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  1. You should make a list of teams and divisions. As well as any remaining teams. Awesome series!
  2. Amarillo Pro Baseball recently under the Trademark Database filed for Sod Poodles.
  3. Can you make a map with logos of the teams and hints of the next team
  4. Add teams in Houston, Dallas, Cleveland and New Orleans. Houston Supernovas Dallas Longhorns Cleveland Rock Cleveland Guardians New Orleans Crawfish
  5. One in Dallas. AT&T Stadium for venue. Stars vs Wild or Blackhawks.
  6. Boston - Night Riders, Rebellion, New England Liberty California - Sea Lions, Tar Tigers, Aftershock, Quake Chicago - Wind, Wndstorm, Hitmen Detroit - (I like Muscle a lot) Las Vegas - Gamblers, Snake Eyes, Neon New York - (I like Gargoyles a lot) St. Louis - Gatekeepers, Explorers, Rivermen, Archers Texas - Outlaws, Wranglers, Rustlers, Gunslingers, Armadillos Expansion Ideas Birmingham- Steel or Vulcans Cincinnati - Cannons (Twin Sister Cannons) Cleveland - Rock, Riff Indianapolis - Torch (due to state flag, plus cool name) Jacksonville - Kraken Philadelphia - Americans Miami - Barracuda Seattle - Orca
  7. Boston - Rebellion, Revolt Chicago - Stockyarders, Wind Detroit - Machine Los Angeles - Mastodons, Sabercats New York - Bulldogs, Skyline St. Louis - Explorers, Gatekeepers Texas - Armadillos, Javelinas, Lone Stars, Tornado, Wranglers Vegas - Bighorn(s), Gamblers, Neon
  8. This is such an excellent idea and concept(s). If you have expansion can you add teams in: Cleveland, OH (my hometown) Nashville or Memphis, TN Raleigh, NC
  9. jmoe12 can you post a list of cities in this league if you don't mind? Also, your logos and teams are amazing, great work.
  10. I designed this logo for my fantasy football team yesterday, but it still needs work. I need some guidance and a couple logo designers to help me get this logo from the notebook paper to a digital png.
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