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  1. 5. Today's Design is based off the the Channel named CinemaSins. The channel was started and ran by a man named Jeremy Scott who reviews moves in a comedic way. One of the best parts of the videos is that he uses to count all of the falts with the movie. And some of the reasons he sins a movies are hysterical. He also as a second channel where he reviews movies in a more serous matter. Lastly he wrote a book called the Ables and, it is about a boy that finds out he has super powers but he is also blind, it was a good book to read through. (The Numbers are the jerseys represent the amount of subscribers they have in millions) Home-Black- Designed after the main CinemaSins Logo Away-White- White version of home jersey Alt-Blue- Version of home that uses the 2nd channel's logo Alt-Green- Based after the book Jeremy wrote titles "The Ables"
  2. 4. Today's concept is for Markiplier, one of the more popular content produces of YouTube. He plays all kinds of games but my favorite game he plays is Five nights at Freddie's. He reactions are priceless and make these videos of a horror game a lot of fun. (The Numbers are the jerseys represent the amount of subscribers they have in millions) Home-Black- Designed after Markiplier's Logo Away-Blue- White version of home jersey Alt-Green/Pink- Version of home that is half black and half white Alt-Red- The final version is based off of his YouTube profile picture
  3. 3. The 3rd set of uniforms I created was for the daily show, Good Mythical Morning, hosted by Rhett and Link. On this show that is posted every Monday-Friday, Rhett and Link do various activities that are fun and courageous. Their most popular episodes are titled "Will it ____" and they are based around mixing different types of food and trying to eat inedible items. Over all the channel is very fun and watching their videos great way to start your day before you go to work or school. (The Numbers are the jerseys represent the amount of subscribers they have in millions) Home-Orange- Orange jersey designed after the main GMM logo shirt Away-White- White version of home jersey Alt-Light Blue- Version of home with a light blue base Alt-Green- This Uniform is based on their original channel titled Rhett and Link
  4. 2. Next up is Romanatwood Vlogs by Roman Atwood. I watch his vlogs for the exciting activities he does with guns, fireworks, and explosives. Making daily appearances in his vlogs are his girlfriend Brittney, and his sons Noah and Kane. He even has a lot of other famous youtubers on his vlogs as well. Roman owns a company named Smile More that sells clothing with the simple smile more logo on it and this is the inspiration for these simple jerseys. (The Numbers are the jerseys represent the amount of subscribers they have in millions) Home-Black- Very Simple design based off of Smile more Shirts Away-Red- **** Alt-Blue- **** Alt-Pink- ****
  5. First up is my favorite YouTubers of all time and they are the crew of Funhaus. They are Adam, Bruce, James, Lawrence, Elyse, Matt Peake,and Omar. They play GTA 5 ,garbage games, get drunk while play games, host the Dude Soup Podcast and their most famous show Demo disk. (The Numbers are the jerseys represent the amount of subscribers they have in millions) Home-Black- This jersey uses the original Funhaus logo and colors Away-White- A white version of the original Funhaus jersey Alt-Black- This is based on the Funhaus pornhub replica tee-shirt and it features a different shade of orange that I call "pornhub orange" Alt-Blue- the last jersey is from their podcast titled dude soup and the jersey even features a can of dude soup on it
  6. Youtube Hockey League This is a series I want to start and it will feature various hockey uniforms of my favorite Youtubers. My Goal is to do 31 sets of uniforms (31 Youtubers) because the NHL will have 31 teams in 2017-18 season. Feedback is Appreciated. -Thanks
  7. Final Springfield Thunderbirds Concept
  8. Update: Home-White (Added electric blue center stripe) Away-Red (Added yellow sleeve stripes and added electric blue center stripe ) Electric Blue-Alt (Added red center stripe) Navy Blue-Alt (Formally yellow jersey)
  9. Update: Home-Blue (Added Red) Away-White (Added Red) Red-Alt (Added Blue) Yellow-Alt (Added Red Jersey Ties) When I added Red they looked McDonald's Sponsored Jerseys
  10. Update: Home-Blue Away-White (Changed Stripes from Red/Blue to Yellow/Navy Blue) ( And Numbers from Red/Blue to Blue/Navy Blue) Red-Alt (Changed striping from Blue to Navy Blue) Yellow-Alt
  11. And here is a second version where the Penguins keep the Vegas Gold on their uniforms
  12. Fixing The Pittsburgh Penguins Modernizing their current alternate jerseys and adding a white version Black-Home White-Away
  13. Springfield Thunderbirds The Florida Panthers new AHL farm club has been announced as the Springfield Thunderbirds. And keeping with the style of farm clubs taking the template of the parent club, I have based the Thunderbirds Uniforms on the new unveiled Florida Panthers Uniforms. White-Home Red-Away Yellow/Blue-Alt.