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  1. I love the use of the secondary logo on Calgary's pants. Looks great with the yellow sitting on the edge. Great detail.
  2. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but here's my two cents: As much as I like this concept as a whole, the striping pattern is a recolouring of the Penguins' current home/road set. Like I said, I do like it, but it would be kind of strange to see the Caps switch over to the Pens' template. Good work though, great balance of colour. The only change I would make would be to change the colour of the sleeve striping so the portion by the cuff is red to match the hem.
  3. I made a version using it actually, the only thing I was torn about was using white or vintage white for the road jersey. I'll track them down and post.
  4. Up last we have the Quad City Mallards. Pretty straight forward. I love their set of logos and their colour scheme. I think darker greens are underused in hockey. If there are any other requests, let me know. If not, I'll take a break for a bit and build up some new concepts before starting up a new thread.
  5. Here are the newly announced Evansville Jacksonville IceMen. I stuck with the old word mark from the Evansville iteration, but changed the city name. After this I only have to upload the Mallards then the series is finished. I put some shoulder patches on the home/away, it might look a bit cluttered with the yoke striping.
  6. I agree and I did try to pick out a new colour, that's often where I get hung up on concepts. I just lack that skill in general I think. If you look closely I actually made a mistake and left the shade of blue I was going to use on the pant stripe of the fauxback. It's quite a bit brighter. Thank you! I actually started out with the alternate before I moved on to the rest of the set. I agree about their primary, I am a fan of it as well, but I wanted to put something out for each team.
  7. The Toledo Walleye have two of my favourite jerseys in the ECHL. However, while I like the Walleye's home and away jerseys separately, as a full set, they don't go together too well. I put together a home/away set based off of what they wore previously, with a chest stripe alternate with the roundel (even though I just said I thought there were too many jerseys like that) and a larger striped fauxback version of the home.
  8. Thanks. I tried not to clutter them up with all the different colours, but I agree the balance between the logos and the jerseys is off.
  9. The Orlando Solar Bears have a bright colour scheme. I'm a fan of their home/away set with the chest stripe and the roundel logo, but I thought I used too many chest stripe/roundel combos for this series, so I moved the chest stripe to the hem and the arms. Went with a solid purple home set and a blue alternate. The alternate has the same striping pattern but with the cuff and bottom of the hem filled in, giving a 90s look, which I think matches the colour scheme.
  10. Sorry for the long delay...again. Things keep popping up here and there as I try to finish off the series. Here's the Florida Everblades with the remaining teams to follow over the next few days. I tried to give them a clean look with an even balance of their colours. The alternate is based off their current diagonal alternates.
  11. Easiest way to add teal to the more conventional jersey was to change the colour of the interior stripe. That's what I did here. The honeycomb and alternate are going to take a bit more tinkering.
  12. Still have a few teams to finish for the current ECHL, but I managed to put together two sets for the Bees. The first is the more standard of the two, with a unique chest/arm stripe. The fauxback alternate uses the diagonal word mark with a two-tone colour scheme. The second set is a little more out there, using a honeycomb pattern as the chest stripe. I didn't carry the honeycomb onto the sleeves because I thought it looked too cluttered. Personally, I'm a bit fan of the honeycomb stripe, but that's just me. Let me know what you think!
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