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  1. I got rid of the gold striping as you suggested, but the black boxes are there to stay. I tried to delete them but the double color backgrond for the sponsor, name and number was a a real pain for the eyes. Let me know what you think of it. Surely it is a cleaner look, that with soccer kits works well, but I personally still like the first version more.
  2. Virginia Beach City FC Nickname: VB City Home field: Powhatan Field, Norfolk, VA Founded: 2013 Titles: 2 conference championships Logo: I tried to make the trident logo look less sharp designing a rounder shield. The reduced lettering enables to get rid of the top text bar of the previous logo. Kit: The kit is a rethinking of this year Juventus kit, where, instead of having the usual striped jersey, the bicolor shirt makes the players the stripes themselves. The clash kit is just a white color swap. For reference the actual logo and kits:
  3. FC Baltimore Christos Nickname: - Home field:CCBC Essex Stadium, Essex, MD Founded: 2018 Titles: - Logo: I liked the idea of the badge with the flag of Maryland, I just edited the font and got rid of the year number, that doesn't make a lot of sense, as it is the year of foundation of the city and not of the soccer team. Kit: Their home kits are not that bad, I just made the pattern full-shirt, instead of only on diagonal sashes. The away kit is inspired by the black and gold part of Maryland flag. For reference the actual logo and kits:
  4. Northern Virginia United FC Nickname: NVU Home field: Cropp Metcalfe Park, Leesburg, VA Founded: 2018 Titles: - Logo: I really like their actual logo, I just made some minor tweaks, like changing the font and arching also the bottom part of the lettering. I also added the year of foundation and their nickname. Most importantly I swapped the black with a dark navy blue. Kit: The home kit is heavily inspired by the ones they sport now, but with the addiction of a circular navy striping. The clash kit has a fading pattern joining together the socks, shorts and jersey. For reference the actual logo and kits:
  5. FC Frederick Nickname: - Home field: Thomas Athletic Field, Frederick, MD Founded: 1986 Titles: - Logo: I was inspired by their actual logo, but decided to make it bicolor and get rid of the black. Kit: The home kit is quite similar to the one they actually use, but the orizontal stripes are broader. The clash kit is an homage to the flage of the state of Maryland, in its maroon and white portion (the yellow and black portion will feature in another kit); the shorts' striping is slanted to represent the slanted stripe on the chequered pattern you can find on the state flag. For reference their actual logo and kits (in the last photo the white one):
  6. Charlottesville Alliance FC Nickname: C'ville Alliance Home field: Charlottesville High School Stadium, Charlottesville, VA Founded: 2016 Titles: - Logo: I used their actual logo, as it looked fairly cool and unique Kit: The home kit is inspired by their logo and the clash kit is a darker take on the striped jersey. For reference the actual home kit
  7. Greater Lowell Rough Diamonds Nickname: GL Diamonds Motto: Training and Character Home field: Tyngsboro Sport Center, Tyngsboro, MA Founded: 2016 Titles: - Logo: The idea was to incorporate a diamond on the center pentagonal panel of a soccer ball. GL and RD are used instead of the full name, to make the logo simpler and more clean. Kit: Both kits have sublimated diamond pattern and display the love and character of the club with their bold colors of canary and black. For reference the actual logo and kits
  8. I like the one with the beda font better. It feels old yet readable. I would recomend you to make the skis a bit longer, as the actual ratio makes them look like fence strakes. You could maybe make them longer and then put them behind the shield. All in all it feels quite spot on for the period.
  9. Hartford City FC Nickname: Colts Home field: Al-Marzook Field, Hartford, CT Founded: 2015 Titles: - Logo: The overall shape is based on the colts' factory dome, a peculiar structure of shiny tiles built on top of the factory. The star motif is also taken from the dome and the number of 12 stars was chosen to symbolise the 11 players plus the fans. Kit: It could be possible to make a star-studded jersey, but in the end more is less and just a row of stars has a greater impact than a shirt-ful. The away jersey is an homage to the long gone but never forgotten Hartford Whalers, with the iconic away striping. For reference the actual jerseys and logo
  10. An overall snapshot of the league. It was a ton of fun to design those logos, but at times it got difficult as I was trying to create the most fitting identity for each team in a sea of possibilities. In the end, as this world is pure fantasy, everyone can have a different take on every single aspect of Middle-earth. Hope you enjoyed it as I did!
  11. Rivendell Lords The last homely home before the Wilderland, east of the Misty Mountains, is home of the fine elves under the rule of Lord Elrond. The idea that the elven power is fading during the era of the ring quest is beautifully put on screen in Peter Jackson's adaptation with a neat autumn foliage. For this reason the color scheme for Rivendell hockey team is light blue, for the waterfalls surrounding the area, and orange and brown to have a nice warm autumn palette. The font chosen for the logo reflects the refinery typical of the elves and the four pointed star is another typical mark used by them, as they are very tied with the stars and many times bear names linked with Middle-earth astronomy. I worked hard to find something to represent Rivendell as elvish art is so delicate yet unadapt for logos. Hope this rather plain identity matches well with the common images of the Rivendell Elves.
  12. Here you have the logo with the addition of navy blue. It definitely pops more and adds a color reference also in the clash kit, as I'm not a fan of recoloring logos specifically for the clash unless the logo is a very simple one. I personally still prefer the two tone red version as it is more unique and is better suited with the Reds theme. Let me know your thoughts on the matter!
  13. Rhode Island Reds FC Nickname: RI Reds Home field: Johnston High School Mazzulla Field, Johnston, RI Founded: 2012 Titles: - Logo: I really liked their logo update so I stayed with the same design, just tweaking the colors to make the red more prominent, and I got rid of the fading gradinet in the shield. Kit: home kit is a two tone red sash look with golden yellow accents, the same colors of the team crest. The away kit pays homage to the flag of the state of Rhode Island, with the traditional color scheme of gold white and navy; the vertical striping is linked to the nautical theme as it represents a mooring rope similar to the one used on the state flag. For reference the actual jerseys and logo
  14. I'm trying to use as much as possible the original color scheme for every team, in case just adding new colors, so, New York traditional blue and orange could be good, but a big departure from the red jersey usually worn by the NYAC. Maybe a bigger winged foot could upgrade the logo, I'll be working on it. The laurel is an homage to the history of the club and , yes, it looks like an academic thing more than a soccer badge, but in this way it looks a lot more like european soccer badges, as in many cases the teams were founded inside multisport associations exactly like the NYAC, at times with an academic background.