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  1. do you see the flames doing the same?
  2. CHL’s 2019-20 CCM QuickLite Uniforms
  3. Flames1fan

    MLS 2022

    picture not showing up
  4. does that mean we will see a white retro jersey?
  5. mypick Arsenal, that still a good kit. remind of this
  6. who ur pick for best kits in the premier league this season. Also there talks nike might be liverpool new kit makers, hope they done mess them up.
  7. Yes but compared to the other brands it looks like nike didnt in put time into like the other big brands
  8. Yes but look what Adidas did with Arsenal this season, Nike look they only have 3 teams in the premier league they make kits for. See what they done with the Hotspurs home kit. Look at brighton and hove albion kit. it the same kit from two season ago with a few changes. Who do you think have best kits in the premier league this season. I would say Arsenal.
  9. nike have one of the worst design out of all kit makers in the premier league.
  10. Lol fits fans better but have okay design. Look at man city kits they look the same every year.