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  1. How I'd like to see Chris Creamer's face right now.
  2. On to the Buckeyes... I wanted to keep tradition, but I really love the Pro Combat look. I tried to combine the two while keeping the Pro Combats more dominant. The helmets and pants stay the same, but the jersey is mostly the other way. The only element from the regular jerseys that I kept is the single-colored numbers, no outlines. Overall, I wanted to put a modern twist on tradition. P.S. Black jersey kept, but black helmet and pants are thrown out. P.P.S. Sorry about the Buckeye stickers, please don't concern yourselves with that.
  3. I ended up only updating Colorado. I think Arizona is going to have to stay put, because I don't want to get rid of the double stripe. Gold helmets and pants switched to primary. Ohio State is next!
  4. Four 4th quarter blowups. 2-4 start. Loss to the Rams and Panthers. Goodbye, 2015 Seattle Seahawks season.

  5. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i think that the Seahawks Patriot-gray alt is the only gray uniform in the NFL Correct. The Patriots used to have a silver alt but that they don't wear that anymore.
  6. I agree, but I can't get all those Andy Dalton playoff blowups out of my head...
  7. I've officially given up on the Seahawks. Officially.
  8. Yes!!! Gonna be a great looking game in Seattle! Wait...what?
  9. I actually like it. I don't know why, but I do. The Bengals will will make a good color matchup.
  10. Um arsenalAlso I do understand the significance Well executed Columbus
  11. Why do you care?I meant a post for every team is not necessary. I was showing the source material and my conversion to FIFA 10 with it! Sleuth has a point. I appreciate the conversions, but each team really does not need its own separate post with source material. just merge your conversions into a few posts, so as to keep the topic from becoming too cluttered. I understand and agree with you both and will do so on a separate post This is not your thread. Start your own thread if you want to post concepts.
  12. Close enough, I guess. Last time one of those mannequin photos came out it turned out to be wrong.
  13. Confirmation of UW uni combo this saturday
  14. I see what you're saying, but that is way more generic than even what I have. The bi-colored double stripe is a lot more unique and I think it should be emphasized.
  15. MCH925

    Yakball Revolution

    This is a cool sport. Is it supposed to be similar to Basketball?
  16. I considered making the numbers on Arizona white, but red gives it more color and flavor. I originally had it at white, but changed it to red. I made the helmet and pants silver for the sake of creativity. I could probably change that. I wanted Washington to be simple. They are really, really messed up right now and that needed to change.The font is actually their own custom version. Really, I basically just wanted to tweak this. I can see what you're saying about 'Zona. I really don't know how to make it more unique...maybe I should put the logo in somewhere among the striping? Just like I said above, I will change that. Thanks on Washington! Thanks! That's exactly what I was aiming for with the Dawgs.
  17. I am so, so happy. It isn't fantastic, but at least they're going as traditional as possible. Especially since the last two Oregon games have either whiteout or blackout. Not going to lie, this is great (minus the black) but really bummed it's not a throwback. Oregon looked fantastic last year when they played UW with their throwback uniform. I was kind of hoping, based on the old logo being used to advertise homecoming, that we might see a throwback. I guess the plus side is my wallet won't take a hit on a throwback jersey! I never thought they were going to use a throwback. They did that last year for homecoming too.
  18. Hey guys! I've taken a long break from making concepts, but I'm back! I've got three concepts made: Colorado, Washington, and Arizona. Starting with Arizona. The Wildcats are pretty much ruined by Nike. They had a nice, double stripe look going when Nike invaded. My main goal was to return it. I applied it to the helmet, shoulders, and pants, and also restored the Tuscon Bold font (courtesy of Conrad). It was pretty simple overall here. Nike did okay with Colorado, but I still love the Northwestern-style striping they used. Combining the two sets was my main goal here. Simple, classic look for the Huskies. Just the way it should be (good riddance, Nike). I may do more concepts, but I just started with this. Hit me up! Table of Contents Arizona Colorado, Update Washington, V1.2 Ohio State, Update TCU, Update
  19. How do you think Houston would do in the Big XII? According to some people at UH, Houston "belongs playing against TCU, Baylor, and Texas".
  20. I am so, so happy. It isn't fantastic, but at least they're going as traditional as possible. Especially since the last two Oregon games have either whiteout or blackout.
  21. How about Notre Dame instead of Villanova? They can resume their rivalry with Michigan if they were to join.
  22. I didn't realize Oregon's grey Louis & Clark uniforms were going to count as light. Wazzu in all-crimson in Eugene. LOL I'd just be happy if we'd go traditional gold/purple/gold. Please no BFBS, WFWS, or CFCS.
  23. Change that helmet to gold, please. R.I.P. Purple helmets for UW.
  24. That was a fantastic win, but when I go back and watch highlights to relive the glory, I don't want to see black/white/black. I sure hope they don't go back to black against Oregon.