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  1. Really like this, but I think he’s just a tad bit too orange-y. I think a couple shades darker would be better. I don’t think you have any issues with the fur, only that his arms / hands could use some of the same fur-type effect that you put into the legs and face. I’d personally say you’re 95% of the way there so please don’t mess with it too much.
  2. Option 01 is my pick. I think it’s a very nice start nice but needs to be stretched vertically, looks like it is being pressed down by something.
  3. Edited to create a totally different layout. Was hoping for some feedback but I know things are crazy for literally everyone right now.
  4. I made my own template for the very first time ( A TON of trial and error). I always believe that a team's identity lives in it's primary logo. One of my goals is to have uniform sets that compliment and use aspects of the logo in order to create a uniform that makes sense. As you will see in my following posts, I will place the teams current jerseys at the top, and my designs underneath. Pretty straightforward. ***For now I will just be doing Home and Away versions because the possibilities are endless for Alternates, so I chose to focus on just two jerseys per team at this time. I will try to adhere to the one pants color / style but that may change. I'm avoiding doing shoulder logos for now until I really get the ball rolling on this concept. -------------------------------------------- BOSTON BRUINS I know most everybody thinks of the Bruins uniform setup as perfect, but I see it as something that personally could be executed better. Not saying that I will accomplish this, but I'll try. 1 - Thickened the logo overall and replaced the black "B" with a gold one. (Both choices where not something I felt was necessary in the grand scheme of this, but I wanted to add a little bit more of a modern feel to my Bruins concept.) 2 - For the striping, I wanted to follow the actual striping and color pattern that is found in the logo, so I made the sleeve and sock stripes the same thickness as in the logo, along with making the stripe yellow with the black trim followed by white. 3 - The thick black collar followed by the gold is meant to mimic the black circle followed by the gold trim on the outside of the logo. 4 - Added the gold stripe at the bottom of the jersey for color balance. -------------------------------------------- WINNIPEG JETS 1 - Overhauled the primary logo and team's colors. I wanted a darker blue to try and bring out the bright blue (left the same). 2 - I'm sure there is significance to the double-strips on the current Jet's uniforms, but in order to follow along with the primary logo, I changed things up. 2A - Not sure if this set seems a little bottom heavy? Especially on the home uniforms... -------------------------------------------- OTTAWA SENATORS 1 - Switch from the current primary logo to: "(Alternate Logo 2007/08 - Pres)" as the primary. 2 - New shades of Red and "Gold". 3 - Used a darker shade of red on the Home Jersey, with the brighter red from the logo acting as an accent along with the gold.
  5. Just being nit-picky here, but the feet take this down a notch for me. I understand them being big to go with the caricature vibe of this concept... However his right foot is all kinds of messed up and the left one is twisted inward a bit much. Again, I really had to look hard to try and find something worth critiquing on this. Everything else is top-notch.
  6. I think you should put the details back in the ufo. The windows or ridges, whatever you want to call them. And the beam needs to be longer like the original. Not sure why you shortened it? If you want to put the dark green back, may I suggest you play around more with what pieces you select as dark green, and which you select as bright green. The original attempt doesn’t come off as symmetrical. You have a nice solid concept here but it may be suffering from you overthinking certain aspects. Just try different variations of color combos and put them here if you want is to help decide for you.
  7. For the head, I think you should remove the lines under the eyes. They distract me and I feel they are unnecessary. For the ufo light beam, I’d say do it in steps. Start by making a solid beam come down then add a text “M” in there. Shape and conform that how you like, and then add pine tree elements after that so that you can find good placement. Lastly, I don’t think you need the dark green color, the bright green is all that’s needed IMO.
  8. I like the actual color combo of the red and pewter but for this particular concept I prefer the orange and pewter. However I would like it more if that combo used the flag logo on the helmet and if you gave the pewter a metallic look. Maybe try adding a noise filter to the helmet, and doing the same (but scale the filter back) for the other aspects of the uniform and wordmarks etc... just a suggestion...
  9. I’m a little late to the party for Washington but... I like the logo, however I think the design would benefit from having the helmet without it. When it’s placed on there, it just seems to be lacking something and I actually think the uniform would be pretty sharp without it. I think it would take away the idea that you’re trying to “replace” a very controversial logo, yet push the team identity in the right direction. Just my opinion.
  10. I love this but for me personally, I'd like to see the designs with the colors you decided to use AND also the current teams colors (Cardinals colors for Arizona / Falcons colors for Atlanta etc...). Just for comparison and familiarity.
  11. This is amazing. I do however think you should play around with adding some orange to "KNICKS" in the primary logo. It's a little too white-washed IMO. and either make "NEW YORK" bolder but keep the blue, or see how making it orange would look.
  12. Really nice, but... I think the cream could be a few shades lighter, and/or have the presentation’s background color behind the jerseys be plain white. I think the curved font works really good on the front, just not for the names on the back.