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  1. So are non-rookies going to be able to change numbers immediately? or will non-rookies have to wait a year?
  2. Why can't you find any Panthers limited nike jerseys available anywhere? (mccaffrey specifically)
  3. Did Mizzou leak the new Spurs city Fiesta jersey?
  4. And as far as statement jerseys go, if the Wolves replace the lime green I would love to see the exact same template in gray. Replace the bright green with gray & the front reading "wolves" instead of "minnesota" would have a really cool Georgetown feel to it and present an extreme contrast to the bright green set showcasing the wide ranging color combinations available to MN. Anyone else like this idea and have the skills to present us a mock up image of this?
  5. Conrad- can you tell us how many teams will wear Classic throwback jerseys next year? I am hoping for the Wolves to wear their original set in either blue or white to commemorate their 30th anniversary as a franchise
  6. Something like this would be fine by me..
  7. 1000% If it's too much gray then just make the face of the wolf white instead of gray, like the original Wolves logo was.
  8. That's extremely disappointing. Ruins the entire logo in my opinion. Look at how much better the logo looks with a lighter shade of blue in the ball. Everything blends together otherwise. Hoping that shade of blue is completely absent from the jerseys at least and they go strictly with Navy, Gray, Bright Green, & white.
  9. Well he originally had a different gray listed and updated it today. I was thinking the blue needed to be updated as well. I'm not questioning his abilities but with a brand new unveil, it's only natural to have a mix-up or two until the dust settles, even for a savant.
  10. Not a mockup of a shirt. All of the licensed product being sold right now has that lighter shade of blue http://store.nba.com/Minnesota_Timberwolves_T-Shirts/Mens_Minnesota_Timberwolves_Fanatics_Branded_Blue_Primary_Logo_T-Shirt
  11. There's no way this blue is the same blue as they currently use. Someone tell colorwerx to update the blue pantone to what it actually is. Looks along the lines of Oklahoma City's powder blue? or Carolina Panther blue? Any blue darker than this, including the current Wolves blue would ruin the logo
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