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  1. Agreed. It doesn't do anything drastic or interesting, which is what you want in a crest. I'd say put something around the edges where you 2017. It would add to the creativeness of it.
  2. Yeah, I prefer it with the single outline.
  3. Absolutely true. They go from one of the best uniforms in the NFL to one of the dullest. Why are threy still wearing those? Burn them. Agreed. I like the grey pants. I also like the white away jerseys with red numbers and stripes. I completely disagree. The white pants should go back to full time. The Giants identity is a mess. They have no red on the blue jersey, no blue on the white jersey, they are inconsistent all the way through. The Giants are one team with classic uniforms I don't like.
  4. Give credit where credit is dueI fail to see why he did this in the first place when Brave-Bird put out one almost identicle for inkscape a few months back. Actually it's quite a bit different from the one mr.nascar13 made a about a month ago. They're based on entirely different things. The he's using is based on one of the pictures Nike released for the Vikings uniforms. Brave-Bird made one from another hand-made template another user made. He probably converted the template because he wanted to keep consistency with the other, paint template (sorry Mr. Nascar, I'm not trying to discredit you, I actually use that template full-time for my football concepts)
  5. Seahawks and Chiefs looks good. Blue and green contrasts well against red and yellow.
  6. I use paint, and I found these templates on the paint users paradise thread (page 17, in case you were wondering)
  7. Is there anything else? That hardly seems a reason to make this concept "alright".
  8. Washington @ Arizona Man, they were so close!
  9. Since most MLB teams do, I used a gray road set. But you are starting to get your wish - Miami did not use their grey jerseys this year or last year (expect for the all-star game and that throwback)
  10. Hearing you are correct, please correct seahawks to the blue pants. I am hoping that this uniform combo becomes their road set permanent, moving away from the boring all white. Love the blue pants/white jersey combo they won their title in. Where did you hear that they'll wear blue pants? Unfortunately, the Seahawks will probably use white pants. This is the kind of game they would, but that is just a guess right now. The Seahawks don't announce the uniform combo until they roll out of the tunnel.
  11. Houston looks a lot like this Arizona.
  12. I used that font because they have used it historically and I don't like their current font.
  13. I don't do many Baseball concepts, but had to do this for the Angels - they need navy so badly First and most obviously, Navy becomes the primary color. I also removed the drop shadow from the wordmark, and restored the Red Sox font. Please provide some C&C! (Also, in case you didn't know, I use paint for my concepts)
  14. That's a really good logo! But the confetti is throwing me off a bit.. If you remove that I think it would look a lot better.
  15. Does anybody miss the "M" helmet ? Yes.
  16. No, it wasn't intentional. I was trying to make a modern version of the classic "UO" logo, and since there was no D in that one, I won't try to make one more visible in this one.
  17. I'm not sure what I think of the last two...the Bills and the Ravens don't look right. For the Ravens, it's too hard to tell the purple from the black, and for the Bills, I think the biggest problem is the helmet stripe. It looks too wide.