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  1. RT @howlintwolf: We second that, @KarlTowns ??#Twolves

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. * The grey ball with blue seems is a pure callback to the 90s logo (as seen in the post above). This was originally created as purely a hybrid logo, and I thought I could explore further possibilities with the rebrand coming. So that said, I do agree that a grey ball with blue seams definitely isn't something I'd normally go with. * On one hand I agree about the gradients, but on the other I'm not so sure in this particular case. Trust me, I hesitated while I was doing, but quite honestly I didn't mind the end result at all. That said, for the next version I'm going to try out a more metallic look instead.
  3. Thanks. I usually don't either. I hesitated when I began...but it worked out I thought. As for the eyes...yeah. I read you. I made them like that in reference to the old logo from the 90s. But looking at it again, maybe I should've brought them down a little bit and also make them a bit smaller.
  4. Back when I was a college student in 2011, I made a hybrid T-Wolves logo that combined the original logo with the current one. Yesterday, I finally decided to re-make it with improved bezier curves. This is the original image from 2011 (that quite few people have stolen and claimed to be their own logo over the years...but I digress...): And here's the new one with different color scheme and backgrounds/borders: Lastly (for now) here's one I just whipped up that I don't feel that good about...but it's a direction I'd like to explore more: Thoughts? I know the actual re-brand will likely alter things to a much greater degree...but I'm going to at least enter this into ESPN's contest. Just don't know which one yet.
  5. LOVE the half moon. I'd steal it and add it to my concept if I was a jerk like that. Going to add this to ESPN's contest?
  6. When you finally hit 2 kilometers...your egg is hatching...and it's...IT'S.........Rattata. #PokemonGo

  7. Hour long bike trail through forest catching #PokemonGO with horse flies attacking me @ every Pokestop got me like

  8. Re-watching #BB12. The Brigade alliance isn't as elite as I remembered. They just got...lucky a lot. Terrible competitors. Enzo, man. Dang.

  9. RT @TheVertical: .@KrisDunn3 joined @TheVertical's draft show after being picked fifth by the Timberwolves.

  10. RT @BleacherReport: Imagine if the team with the worst record actually got the No. 1 pick

  11. RT @NA_Colosimo: 334pts, 102 3's. This update is incredible #BreakTheGame

  12. RT @Vikings: The 2016 #Vikings draft class ??

  13. RT @nfldraftscout: 2017 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Miller's Way-Too-Early Predictions via @bleacherreport

  14. RT @Entrepreneur: Why is it that everyone has some big and amazing dream but so few actually make their dream a reality?…

  15. @nfldraftscout What's your biggest regret ranking and the one you're most proud of hitting, Matt?

  16. RT @CreativeBloq: 27 graphic designers to follow on Instagram:

  17. @MatthewCNagel People assumed since CP was so smart in school that it'd translate 2 football. Wentz is "football" smart through and through

  18. Sounds like it's down to 4 candidates, fellow #TWolves fans! Who do you want as our next HC?

  19. Also referring to TMZ rant about how partying is still A-OK.

  20. Shabazz GOING AT IT in the second quarter of the #TWolves OT win over the #Warriors. ?❤️???…

  21. RT @HamillHimself: Cuddling adorable Lupita-who's seeking a little fatherly advice(as Oscar kindly provides bunny ears) #PhotoBomberPoe htt…

  22. Hey, Nintendo just came out with their 1st app. All is well. Life just wouldn't feel right if they weren't always 5 years behind the beat. ?

  23. RT @MoveTheSticks: Friendly reminder Mock Draft = ? Top 50 = ?

  24. #Peeps's what's for breakfast. #DoomedPeep