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  1. Outstanding progress. The overall image is really great but here are some small things I think would progress it even further : - Make the ears a tad smaller. I know someone else mentioned it and you countered it, but if the ears are bigger it gives off the vibe of it being a cub. If you shrink the ears, it becomes more adult looking. So whichever one you’re going for should be represented by the ears. - Try both options of (1) Removing the line connecting the mouth. (2) Have the mouth connect on both sides. I personally think the half-and-half doesn’t look good. - Remove the small white piece on the nose. - Make the darker grey a little light for more contrast (also previously mentioned)
  2. I would personally go with the top one. I don’t think white is needed other than the away, but that’s just me. My favorite Browns concept I’ve ever seen
  3. Following on icethetics since I don’t use Twitter. Excited for this!
  4. The first impression that i get is that it looks royal. I like that about it, and the silhouette is on the right path in my opinion... However...I feel like there is something odd that seems to be throwing the whole image off. It’s like I can see a lion, then a bull, then I see sort of a demon. I don’t know if it’s the facial features, or the negative space, or both...something just feels off. For starters I think if you’re going for a lion, the mane should be carried throughout the top of the head. Right now it looks like it’s got some kind of mullet going on that takes away from it looking completely like a lion...
  5. How about if you use the “U” for the “A” by turning it upside down and obviously adding a line to make it an A. It seems like currently the U is wider and makes the A seem off because it is more narrow. Or do vice-versa by flipping the A and removing the line to create the U. Not a drastic change, but it might make it seem more balanced.
  6. Can we get a collage of all these when it's all finished somehow? I was upset you weren't posting for a while but you came back and didn't skip a beat!
  7. First and foremost, I strongly believe the logo needs to be raised way up on the jersey, close to being aligned with the numbers. I also think that in order for this project to work, you should start with the teams current colors, and when you feel satisfied, switch to purple and yellow. Right now, the brightness of the colors is taking center stage to the whole project, and I think most of us could agree that the logo is a really great starting point and you're on to something here so let's focus on that aspect first. With that said...I really enjoy the "LA" shield logo, along with the silhouette of the crown. I do agree with others that it feels too simple, but not by much. Hopefully you won't get too drastic with changes because I have a feeling that the more subtle the changes are, the better the outcome will be. I do feel that the point at the bottom seems unnecessary because it kind of drags your eyes to the bottom of the logo. Maybe make the black outline of that point be less prominent for starters? It may look better after that, not sure.
  8. I also prefer the blue yoke right there with you. I do however feel ike the "Weagle" needs a thicker white outline around it for the dark jerseys.
  9. i like the right, he looks more like he's not to be messed with!!! The left, in my opinion is like he's telling someone to stop right where they are. But it's ultimately your decision.
  10. The Orlando Dragons is by far my favorite!!!
  11. Yes, exactly what I had in mind. I still don't like the football logo's left hand though. I feel like it the palm should be facing away and we should see the back of the hand instead. Something like the picture I'm adding. BUT.... keep your guy's arm outstretched the way it already is, don't change that: Other than that, these are really cool and I love all the different variations!
  12. I think the football and hockey logos need some fine-tuning. For the football guy: - I think the white patch between the arm holding the football and the chest/body should be turned into a white outline so there is a jersey colored space in-between. - Overall I like the design, but I think he should be leaning forward in an aggressive manner. Right now he just seems to be casually walking with a football instead of getting ready to stiff-arm a defender. The hockey guy: - Same as with the football one regarding the over-abundance of white on the left side, turn the white patches into even outlines. - I feel the right shoulder doesn't mimic the yellow logo used as the source material. Notice on that one how the shoulder is separated from the head, I think you need to do that with your version. Create some kind of gap there because the shoulder looks way out of place to me.
  13. I love this. You were going for white and green in the dark jersey right? Well whatever image effects you're using make the white look like a really light silver, and I'd have to say that I actually like that sooooo much better than if it was just white. It would give them a fresh upgrade in my opinion. Definitely that new green, and a light silver would be perfect for the Jets to make a statement that they're ready to be a relevant team in the league.