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  1. +1 Sure the original Sabres uniforms manage to spell out "Buffalo Sabres" but that's about the only thing they had going for them. The striping was lifted directly from the Leafs and the logo is just poor. With the 1995 rebrand, they finally a distinctive uniform set with beautifully rendered logos. -1If by beautiful you mean hediously ugly and not at all representive of the team's nickname. Because nothing says "distinctive" like using a color scheme already used by three teams (and soon to be a fourth) And the striping just being the Leafs is a straight up lie. So you hate the Canucks home uniforms because the striping is just the Devils minus the shoulder yoke? I'm not even a huge fan of the original Sabres uniforms (the buffalo is poorly rendered and the striping color inconsistency is horrendous), but the logo still had more appeal than the goathead. Seriously, WTF is that on the bottom right side of the logo? And blue and yellow (not navy) is one of the greatest color schemes ever. The Sabres have never truly had a good uniform, but the goathead is the worst (I honestly prefer the Buffaslug to it, at least that one had some appeal and a better color scheme). I've read you praise these uniforms multiply times, and it honestly feels like you just hate the original logo (and obviously the slug), so you just latch onto the goathead because you feel like you have to like at least one Sabres look. That's just my two cents, maybe you really like that hideous crap.
  2. I REALLY like the first blue and yellow, but seriously, death to the unnecessary, muddling rounded logo.
  3. I hate how the Nationals wear Walgreens ads on their uniforms.
  4. NJTank, but it's difficult to tell since he rarely speaks positive of them.Perhaps things will change between now and the Mets' impending September collapse.Didn't he pick the Mets to win the World Series like 5 years in a row?
  5. The Mets would be below .500 in any other division.
  6. The new 76ers uniforms have been a saving grace on an otherwise atrocious uniform offseason for the NBA.
  7. I swear to God that looks better than their actual uniforms (especially if those aren't the hideous pants their currently wearing).
  8. They want every cent they can get, so the navy hat will remain forever.
  9. I don't think the Broncos have ever had a good logo. Love those Orange Crush unis though. I like the idea of a team "owning" side panels, but their current panels are rather awkward looking.
  10. Maybe he meant old as in it's getting old that everyone thinks the Blue Jays might as well be declared World Champions right now.
  11. They're alright, can't wait to see half the damn league wearing them in October.
  12. A little surprised they gave up Norris. That was their only other big time arm in the farm, he's just about Major League ready and there's enough young players on that team to say they don't have to be in "win now" mode, but I think that dynamic may have changed a bit now. If this team as is doesn't go anywhere this year or next, I have a hard time seeing it ever happen. Meh. Sincerely, Kyle Drabek & Marty Janzen. Besides, Marcus Stroman could be ready for October. A stud pitcher with a leg injury isn't in the same galaxy as a young pitcher coming back from arm injury. So some other guys failed, so it's just "meh" that they gave up their top prospect?I love how Blue Jay fans on threads I've seen are saying this trade is no big deal because apparently it's an automatic given that AA will develop more top pitching prospects within a couple years. And what are those lottery numbers again?
  13. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. Pressing buttons is not a competitive physical activity. It requires no strength, no speed, no endurance. When you're competition literally requires no physical attributes besides working thumbs, IT'S NOT A SPORT. Will we be seeing video games in gym class? Will ESPN start naming someone who broke a record in Donkey Kong the athlete of the year? I love video games, but these people who try to add "legitimacy" to it make me ashamed I do. They act so high and mighty about these silly little games. Want to know when something's automatically not a sports. If the competitors are SITTING down. I'd give 100$ to the person who can show me the line which defines sports that exists between playing video games competitively and a band festival.
  14. Actually this is the photo that defines Ray Lewis: