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  1. Thanks! I added that in last minute, right before I finished the logo.
  2. Lol fair enough.. I liked the Jets logo that they used from 91-96... I own both a home and road of that jersey... Thanks for the compliment.
  3. Great work on all of them!!! I love the faux Petes.
  4. Changed the gray on the hat to match the gray on the beard... The first logo I posted was a bit off... Now you can see the upside down whale tail in the hat a bit better. I'm going to change the word mark soon.
  5. Thank you and yes I also liked the islanders fisherman logo (better then their original). As far as the burger king, it was sloppy to me and could have been better. You can use my logo on jerseys as long as you link me and give me credit but don't do it yet, when I get home later I'm reposting it with a gray on the hat to match the gray on his beard.. I had just realized I used a tad bit lighter gray on his hat then I did on the beard and so I'm gonna change it up today and repost it... Once I do I will contact you and you can use it!
  6. Thanks my friend! Yes I prefer the green for this logo over the blue.
  7. Yes I like the green better... Its a nod to the original uniforms although I did like the blue green and gray whalers jersey much better but for this logo I liked the green over blue.
  8. Thank you! Yes I agree the old logo is a classic and I would hope they would use it unlike the awful current Winnipeg Jets logo which I loath lol.
  9. I will do a blue version to compare but I like the green better and thank you!
  10. Good idea, Thanks for the complement! I will try to add some blue tomorrow and see how it comes.
  11. Yes that's very true I never thought of that... And that's not a wolf it's an arctic fox LOL I figured I wanted to go somewhere different with it instead of using the wolf or a husky.
  12. Thank you! And yes I agree the wordmark isn't great, I'm going to create a much better one soon and repost it. I will also do some jerseys as well.
  13. To be honest I wanted to post the logo and had the wordmark laying around so I figured I would post it with the whaler. I do however plan on making a new wordmark to go with this.
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