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  1. ??

  2. When you suddenly realize you didn't do that thing yet.

  3. RT @TheVertical: LeBron James on presidential election: "Our nation has never been built on one guy." @MrMichaelLee on @TheVertical. https:…

  4. RT @CreativeBloq: The 16 best startup logos:

  5. RT @BleacherReport: Kyrie: off glass? LeBron: yeah, why not.

  6. #madden17 Corey Coleman be nasty.

  7. RT @NOTSportsCenter: REPORT: Most parents are banning MNF tonight, as they feel the Bears trying to play football is too scary for young ey…

  8. @PaulCharchian I'm in a unique position in standard I start Ertz or Kniles Davis at flex now that Ty is out?

  9. All my friends having babies left and right...and I'm just sitting here all like, here's MY lil'…

  10. @MatthewBerryTMR I have OBJ, Antonio Brown, Allen Robinson, & Zeke Elliot. Standard 10 and I'm 3-4. What is wrong with this world?

  11. Workout shoes 2016. #Crocs #CrocsForLife #DontJudgeMyCrocs #IBathWearingCrocs…

  12. My TV cuddle buddy. ?? Such a precious lil' puppy.

  13. Old school Jadeveon Clowney. #Madden17

  14. Little princess loves her new couch. ??

  15. She doesn't know what to make of her new twin buddy.

  16. Yes. I'm 30 years old. Don't care. #rogueone

  17. RT @CreativeBloq: UPDATED: The 100 best free fonts

  18. One tired puppy. ❤️?

  19. RT @Vikings: The #Vikings defense put on a dominant performance against the reigning NFL MVP. MORE:…

  20. Kris Dunning it. #twolves #nba2k17

  21. When you're 30, your priorities start to shift. For example, I used to care about how flat my stomach was. But now, sourdough bread.

  22. Madden difficulty in #Madden17 should be renamed, "It's harder because we cheat physics."

  23. My Week 2 NFL Fantasy Football Rankings (Standard League) /// #NFL #FantasyFootball #Week2Rankings #FantasyRankings

  24. The dog found a new spot. Look'n guilty...waiting to see if I'd kick her out of the basket. (I…

  25. RT @Vikings: You're going to ? our Color Rush uniforms for our 12/1 game. PHOTOS: