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  1. Hey! Glad this was kept going! Keep up the great work!
  2. We are joining a flag football league and need to decide on a name. We want something funny/clever similar to MiLB teams. It is in Waco. Any suggestions?
  3. You can download it here!
  4. Hey sorry guys Im a lot busier than i thought id be. Does anyone want the helmet in vector format so they can do it themselves?
  5. Okay I'm back. I've decided to change these up a bit and use each teams official word mark (or as close as possible). Also, I apologize for the size issues. Each post from here on should meet the requirements. If not, please let me know ASAP.
  6. Sorry guys. Just started my first graphic design job after college so I've been really busy lately. I will get these done though!
  7. Very good. I would also add the beveled effect from your first post back to the 'S'. However, don't use a gradient. Just make light grey shapes to achieve your effect. One other thing that will easily help your logo feel coherent is keeping your outlines the same. If you're going to use green on the tower, you should also use a green outline on the 'S'.
  8. When it comes to detailing could you be more specific?That's generally up to the designer. If this were mine, I would start by looking at a photo of the tower itself and use different shades of blue to create shadowing to make various parts of the building stand out. That way it doesn't completely overrun the 'S' but is still dynamic enough to catch the viewer's attention.
  9. Hello all, So I was inspired by Midway's football template and decided to create a minimalist football helmet. To take it a step further, I created a signature for myself using my favorite team. I had so much fun making this that I decided to start taking requests from you all in order to give you an awesome signature to use. As of now, I am only making football designs (both NFL and NCAA). To make a request, simply state the team you want done and any additional information to be included (championships, etc.). An example of the layout is shown below.
  10. No shadow is the best. Personally, I think you should never use a gradient or shadow in any logo. I like your idea but the logo seems to be really plain. I would start by detailing the building a bit more and then add the beveled look from your first post by creating light grey shapes. Also, make the text in your wordmark thicker and add more of an outline.
  11. Like the Cardinals were today? Just kidding! I liked it the best as well; I just felt the 'chin' area was a little off.