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  1. No Robo pen???? i'm not upset, just disappointed
  2. the hem red on the home really adds a pop that i didn't know the jerseys needed. City looks incredible too,
  3. that's a perfect look for edmonton if you ask me.
  4. In the spirit of reverse retro i think that works perfectly.
  5. In my opinion it only looks bad because it's different. It makes sense to me for them to have blue pants, especially on the road considering the blue is essentially non existent.
  6. The one striped reverse retro is amazing. I love that jersey and that template and am sad it'll be lost in history. Good work!
  7. You nailed both sets in my opinion. That rangers Legacy is incredible. Good job.
  8. I know everyone hates inconsistencies between home and roads but I personally like that there’s some teams that do - so I like the update for the wild. canucks look great!
  9. The state of hockey jersey is amazing. Perfect set for them.
  10. Good look for Arizona. Undecided on if I like sand or black better, but thinking sand just due to the fact that it would give Arizona something different ala the reverse retro. can’t wait for minny
  11. Wow!!!! I think that looks unreal. Thanks for putting in the time to do that.
  12. That logo does not look even remotely out of place on a jersey.
  13. I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion but I’d love to see that alternate include the powder blue from the flag on the jersey. Great job still.
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