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  1. I think the Rams also have an "All-In" type attitude in their entire organization. They hired the youngest head coach in history, they trade draft picks for top end talent, they signed players to huge contracts, they traded away their QB. They have been kind of living on the edge and doing risky things for the past 5 years. Something tells me they knew they could just put out a slight variation of the classic and almost perfect look -- but they didn't think going safe would fit with what their ethos is right now. I can't stand what they did with the rebrand, especially the helmets, but I can't blame them for risking it if that was their thought process.
  2. It's all relative. The new helmets are good, probably top 10-12 in the NFL. The problem being that they replaced an iconic Top 5 helmet in the NFL. A $50 bill is nice to have in your pocket, but I wouldn't throw out a $100 bill so that I could carry one.
  3. Absolutely agree. There is too much royal going on now. The new helmet looks much better with the bone jerseys. Give me the darker helmet every day of the week.
  4. Props for owning up to the fresh and clean jab. I respect that.
  5. They'll have their own. Demhoff even mentioned that the Rams will use both new logos at midfield throughout the year.
  6. delete please i suck at embedding things.
  7. Nintendos and skateboards were made for kids. Football uniforms and long term design decisions shouldn't be.
  8. But they're so fresh and so clean. Am I doing this right?
  9. For this upcoming year yes, but they have two new sets coming out over the next two years. I would think that they would be open to playing around with combos after this year as well.
  10. I dig it. Would still prefer a White Jersey with Yellow Pants like their pretty much perfect classic away set. They really should just pull a Cowboys or LSU and wear these Home and Away.
  11. I don't hate it either, but it will look much worse in real life because of the highlighter shade of yellow that they chose. It would also look better with white pants.
  12. They did budge a little on the throwbacks. https://www.espn.com/blog/los-angeles-rams/post/_/id/38698/the-rams-will-go-throwbacks-full-time-this-season I'm curious how the 5-year rule will work for these two jerseys the next couple of years. Do they all have their own 5-year clock?
  13. Has there any sort of history of a team releasing a new uniform multiple years in a row? I really think that it was too late to make any changes to the set that they put out after the logo backlash, but they were able to work a deal out with the NFL to allow them to release new ones over the next few years. I think that is why there was such a delay.
  14. The Rams' beat writers for The Athletic had a podcast about the uniform release. They mentioned that they got the sense that they are listening to fans reaction to the new uniforms and that will influence what they do going forward. They said with some confidence that they doubt the gradients will last, even saying they may last only 1 or 2 years. Maybe a numeral revision à la the Titans would be allowable within the NFL rules? My guess would be that the next two they put out will be much more traditional and could really just overtake the ones they put out this year.
  15. It seems like Colorado State paints theirs on. The only reason I can think of would be they want the option to change the colors of the horns when wearing throwbacks.
  16. Do Deleware and Michigan have the wings as part of the paint or is it a decal? It seems that they are painted, and that leads me to wonder why the Rams haven't gone that way with the horns.
  17. I get what you're saying, but Nike even admitted the mistake, and said they will correct it. https://lakersnation.com/lakers-will-revisit-color-of-gold-nike-icon-jersey-amid-fan-complaints/2019/11/29/ I also loved the mismatching blues, but it makes sense to match them and I can dig it. I will be curious to see how it looks on the field. The changes to the horns on the helmet are the one aspect of the redesign that I just can't get past. They could have changed the finish, changed the color, and played with the thickness of the horn, but the segmentation and lack of curl ruined an iconic helmet. Here are one, two, three takes on the iconic helmet that would have accomplished both the traditional and progressive goals. The fact of the matter is, the Rams' brass had to know the day the LA logo got leaked that the entire rebranding was going to go over like a lead balloon. The new horn design was the centerpiece of the entire design (logos, helmets/uniforms), and they botched it. Demoff said in an article that they felt like they needed to match their progressive stadium with a progressive new look. To me, that's an extremely short sighted view of things. That stadium will be outdated in 10 years, your brand is going to continue on much longer than that.
  18. They came close to the correct colors. To me, they are much to bright, especially the yellow. I feel like it's a Lakers' Gold Pt. 2. Seems like that's Nike style. Highlighter bold and bright colors to make you notice them. I find it off-putting.
  19. I personally think they are on par with the Bucs for worst ever.
  20. Of course both would be better, but if they really just wanted to change it up as a sign of a new era, one or other would have sufficed and made the final product much better.
  21. They needed to either be solid or curl at the end. The segmentation and the lack of curl combination really screwed the pooch.
  22. This makes zero sense to me, why am I liking this more? I hate everything about gradients.
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