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  1. I agree that I'd rather see the ATL cap as a spring training or BP cap. I don't even like the red tomahawk A cap that they used to wear with the old red Sunday unis. The ATL mark may also be a decent sleeve patch.
  2. You may be right. It may work better on a hat in combo with their main script on the uni.
  3. I recently had an idea for an alternate Braves road uniform. It falls more in line the Atlanta's ivory home alternate throwback. I think it's got the classic, simple aesthetic with the more modern "ATL" moniker.
  4. Home Uniform Concept inspired by mid-1980's.
  5. As much as I like the sharp, suggested line at the neck there’s just something about the completed line to the top of the wing that looks right to me. Which do you prefer?
  6. The Falcons are overdue for a fresh look. In my opinion, their old look wasn't a bad one, but Arthur Blank wanted to forge a new winning identity, so I get why the brand was changed. It's unfortunate that such a classic and strong logo had to fall victim to association to decades of losing. My idea is to go back to the old branding, but not all the way. I kept the current forward tilt of the current logo, as well as the aggressive bird's eye and overall feel to the classic logo. I did some styling to the wing feathers for a more aerodynamic look, and updated the bird's head and beak to look more like a bird of prey than the old, docile head of the classic logo. I may play around with helmet/uniform concepts along this line, so stay tuned! Here are the old and current logos for reference:
  7. They're my EPL team too. Their 3rd kit definitely influenced this design.