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  1. Thanks.. I should have it done in a few days.. I've been busy the past few days but it will be coming soon.
  2. He's squinting his eyes he's not blind lol. I'm not changing it up, its staying as is... Its eyes are closed while its hissing. No need to insult it.
  3. Yes it is! I'm excited to continue this thread... I have more coming soon. He is squinting his eyes
  4. Looks great man! I love the whalers original logo on the shoulder too.
  5. Thanks! I added that in last minute, right before I finished the logo.
  6. Lol fair enough.. I liked the Jets logo that they used from 91-96... I own both a home and road of that jersey... Thanks for the compliment.
  7. Thanks a lot! I have more to come... The Richmond Robins, New Haven Senators, Kentucky Thoroughblades, and Cornwall Aces are next.