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  1. Really nice, but... I think the cream could be a few shades lighter, and/or have the presentation’s background color behind the jerseys be plain white. I think the curved font works really good on the front, just not for the names on the back.
  2. I actually think if you put “PHILLY” straight across in a rectangle like the nameplate that say “FLYERS” on the back, it would look nicer and take it a little but further away from the recent Stadium series simillarity. Just my opinion. Overall it’s nothing crazy but I’m sure it would sell. I’d use the bell logo on the pants too.
  3. I hate to be the one to say it, but holy cow! This is information overload. You’re very ambitious, but how can people give you C&C when you’re just pumping out your ideas left and right? You don’t really have a theme going except taking all different sports teams and turning them over to football uniforms, but at the same time you’re changing existing teams... Your work is getting better, but it’s just way too much to take in and analyze all at once. I think you should do 1 at a time....even though 2 or 3 would be okay, but I guess it’s too late for that now. Just for future reference, take it slow because this isn’t a race. Even if you complete all of your ideas on your PC, or whatever you use...just give everyone some time to check out each batch and give yourself some time to maybe walk away and come back to them. Having a fresh look after a day or so will maybe help you decide what should stay or go. I hope I didn’t come off as belittling or mean because I honestly think that others may have the same feeling as me, it’s really just my gut reaction after seeing you post so much. It’s not that you don’t have good ideas, it’s the rapid-fire approach that may be turning some people away from offering more of their comments.
  4. I think Columbus got better, but I personally feel like it could do without the cannon. But then it makes me think that they would get confused with Montreal, unless you have something different planned for them? Also, what is the significance of the multi-colored circle for Chicago? I have no idea what it represents so that makes me think it could look better if removed. Then again, any clarification may sway my opinion towards keeping it... Besides that, these are awesome and the card presentation is a perfect way to showcase these. Can’t wait to see the entire set!!!
  5. Overall I love the idea. However I'd like to be a little picky here: - The top left point really bothers me, I don't think it's necessary at all IMO. - The dark red point on the downward slope of the "N" I feel should be either shorter, or connect with the black line. - The dark red flowing from the length of the tail, to the tip seems to be a tad bit off, right where it meets the black line of the circle. I say either remove the dark red from the tip, or make the dark red thicker where it just starts that final curve into the tip...
  6. This is amazing, just some minor tweaks for me: The whole logo looks italicized and comes off as crooked. I’d straighten it out. Either thicken the white and grey outlines around the logo to closer match the size of the arm and waist stripes, or vice/versa (make the arm and waist stripes thinner to match the logo)
  7. Need more of these please and thank you. The presentation is terrific.
  8. Adjusting the ears made a huge difference. I’m glad you took the time to explain why you are sticking with your other decisions and I can’t find anything else to critique. I would personally call this project a success at this point.
  9. Outstanding progress. The overall image is really great but here are some small things I think would progress it even further : - Make the ears a tad smaller. I know someone else mentioned it and you countered it, but if the ears are bigger it gives off the vibe of it being a cub. If you shrink the ears, it becomes more adult looking. So whichever one you’re going for should be represented by the ears. - Try both options of (1) Removing the line connecting the mouth. (2) Have the mouth connect on both sides. I personally think the half-and-half doesn’t look good. - Remove the small white piece on the nose. - Make the darker grey a little light for more contrast (also previously mentioned)
  10. I would personally go with the top one. I don’t think white is needed other than the away, but that’s just me. My favorite Browns concept I’ve ever seen
  11. Following on icethetics since I don’t use Twitter. Excited for this!
  12. The first impression that i get is that it looks royal. I like that about it, and the silhouette is on the right path in my opinion... However...I feel like there is something odd that seems to be throwing the whole image off. It’s like I can see a lion, then a bull, then I see sort of a demon. I don’t know if it’s the facial features, or the negative space, or both...something just feels off. For starters I think if you’re going for a lion, the mane should be carried throughout the top of the head. Right now it looks like it’s got some kind of mullet going on that takes away from it looking completely like a lion...
  13. How about if you use the “U” for the “A” by turning it upside down and obviously adding a line to make it an A. It seems like currently the U is wider and makes the A seem off because it is more narrow. Or do vice-versa by flipping the A and removing the line to create the U. Not a drastic change, but it might make it seem more balanced.
  14. Can we get a collage of all these when it's all finished somehow? I was upset you weren't posting for a while but you came back and didn't skip a beat!