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  1. I know I said wave, but it was for semplification's sake. I thought that those graphic signs were either the spin of the ball or a nod to something ''cosmic'' like the tail of a comet. Either way, I liked the idea to have it on its own, as I tried it with the ball and the jersey looks a lot messier (Messi... maybe it is not bad for a soccer team ).
  2. New York Cosmos B Nickname: Cosmos B Home field: Rocco B. Commisso Soccer Stadium, NYC, NY Founded: 2015 Titles: 1 NPSL Championship, 2 NPSL regional titles, 3 NPSL conference titles Logo: The New York Cosmos logo is iconic and has some history over its shoulders, so I decided to use it as it is, not even tweaking the stars on the ball that were added at the time of the first NASL. Kit: I went with a navy main kit, with little nods to the tri color wave. The clash in in the traditional colors of white and green, with a sublimated wave. For reference their actual kits:
  3. Boston City FC Nickname: - Home field: Donovan Field at Brother Gilbert Stadium, Malden, MA Founded: 2015 Motto: "Of the People, By The People, For the People" Titles: - Logo: I used their current shield shape and skyline pattern for my logo, changing the rampant lion and eliminating once and for all the football that looked like it was just photoshopped on the logo. Kit: The home kit is a nod to the USA national team popsicle look, the bold move is to invert the color scheme on the shorts. The clash kit is a reference to the New England Flag with the red and green scheme. A sublimated araldic lion was added to the jersey to remind the ride of being part of Boston City FC. For reference their actual logo and kits:
  4. Iron Hills Ironfeet The iron mining dwarves from the Iron Hills are best known for their commander during the Battle of the Five Armies, Dain Ironfoot, fifth King Under the Mountain. The colour scheme was inspired by the iron ore (assuming they mine magnetite), changing colour from a sort of charcoal/deep blue to the silver gray of battered iron. The logo is an homage to Johnny Canuck, one of my favourite sport logos ever, in my mind he has always looked like a prototypical dwarf.
  5. Kingston Stockade FC Nickname: - Home field: Dietz Stadium, Kingston, NY Founded: 2015 Titles: 1 North Atlantic Conference Championship Logo: I retained the actual logo design, but adding orange to make it pop more and to tie it with the dutch origin of Kingston and the Stockade. Kit: I added a stockade pattern as featured on the crest, though for the clash kit I went with a more sublimated look, to underline more the orange, symbol of the dutch national team. For reference their actual logo and kits
  6. Brooklyn Italians Nickname: Italians Home field: John Dewey High School, Brooklyn, New York City, NY Founded: 1949 Titles: 2 U.S. Open Cup, 2 National Soccer League New York, 2 German-American Soccer League, 5 Cosmopolitan Soccer League Logo: I stayed with their current one as the new take on their traditional logo is absolutely awesome. Kit: I pushed the italian feel a little more, adding many green and red hints. For reference their actual kits:
  7. Fixed some of the conference logos North Atlantic and Mid Atlantic have now a newly shaped wave pattern Heartland wordmark got a new placement as did the Sunshine wordmark. For the Southeast I decided to go with Cape Hatteras lighthouse silhouette. New North Star shape for the North conference. Southwest conference wordmark got a new navy background to make it more visible on the sun rays. Northwest pine tree has been redesigned to look more the part and the upper part resembles now the northwestern-most part of the state of Washington.
  8. Time to close the AHL season! Here you have all the logos and home jerseys. I tweaked a bit Gherdeina and Pustertal (bottom row, right corner) logos on feedback basis. Hope you enjoyed the series as I did!
  9. VEU Feldkirch Full name: Verein Eishockey Union Feldkirch (Feldkirch Ice Hockey Union Team ) Nickname: Die VEU (The VEU) Home: Vorarlberghalle, Feldkirch Founding: 2006 (1932 as EHC Feldkirch) Championships: 9 austrian national titles, 6 austrian national titles (second tier), 1 European Hockey League championship, 4 Alpenliga titles, 1 IIHF Super Cup Old logo and jerseys My concept Redesign an iconic logo as VEU one is pretty difficult. I decided to make a sort of wordmark logo with the VEU script and the three sticks and to design a stand alone castle logo for the jersey front. The same castle that is featured in the original roundel logo is actually called Schattenburg and is a famous historic landmark of the austrian town of Feldkirch. The striping mimicks the three sticks of the wordmark logo. The beautiful Schattenburg for reference
  10. HC Neumarkt-Egna Full name: Hockey Club Neumarkt-Egna Nickname: Wild Geese Home: WurthArena, Neumarkt Founding: 1963 Championships: 1 Inter-National League title Old logo and jerseys My concept The shield logo remained almost the same, I just tried to render it in a less cartoonish way, but the overall idea was nice and geese are underused unimals in sports.The tricolor striping is there to add a complex note to an overall quite linear jersey. They do look a little bit like the Calgary Flames, but that is not a bad thing. Goose paws as shoulder patches were added to underline the pride of being a part of a gaggle of wild geese.
  11. The National Premier Soccer League, commonly known as NPLS, is the fourth tier of the US soccer pyramid. It is together a regional and a national league, meaning it is divided in 4 regions (Northestern, South, Midwest, Western) that represent the whole country. It takes place in the summer months, so they can draw players from NCAA soccer. I quite like their new logo, so I designed coordinated logos for the 4 regions and 13 conferences. Northeastern Region North Atlantic Conference Brooklyn Italians Kingston Stockade FC Boston City FC New York Cosmos B Keystone Conference Mid-Atlantic Conference South Region Heratland Conference Lone Star Conference Sunshine Conference Southeast Conference Midwest Region East Conference Great Lakes Conference North Conference West Region Golden Gate Conference Northwest Conference Southwest Conference The four regions have different stars positioning to represent the geographical positon, but they are always 4, as the regions. The conference logos have a similar appearance, with only a different crest shape. Of the 4 ever present stars one is red, representing which region the conference is in. North Atlantic and Mid Atlantic have a wavy top and bottom to represent the ocean Keystone, as Pennsylvania is known as the keystone state Heartland has a confederate vibe Lone star is literally Texas Sunshine has a Florida shape Southeast has a flag shape, for all the pirates that had their coves on the south eastern coast. East has ha waterfall side to represents the Niagara falls, real symbol of the area Great lakes has 3 red stripes and two blue ones to represent the 5 major lakes. North has a big star, representing the northen star guiding the path Golden gate, what to add... Northwest, has a side shaped like an evergreen tree Southwest, sun rays for the SoCal conference I designed the kit for the two diffent all-star teams of the league. The all-star game is actually called Rising Stars National Game in my redesign. Two regions will play against the other two regions; the couples will be decided by a draft on the game's eve, so every region sends the same number of all star players to enable every combination. Hope you enjoy the concept. In the future I'll post the rebranding of all the 92 clubs in the league, but it will be a slow start, as I'm currently working on many other projects
  12. HK Olimpija Full name: Hokejski Klub Olimpija Nickname: Zmaji (Dragons) Home: Hala Tivoli, Lubljana Founding: 2004 Championships: - Old Logo and jerseys My concept For the logo I used the dragon from Olimpija basketball team's logo, as it looked so sharp. The overall design is pretty basic, to match the long tradition of the team. Even if HD Olimpija was founded only in 2004, its mother team, HDD Olimpija, won 15 slovenian titles and 13 yugoslavian titles before folding in 2017.
  13. The retro style variation is wonderful. It works beautifully and could be nice color swap in the event the new Seattle franchise opts for a green and blue scheme.
  14. HC Gherdëina Full name: Hockey Club Gherdëina Nickname: - Home: Pranives, Selva di Val Gardena Founding: 1927 Championships: 4 italian titles Old logo and jerseys My concept The logo was rediseigned to incorporate an horseshoe has the G for Gherdëina. The horseshoe pattern is reused in the bottom striping, while the wide chest stripe is taken from their current jersey. The team has not a nickname, or at least is not very well known, so to differentiate, as we already have the Broncos, they could be the Stallions.
  15. Here you have some ideas I developed. They are not your usual Seattle logos and color schemes (maybe not exactly the Tritons...). Hope you enjoy my work, maybe I stretched out too far from the traditional path, let me know.