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  1. Only thing I'd like to see is a blue facemask on the white helmet. Nice job!
  2. MCH925

    NFL Redesign

    One thing you could do to make the Jets look more modern would be use one of the more modern logos in their great collection of logos
  3. It does that a lot unfortunately. The truth is, the only templates that are reliable are GIMP are .xcf.
  4. These are great. Like you said, modern, but not over the top.
  5. This is the CONCEPTS section. If you have a concept to post, start a topic. If you want to request a template, look through the TEMPLATES thread and if you don't see it there, THEN you request it in the TEMPLATES thread.
  6. Did you guys not read what he just said? He's not taking any more requests.
  7. Blasphemy I honestly cant tell you how much I would hate if the Bengals current helmet disappeared... I did not think people with this mindset actually existed Completely agree with this. The Bengals helmet is the best there is. I can't imagine anyone not liking it.
  8. MCH925

    NFL Redesign

    The watermark is annoying and distracting. I can barely tell what's going on in the concept because of it.
  9. HAHAHA NO They were so awful, they only used them for one year Those were great. They match the home script. Consistency is the most important thing.
  10. I've decided something: I just freakin' love those Mariners alternates. So much I want them to become the primaries.
  11. Numbers are kinda large. The orange and blue one is really nice though.
  12. I can't see why you insist on doing soccer uniforms (or "promotional items", whatever you call them). Let me make this clear: Extras come after the concepts are done. You don't put extras in with the concepts. I've explained that now. Now on the logo.... you've heard what we think about it. Now accept that color-changing logos, or whatever you call them are going to be considered as gradients. The triple Adidas logo is almost as bad as the whole logo itself, and the colors in "dominant" California teams (both from you hometown, oddly enough ) just completely throws it off, and to top it off, you've done the logo-in-logo thing that ruins any logo. But the biggest problems are how little progress you've made in this thread and how little C&C your willing to accept. This is annoying, quite honestly.
  13. No...I'd never seen that before. This is the only Fever logo I've seen. Guess they are pretty similar.
  14. Seahawks uniforms? Fine. Seahawks monochrome uniforms? Garbage.
  15. Decided to try a rebrand for a team not far away from where I live. The Dust Devils are a Single-A Short Season affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. They play in the Northwest League. Current logo: My revision: It's not done yet, but let me what you think. A full logo sheet and uniforms soon to come.
  16. In the last update (Post 17) I did change the pewter to something roughly the same shade as what they are currently wearing. I know, but I still think it's a little too light. Just a bit more would make perfect.
  17. The pewter looks too silver IMO. It needs to be darkened.
  18. I think Man U's chest logo is too big. But I love what you've got so far in this series!