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  1. Tulsa Athletic Nicknames: A's, Foxes Home field: Veterans Park, Tulsa, OK Founded: 2013 Titles: 4 conference championships (2013, 2014, 2019) Logo: I used their actual logo, that I really like, but changing the colors. I have nothing against pink on sport kits, but it has to have some sense and purpose, that was totally lacking when they decided to slap an highliter pink crest on a green and yellow jersey. I used the same colors in the Oakland A's scheme, playing on the team name. Kit: the home kit follows on the baseball path, with a double yellow pinstripe pattern . The clash kit was inspired by a white kit worn by the team in the past. For reference the actual logo and kits:
  2. Storm Football Club Home field: Central Broward Stadium, Lauderhill, FL Founded: 2013 Titles: - Logo: I kept it simple, using the lightning bolt to symbolise the storm and the slanted shield is to give the logo a more dynamic feel. Kit: the home kit uses the same lightning bolt patter of the logo, similar to some Stade Francais jerseys (yep, that's a rugby club). For the clash kit I went with a more traditional sash look in continuity with the team tradition. For reference the actual logo and kits:
  3. Club de Rugby Ciencias is based in the city of Sevilla, biggest city in Andalucia. Sevilla, running alongside the river Guadalquivir, is very famous for its historic city centre and jaw dropping architecture, link between gothic and arabic styles. CR Ciencias was founded by the scientific faculty of the University of Sevilla, hence its name, and has always been a focal point for rugby in southern Spain. Home field: La Cartuja Founding: 1972 Motto: Magno cum labore summum ascenditure (I found it hard enough to ascend) Logo: a gothic C The jersey: Their main colors are navy and royal blue, in a simple monocolor jersey with contrasting cuffs and collar. My redesign New logo: just got rid of the wierd bit on the bottom of the C New jerseys: the home kit has now a pattern inspired by moorish style mosaiques you can find in the Alcazar . For the clash kit I used the same pattern, but with a radiant goldencolor to remind the past role of the city as a major gold commerce hub.
  4. Thanks, I'll definitely do that next.
  5. Naples United Football Club Nickname: NUFC Home field: Paradise Coast Sports Complex, Naples, FL Founded: 2017 Titles: - Logo: I tried to mix influences from Napoli roundel logo (the O.G. italian team) and reused the idea of the sailboat to convey the holiday paradise feel that is essentialy south Florida core business. i also tried to keep it as simple ad possible as their actual logo is way too busy. Kit: For the home kit I decided to try a seaman stripes feel, linked to the boat on the logo, all in the traditional baby blue color. The away kit is actually inspired by the full ocean camo shirts that Napoli wears, that are in my humble opinion very ugly, but the use of the camo pattern only on the sleeves is a unique touch I can see very dear to an american fandom. For reference the actual logo and kits:
  6. Haha, no way! I thought he stopped playing in Brasil... I designed the home kit thinking of Atletico Madrid, but now you mentioned it the laurel in the logo gives it major Olympiakos vibes.
  7. Club de Rugby Cisneros is based in the city of Madrid, the capital of Spain. Madrid, nested on the castilian meseta, is world-known as an energetic and bustling city, with one of the most popolous metropolitan areas in Europe. CR Cisneros in deeply linked with the Complutense University of Madrid, the oldest public university in the city and the focal point of higher knowledge in Spain during the last two centuries. The rugby team takes its name from the Colegio Mayor Ximénez de Cisneros, the university's dormitory named after Cardinal de Cisneros, an important figure in spanish national history, and has its roots in rugby's early 20th century spread in universities all over Europe. Home field: Campo Central de la Ciudad Universitaria Founding: 1943 Motto: No parar hasta conquistar (we don't stop until we conquer) Logo: a coat of arms representing some swans, as the name cisneros means swankeepers The jersey: Their main colors are light and royal blue, in horizontal hoops. The clash kit has the same pattern but in burgundy and garnet. My redesign New logo: on the actual logo I just added the gold border on the shield and the lettering in a fitting font New jerseys: the home kit is inspired by their actual two tones blue kit that is very sleek, in my opinion. For the clash kit I used the chevron of the shield, that is a common feature on rugby jersey (especially in rugby league).
  8. Miami United Football Club Nicknames: - Home field: North Miami Athletic Stadium, North Miami Beach, FL Founded: 2012 Motto: Bringing the community together for the LOVE of the game Titles: 2 conference titles (2014, 2016) Logo: I tried to stay on the same page as their actual logo, with a traditional shield and the Miami skyline, but I also decided to switch to some less aggressive tones of blue and pink. Instead of black I added a dark navy blue as the dominant dark color. The flaming ball on their actual logo was giving me massively '90s vibes so I decided to add a football in the form the sun shining on Miami. The font is inspired by the many art deco buildings in the city. Kit: I tried to show the amazing colors without making the jerseys too color heavy. The chest striping was inspired by their actual kits (some of the worst kits I've ever seen...). For reference the actual logo and jerseys:
  9. I see what you mean, I was inspired by a dutch kit where it was all of the same orange color, but it's true the contrast was not enough. Here I toned down to white the orange to enhance the contrast.
  10. Miami Dutch Lions Football Club Nicknames: The Lions Home field: Tropical Park Stadium, Miami, FL Founded: 2011 (as Texas Dutch Lions) Motto: Gateway to professional soccer Titles: 1 conference title (2016) Logo: I tried to achieve a more traditional look by only using two tone orange and the same shape as the dutch national football team. The lettering on top seemed better than cramming all the words in the shield, as they stand for Miami Dutch Lions FC. I completely eliminated blue from the logo, but the iconic dutch brilliant blue is still heavily featured in the kits. Kit: The home jersey is centered on orange while the clash is on blue, each one with contrasting details. The striping should be subtle and almost sublimate, not heavy on the eye. For reference their actual logo (the new one just says Miami instead of Houston) and kits:
  11. Uh, nice stuff here! I'll be following this. If I'm not mistaken Bayer Leverkusen was founded by workers of the Bayer chemistry and pharmaceutical plant. I know that the team is in fact nicknamed Die Aspirin by some and was originally called Verkself (factory team). Now those nicknames are not the greatest, but maybe could get you into something. Milan is usually referred to in Italy as Il Diavolo (the devil), but here you have the problem that is too similar to Manchester Utd. Maybe you could try with Crusaders (in italian would be I Crociati) or something on this line, as the symbol of the city of Milan is the cross of St. George (that is also present in the teams' crest). Milan supporters used to be named Casciavit (Milanese dialect for Screwdrivers) as they historically came from working class backgrounds, but this is no more true. Monaco is a difficult one, I'd go with something like Princes or Royalty to use what Monaco is really famous for (other than heaps of money). Concerning the other names I just have to note that Inter should be I Biscioni, not Le Biscioni, as it is a masculine noun.
  12. Club de Rugby Santander is based in the lively city of Santander, capital of Cantabria. Santander has universities, a beautiful natural harbour and nice and quiet beaches, making it a famous turistic spot in the north of Spain. In the city you can find many charming seaside boulevards and public parks, one of them that even has tanks with penguins and seals. Home field: Complejo deportivo Ruth Beitia Founding: 2007 Motto: Todo es posible (everything is possible) Logo: a seal playing with a rugby ball, from where they got their nickname of Las Focas (Seals) The jersey: Their main color is black, with some green triangular patterns. Theyr clash kit is solid green My redesign New logo: reworked the idea of the seal, adding some more details like the wavy backgroung and the ferns, as their actual roundel is pretty standard and generic. Insted of black, I added in the color palette a dark navy blue. The roman numerals stand for the team founding year. New jerseys: their triangular pattern don't really mean anything, so I decided to link their jerseys with the beauty of the cantabrian land. The home jersey represents the ocean, while the clash jersey is inspired by the green and lush coast, where the humid climate is perfect for ferns and similar plants.
  13. Disclaimer for rugby newbies (if you know what a maul is, you can skip down): On the topic of rugby jerseys Very few rugby clubs have names on the back of the jersey, this is because the number on a jersey is linked more to a field position than to a specific player, say you are a scrum-half, your number would usually be 9. This is why in my templates you don't see the jersey backs, that usually have just plain numbers from 1 to 23. In rugby, in most clubs, you don't have a home and away jersey, you just have the team jersey and then a clash kit in case of a color clash with the opponent team's colors. For this reason sometimes it is difficult to find the clash jersey of some teams as maybe they just have a smart color combo that seldom needs to be swapped for the clash. Rugby clubs usually have just one set of socks that goes with both the main and clash jerseys, this sometimes makes them look quite out of place, but hey, they are playing rugby, not fussing around. The same can be applied to shorts, but in higher level clubs it is easier to have two sets of shorts if the clash is not matching with the main one. For this reason in my template you have two pairs of shorts, but only one of socks. Getxo Errugbia (Getxo Rugby), freshly promoted from the División de Honor B, is based in the town of Getxo (pronounced Guecho), in the Bilbao metro area, in the basque province of Vizcaya. Getxo is an affluent residential town, renown in Spain for its very peculiar hanging bridge on the river Nervión, designed in 1893 to allow the passage of the big ships built more upstream in the Bilbao dockyards. Home field: Campos deportivos de Fadura Founding: 1975 Motto: Somos rugby/ Errugbia gara (we are rugby) Logo: a charging ram, represent the solidity of the team The jersey: Some iteration of yellow and black, seems like whatever is fine, from dots to vee's My redesign New logo: reworked the ram in a less 70's way and added a bitonal pairing of black and coal, yellow and saffron for added detailing New jerseys: they don't really have a jersey identity, so I worked mainly on their distinctive colors, leaving the design simple. The sublimated stripes are inspired by the famous hanging bridge, especially by the intricated supporting beamwork and holding cables
  14. Central Florida Panthers Soccer Club Nicknames: Panthers Home field: Showalter Field, Winter Park, FL Founded: 2018 Motto: Respect all, fear none Titles: - Logo: I stood with their logo concept but changed some details, like getting rid of the black, adding white to the panther's teeth and to the ball, slightly redesign the neck line, nose and eye. Kit: In the color palette I felt strongly the presence of AS Roma, so I was inspired by Roma white kits in the home jersey, while the clash kit plays with the idea of panther claw markings For reference their actual logo and kits:
  15. My take on some of the names: New Jersey -> both Generals and Knights are pretty generic so they both could be used here, I would choose the one that gives you the better graphic identity in your mind Philadelphia -> Bell Ringers is a good idea but the name it's too long for me, Spirit (singular) would be meaningful, represnting the american spirit Washington -> here I really like the name Sentinels, it evokes the martial theme yet can also stand for the idea of the wardens of democracy and freedom Birmingham -> Forge is clearly the more fitting with the city's history, but also flames would do (although it is a little bit more generic)
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