no place in Seattle. The chrome helmet is also gone. The thin arching stripes are pulled from the 2002 uniforms White helmet stays, but as an alternate, and the stripes return.
  16. One update and one new concept. First, Cal. Just changed shoulder claws to blue with a yellow outline. I also change the claws on the pants to match the jersey. Next up, the Bruins. UCLA isn't that hard. Just use Clarendon numbers, and everything else is fine. I also added a navy jersey as an alternate. Let me know what you think.
  17. Huskies sticking with tradition for game #7. At this point, they're undefeated in these uniforms, and I have to think they'll use them the rest of the way as long as they keep winning.
  18. I wished they'd do it like that. I'm not a big fan of the vertical one.
  19. I see what you mean. However, they've used that version since the pitchfork became the main logo. The reason they use that instead of a two-side fork is because the logo is a trident. This is supposed to be one of the forks on that trident. I'll get a Cal update later. For now, here's Wazzu. Here's an unpopular opinion: WSU's uniforms are awesome. The colors blend well for me - that is, when they use the colors, which was my main goal here, to restore the colors. I also love that new alternate they used for Oregon. Sorry, but I love it.
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