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  1. Nashville United Nickname: NU Motto: More than a club Home field: Richard Siegel Park Stadium, Murfreesboro, TN Founded: 2020 (since 1970s as Nashville United Soccer Academy) Titles: - Logo: My logo is a mix of the NPSL team logo and the academy logo, that features the burgundy and blue stripes,the N and the lion. The three stars are there to represent Tennessee. Kit: The home kit is an homage to the classical blaugrana jerseys of Barcelona FC. The clash kit has a striping pattern that is ment to represent the union of the most famous soccer jersey designs: stripes, hoops and sash. For reference their actual kit and logos:
  2. Yes, you are absolutely right, they are the same! After you pointed it out I did some research and found out that the eagle head is actually a stock vector image, used by a ton of different schools in the USA and even by law firms and religious congregations.
  3. Metro Louisville Football Club Nickname: - Home field: King Louie's Sport Complex, Louisville, KY Founded: 2020 Titles: - Logo: I used their actual logo as it is well designed and meaningful. The 13 stars on the roundel should stand for the 13 counties of the Louisville metro area, but that is just my supposition for a rather random number. Kit: the kits are insipred by their actual ones, that are quite nice, but I gave them a little tuning on the checker pattern, getting rid of the sublimated one on the blue kit and eliminating it on the sleeves of the white kit (together with the fleur de lys stripe on the shoulders that reminds me too much of Kappa 80's gear). For reference their actual kit:
  4. Lanier Soccer Association - Athletico Lanier Nickname: Sharks Home field: Allen Creek Soccer Complex, Gainesville, GA Founded: 2020 Titles: - Logo: I used their actual logo, it's simple and classy Kit: the home jersey is inspired by the fact that the teams gets its name frome lake Lanier, so you have a watery pattern. The clash kit is just designed on the kit they have in use, with the addition of the baby blue striping and swapped colors. For reference their actual kit:
  5. Inter Nashville Football Club Nickname: Inter Nash Home field: International Indoor Soccer Complex, Antioch, TN Founded: 2016 Titles: 1 conference title Logo: I mainly took away the obnoxious gradients and shading from their logo, but all in all is still quite similar to it. Instead of their orange utline I went with a golden hue, in accordance to Nashville's city flag. Kit: They are Inter, so I was heavily inspired by the italian team, I just added the peculiarity of the fading stripes. For the away kit I used their actual jersey style, but with gold instead of orange or blue. For reference their actul logo and kits:
  6. I cannot believe I missed the Logolympiads this year . I checked the section every week or so waiting for this, then I went away for a month and here they are...Guess I'll wait out for next year
  7. Georgia Revolution Football Club Nickname: Revs Motto: United we stand Home field: Warhawks Stadium, McDonough, GA Founded: 2010 Titles: 1 conference title Logo: I took many elements from their past and present logos and actually just composed them in a more uniform way. I don't like a lot the roundel they use now other than the eagle line art (which I used), I liked a lot more their previous logo that had a shield shape (that again I used here), but the bottom part with the gigantic lettering was a tad discomforting. As I said I did a mash up of what I liked. Kit: I stood with their tradition of having a white and red striped home jersey and a blue clash, just added some blue hints on the home and a darker tone blue striping on the clash to link it with the home one. For reference the actual logos and kits:
  8. As the NPSL expands, I try to stay up to date. I have redesigned the conference logos to mirror the new conferences allignment. The Northestern region is now with the addition of the Southeast conference the East region. In the Midwest region the East conference is now the Rust Belt conference, so I added some machinery flare to the conference logo. In the South region we have the new Gulf Coast conference. It was pretty difficult to find a simple symbol for this area and in the end I went with a hurricane.
  9. Torch Football Club Nickname: - Home field: Pennridge High School Stadium, Perkasie, PA Founded: 2009 Titles: - Logo: Their actual logo is not that terrible, I especially like the lettering, but I had to redo that super-ClipaArty ball. Hope I succeded in improving the logo flow. Kit: I tried some gradient here for both home and clash kits. The final results remind me a bit of some Nike third jerseys around the world, only more firey. For reference the actual logos and kits:
  10. I think the problem is in the outline. The same thickness everywhere always black or white. This gives me the feel of a neon logo, which instantly reminds me of logos from the '80s. I discovered on my own skin that by choosig a color palette with very dark colors others than black you get a more modern feeling logo. For example, for the owls you could just use gold and blue and make everything that now is black or white blue, you would get an amazing logo, 'cause you designs are very good.
  11. West Chester United Soccer Club Nickname: Predators Home field: Ciccarone Field, West Chester, PA Founded: 1976 Titles: - Logo: The concept is based on their actual logo, but instead of a roundel I used the shield shape of the eagle chest. The double-headed eagle itself is a bit upgraded, with anew body shape and no giant white and empty eyes. The logo as been around for some time, so I sticked with the bicromatic tradition. Kit: The alternate white and black striping should resembles the eagle wings. At first I used a wider striping, more like traditional Juve jerseys, but then I realised that for an average american it was way too referee looking...So, now you have this smaller width, quasi-pinstripe look. For the clash kit I used another bicromatic pairing, but of a whole different hue. The chest stripe is inspired by an old clash kit, that had a blue chest stripe on a black jersey, omittingthe very '90s fading gradient. For reference the actual logos and kits:
  12. Football Club Morristown Nickname: FC Motown Home field: Ranger Stadium, Madison, NJ Founded: 2012 Titles: 1 conference title (2018) Logo: I evolved their actual logo, changing gray with a darker tone of green and eliminating the New Jersey shape that looked wrong in there. The overall identity is heavily inspired by irish culture. Kit: The home kit is inspired by the celtic cross in the logo. The clash kit is inspired by the irish meadows and the grass grooming on soccer fields. For reference the actual logos and kits:
  13. Hershey Football Club Nickname: Panthers Home field: Hershey High School Soccer Stadium, Hershey, PA Founded: 2013 Titles: - Logo: I based my new design on their old logo, trying to retain their iconic sash. Nothing too fancy here. Kit: The home kit is inspired by their actual clash kit, with the gradient striping underlining an invisible sash. The clash kit is a more classic kit, inspired by the crest. For reference the actual logos and kits (I was unable to find good photos of the boys' kits, but they wear the same as the ladies in Adidas gear here):
  14. I'm currently working on Hershey FC and I can't made up my mind on the logo. On the left you have the actual logo and A and B are the options I designed. What do you suggest?
  15. Atlantic City Football Club Nickname: ACFC, Aces Home field: Surf Stadium, Atlantic City, NJ Founded: 2017 Titles: - Motto: Audaces Fortuna Iuvat (luck helps the bold) Logo: I used their actual secondary roundel logo with just minor tweaks in the wording. It has a neat design and looks like a football badge. The gambling inspired logo is spot on for this team. Kit: The home kit is centered around the two tone purple, with the hoops reminding of casino chips. The clash kit is just a white version of the home. For reference the actual logos and kits:
  16. Clever connection there! I love this project and I'm digging your goalies. All the logos feel pretty european in taste, not a simple thing to achieve.
  17. Philadelphia Lone Star Football Club Nickname: The Stars Home field: South Philadelphia Athletic Super Site, Philadelphia, PA Founded: 2018 (2001 as Junior Lone Star FC) Titles: - Logo: I used their actual logo, as it is nicely done and very meaningful. Kit: The home kit plays around the striping of the shield, with 7 vertical red stripes. The clash kit is inspired by the parted shield, with the two tones of blue symbolising the blue from Philadelphia's city flag and the blue from the liberian flag For reference the actual kits:
  18. FC Monmouth Nickname: - Home field: Count Basie Stadium, Red Bank, NJ Founded: 2017 Titles: - Logo: I like a lot their simple yet sharp logo. I just have a problem with the shield ''open'' text stripe, it seems a little dispersive on a jersey of the wrong color, so I decided to enclose it on a full shield and to have the lettering inside the yellow top part. Kit: The home kit was inspired by the logo itself. The clash kit pays homage to Fort Monmouth, an army base found within the county's boundaries. For reference the actual logo and kits:
  19. Electric City Shock SC Nickname: - Home field: Quinn Athletics Campus, Scranton, PA Founded: 2013 Titles: - Logo: I was inspired by the famous Electric City light sign. The colour scheme is blue and yellow (instead of volt) with the addtion of a tone of brass. Kit: The home kit is pinstriped in a lighter tone of blue to represent the classy feeling of the city of Scranton at the peak of its fame. The gray clash kit is not a big departure from their actual clash jersey, but I added some bolt-shaped diagonal stripes. For reference the actual logo and kits:
  20. I changed the shield shape. It is now more similar to the trident and it flows better with it. Your opinion?
  21. I got rid of the gold striping as you suggested, but the black boxes are there to stay. I tried to delete them but the double color backgrond for the sponsor, name and number was a a real pain for the eyes. Let me know what you think of it. Surely it is a cleaner look, that with soccer kits works well, but I personally still like the first version more.
  22. Virginia Beach City FC Nickname: VB City Home field: Powhatan Field, Norfolk, VA Founded: 2013 Titles: 2 conference championships Logo: I tried to make the trident logo look less sharp designing a rounder shield. The reduced lettering enables to get rid of the top text bar of the previous logo. Kit: The kit is a rethinking of this year Juventus kit, where, instead of having the usual striped jersey, the bicolor shirt makes the players the stripes themselves. The clash kit is just a white color swap. For reference the actual logo and kits:
  23. FC Baltimore Christos Nickname: - Home field:CCBC Essex Stadium, Essex, MD Founded: 2018 Titles: - Logo: I liked the idea of the badge with the flag of Maryland, I just edited the font and got rid of the year number, that doesn't make a lot of sense, as it is the year of foundation of the city and not of the soccer team. Kit: Their home kits are not that bad, I just made the pattern full-shirt, instead of only on diagonal sashes. The away kit is inspired by the black and gold part of Maryland flag. For reference the actual logo and kits:
  24. Northern Virginia United FC Nickname: NVU Home field: Cropp Metcalfe Park, Leesburg, VA Founded: 2018 Titles: - Logo: I really like their actual logo, I just made some minor tweaks, like changing the font and arching also the bottom part of the lettering. I also added the year of foundation and their nickname. Most importantly I swapped the black with a dark navy blue. Kit: The home kit is heavily inspired by the ones they sport now, but with the addiction of a circular navy striping. The clash kit has a fading pattern joining together the socks, shorts and jersey. For reference the actual logo and kits:
  25. FC Frederick Nickname: - Home field: Thomas Athletic Field, Frederick, MD Founded: 1986 Titles: - Logo: I was inspired by their actual logo, but decided to make it bicolor and get rid of the black. Kit: The home kit is quite similar to the one they actually use, but the orizontal stripes are broader. The clash kit is an homage to the flage of the state of Maryland, in its maroon and white portion (the yellow and black portion will feature in another kit); the shorts' striping is slanted to represent the slanted stripe on the chequered pattern you can find on the state flag. For reference their actual logo and kits (in the last photo the white one):