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  1. Quick crude mock-up I did just to see what it would like if elements from the 98-18 logo combined with elements of the supposed new logo.
  2. Had they put this in the new football shape with the new football underneath it would have been a really solid evolution.
  3. The new outside shape is an improvement so is the inside football but the Jets word mark and off centered New York is terrible. Should have kept all the lettering the same as it was. Very disappointed.
  4. Exactly one month away from release. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/jets-new-uniforms-4-4
  5. I feel your pain. I would have been very happy if they just switched to kelly green, fixed the shoulder stripes, and tweaked the logo so the outside oval went back to a football shape like it was in the 60's and make the inside football look more like an NFL football and not a rugby ball. But this is the Jets we are talking about so I have a very bad feeling about the both the new logo and uniforms.
  6. Take a look at the book on the desk. Could be the new color and logo?
  7. Take a look at the book on the desk. Could be the new color and logo?
  8. Apparently it won two day time emmy's. It was a Saturday kids cartoon.
  9. They used it for the in game graphics. He was an animated character that said stuff like "Let's Go Jets" and "Defense." I don't think it even made it through an entire season. I remember they also used it as a tie in for their Generation Jets kids tv show on CBS which did not last long either.
  10. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/one-jets-drive-growing-pains-ep-14 "We want to be exciting, bold, forward thinking, embracing our fans embracing our players.” "It’s going to be a dramatic change." "Create something new for the Jets. Such a bold change." "I can’t imagine in my lifetime the Jets making a change anything like this." "Wow this is what the modern Jets brand is and it feels right for today." Based on some of the things said in this video I fear the Jets uniform change is going to be in the same category as the Bucs and Titans. Maybe I shouldn't have complained so much about the cut off stripes or the baby poop green.
  11. Is it the 80's uniforms or something entirely different?
  12. The color is green, the green is lighter and the logo on the chest is the 60’s logo.
  13. Check out the fan in the bottom left. Could this be next year’s uniform? https://imgur.com/gallery/Cfa416y
  14. The color rush jersey color is the same exact kelly green color worn from 1980-1997
  15. These were my favorite Jets socks. Would love to see them return.
  16. Cutting down the loop of the J so it's not as high up does make it look a little bit better.
  17. Also Jets in all white with white facemasks tonight. I do wish they would bring back the green capped socks with the white pants like the used to wear.
  18. I I agree. The current JETS wordmark looks like someone cropped off the top of the J to make it in line with the ETS. I think it looked 100 times better this way.
  19. The green came from the pine barrens where the Jersey Devil is said to roam and green for the Garden State which is New Jersey's official nickname.
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