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  1. 1 minute ago, Gothamite said:


    Good artists change, and the audience will follow.  Led Zeppelin III was practically a folk album, for crying out loud.  The Beatles of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band are a far cry from the bubblegum boys of their early days.  


    There is truth to this statement.



  2. 3 hours ago, the admiral said:


    Is that a yes or a no? 17,000 is about the low end of capacity for the NHL, minus the Winnipeg and Nassau outliers.


    Ah, shucks - I misread your original comment about that. At first I thought you meant a 17,000 NFL stadium, because apparently to my brain, that makes sense.


    17,000 NHL arena, yes. Couple parking garages in the vicinity and you could do it. Honestly, the convention center sort-of-kind-of looks like an NHL arena from the highway. I'll try to snag a picture from Google Earth or something. NFL stadium in the same plot? No.


    EDIT: Here's an ok view.



  3. 1 hour ago, the admiral said:

    I know Connecticut has one of the higher population densities in the country, but where is everyone? Where are the suburbs? It's like the whole state just is. (I say all this as someone who has argued as hard as anyone that a second New England team would have worked just fine with patience and creativity.)


    Do you think a 17,000-seat arena at the convention center/aborted stadium site would have worked? Assuming Connecticut had no delusions of poaching the Patriots and ownership had no real goal of moving to Michigan, is that something that could have gotten done? Would there have been enough space left over to have some other attractions? 


    Fairfield County and New Haven County. Bridgeport, Stamford, New Haven, Waterbury. Then you have some pretty big suburbs like Norwalk, New Britain, and Danbury that population-wise are "cities" but physically aren't, if that makes sense.


    As for a 17,000-seat arena, I don't see how that would fit where they put the current Convention Center to accommodate what they needed. I really don't. They would have had to expand closer to the river and that would have cut off one of the busiest areas of commuter traffic for however long it would have taken to build the stadium. NHL arena? Sure. They could have done it. And they wanted to for the Whalers in '97 before Karmanos moved them. For an NFL franchise, the smartest move would have been a stadium on the outskirts, like they did for UConn's football stadium in East Hartford. It's exactly like Foxboro. Nothing, just houses, and then BAM - NFL stadium.


    As much as its enjoyable to poke fun at Hartford, they're doing things the right way right now by slowly developing the areas around the city and working their way in. They've completely revitalized Dillon Stadium on the south side of the city for the Hartford Athletic soccer team, and Dunkin' Donuts Park for the Yard Goats in the north end is beautiful. They're doing what they should have done for years - build up the minor leagues teams because it is a minor league city. Now, if the Wolf Pack could actually draw a crowd, they might be able to fix up the XL Center a bit...

  4. On 4/27/2020 at 1:28 PM, the admiral said:

    I found myself reading about that a few days ago because I was thinking about the Whalers and where they even could have built a new arena if they tried (joke's on us, they were never going to try). Hartford is a very strange city to me in that it seems to have the same "things just occurring for no specific reason" approach to city planning as a big southern city, but it's compressed into a tiny, New England-sized municipality (take one step to the left or right and you're in West Hartford or East Hartford, separate cities). End result is that it's really hard to look around and find a parcel of land that could fit a new arena, unless they tore the old Civic Center down and put the new one there. 



    The site for the Patriots was about as good as it was gonna get for Hartford, which was along the riverfront upon demolishing a power plant. Kraft made up some :censored:-and-bull story about the plant being too hard for the state to demolish for him as cover for staying in Mass, which was what he always wanted to do in the first place. The state ended up building a convention center on part of the parcel, though they've left the plant there, so now there's a nice new convention center next to a big ugly power plant, which again, place doesn't make a lot of sense to me.


    Yeah, Hartford is...peculiar. You might want to take a step over and be in West Hartford, but you don't want to take a step in the other direction and be in East Hartford. Also, separating the city from the Connecticut River by putting a giant highway between them might be one of the most ill-advised decisions in the history of the city. Luckily, they have plans to redo I-91, but knowing Hartford, it'll take 30 years before its finished. They could have done something in the northern end of the city where the Xfinity Center is right now ("The Meadows" for you locals) and is filled with nothing but their original convention centers and some car dealerships. Redoing something in the XL Center's footprint though might not work. It's congested down there. 


    The convention center is a nice building, but would have been odd to have an NFL franchise play right there. They also had plans for all parking to be in parking garages in the area of the new stadium, which means, IIRC, no open flames..which means no tailgating. I don't know how that works. Even crazier is the fact that the city was willing to spend between $150 million and $200 million for an NFL franchise in the early-to-mid 1990's (but couldn't give much money to the Whalers because reasons), and their effort with the Patriots in the late 90's was their third attempt at luring the NFL to Hartford. They tried to lure the Pats in maybe 1991 or 1992 and then a few years later...




    Heck, Walter Peyton, Paul Newman, and Tom Selleck lobbied for Hartford!

  5. Since 2014, the Patriots have had some impressive 4th round selections:


    Bryan Stork

    James White

    Trey Flowers

    Shaq Mason

    Malcolm Mitchell

    Jarrett Stidham (maybe)


    If they continue this trend, I'll be more than happy with the deal.

  6. Well. There goes another. I’m a little bummed Gronk chose to come out of retirement now versus last year when it seemed like every week he was teasing a comeback. Bill usually does well in the later rounds drafting, so hopefully this pick becomes something 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. I'm really hoping it's not red. While those are cool as a one-off every now and then, I feel like the Patriots have established themselves as a more "blue first" team with the color scheme. I don't know. I'm optimistic about the uniforms and cannot wait to buy an Archangel Stidham jersey, but hoping they don't get too crazy from their current scheme which, for all its faults, I really like.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Ferdinand Cesarano said:


    The word "frisbee" — more properly, "Frisbee" — is a trademark owned by Wham-O. 

    The world "ultimate" is short for the sport's full name "ultimate disc", as seen in the name of the AUDL.


    Furthermore, Wham-Os "frisbee" isn't used in really any form of organized ultimate, either.

  9. 10 minutes ago, kimball said:


    I always wondered that if they moved to Hartford would Boston of gotten another team? 


    Most likely not. Hartford was used merely as a negotiating tactic by Kraft with Foxboro. I don't believe there was any serious intention to move to Hartford, and considering the plans Hartford had in case they actually did, I'm glad they didn't. They would have moved back to the Boston area by 2004 or 2005 had it happened.

  10. The red uniforms need to stay as a one-off thing. They look great, but they also bring back way too many painful memories for true Patriots fans. The team was atrocious when they wore those things, which might be more reason for some people to want them back!


    For what it's worth, I'm hearing around these parts that the Patriots might have something close to their color rush uniform with the striping. White helmet and a different numbered font to match this updated front from a few years back:



  11. Tom had his moments of wear last season, but they were seldom. Honestly, anybody throwing around the word "washed up" clearly did not watch many Patriots games last year. I hate to play that card, because it makes me sound very pompous, but as someone who watched nearly every minute of Patriot football, Tom Brady is miles upon miles ahead of where Peyton was at this point in their careers.


    Rooting for Tom though. He should be able to do whatever the hell he wants to do. Stay in New England? Fun! Go to Tampa? That's fine too. I mean, I really don't have an "NFC team" but I guess the Bucs it is!