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  1. Option A First I thought B was better, but A fits for representing a sports team over B, which would be more suited for a graphic novel. I’m not really feeling the cartoony look of your “ship monster” for lack of a better term. You’ve proven that you are more than able to make quality content, so I really think he needs to me more menacing and you could pull it off obviously. It’s all a matter of you choosing to do so. He (the ship monster) needs meaner eyes and losing the horns was a bad choice. Again, just my 2 cents. Your Viking is great and whichever one you pick, I respectfully say you shouldn’t mess with him anymore.
  2. These are all so clean and well done. There’s really nothing else to say but this is how it’s done if you want teams to have their own styles, yet keep it professional.
  3. ****I didn't realize that your primary logo had a grey outline in it, so disregard my notion of having "a black outline" With that said, here are my recommendations: A - Original Image B - This is what I was talking about when I mentioned straightening up the pole for the flag. What I really meant was to have the pole look more natural. In the original, it seems to awkwardly shoot straight out. In this picture (B) I tried to follow the natural curve from the flag. Something like this, I'm sure you would agree, makes it look better. C - I switched everything to the colors from your Viking-head Primary logo. D - Addition recommended changes. The reason I recommend this is to have the Primary and Secondary logos have a similar color balance so they look like they belong to the same logo set. (Will post comparison pictures) E - I highlighted these additional changed from (D) 1 - Remove this shape. 2 - Change from grey to black. 3 - Change from white to grey. 4 - Change from blue to grey - - - - - A - Your Primary with the original Secondary. B - Primary and Secondary color-matched and recommended changes. Like I mentioned above, my idea was to give both logos an even amount of the same colors with as little changes as possible, not just to swap colors for the sake of it. - - - - - Remember, these are just recommendations, so do with them what you will. One last thing is in my opinion and based on me going through and messing around with stuff........the best color scheme would be: Original Dark Blue Original Light Blue Your version of Grey (maybe just a tad shade lighter...) ...along with the obvious black and white unchanged. The best bet would be to try all the different color combos and find what looks best.
  4. I figured since the logo doesn’t directly include sports I would put this here and get some feedback... A few buddies of mine located here in the suburbs of New Jersey started a podcast and mentioned that they would be interested in changing / upgrading their logo. The name of the podcast is Talk of the City. I haven’t exactly listened to a whole lot of their stuff but I know they mostly talk Philly sports, music, beer. Basically a variety of topics. Onto the progression of my concept, but first I do have a disclaimer: The images used in my work-in-progress version(s) come from a site called www.thenounproject.com They are not officially licensed to me as of yet. They are strictly being used by me for conceptual purposes at this moment and I take no credit with the actual creation of any specific design. I only take credit for minor tweaks, resizing, positioning etc... so I hope that’s clear. If I do go forward with using any of the items for their official logo, I will take the proper steps in the copyright process. —————— Okay with that out of the way let’s start with their current logo: (I’m pretty sure they’re going to want to stick with the colors, so that’s not something I’m going to change.) —————— My concept 01 - With Headphones —————— My concept 02 - Without Headphones