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  1. By the way, do people go to baseball games anymore baseball? I was at Fenway yesterday, and while I understand it was a meaningless game standings-wise, it seemed as if most people were entirely disconnected from the game. Plus, the extinction of basic fan etiquette at a baseball game is official. Yes, I am a little irritated you keep needing to get up for food during an at-bat.
  2. Fouts and Eagle ssssuuuucccckkkkkkkkk.
  3. So nice to see Adidas making up for some of the mistakes they made the first go-around. Good on them.
  4. The current Red Sox ownership has been the absolute best and absolute worst thing to ever happen to the franchise. Cant complain that much though. Won a title last season. Down year this year. Oh well. They’ll bounce back.
  5. That 4th quarter was the most Matt Patricia defensive play calling I’ve ever seen.
  6. Rap reporting AB signs with the Patriots.
  7. K. See you in two days.
  8. Chris Sale. Dear Lord.
  9. Have you ventured to Avalon Exchange on the Delmar Loop before? Scored a '96 Grant Hill All-Star jersey for $15 there about four years ago. Usually have a steady stream of 90's jerseys, Starter jackets, and REO Speedwagon concert tees!
  10. 27 relief pitchers have been dealt recently and none go to the Red Sox, whose bullpen is just below atrocious.
  11. I wouldn't consider a Redden Senators jersey bad. Now, a Redden Rangers jersey on the other hand...
  12. Half of that revenue for MiLB was from me in the Yard Goats team store.
  13. Well I'm just happy they're not springing for JR and King again this time around. Lesson learned.
  14. The Red Sox are doing way more damage to how foreigners view us than any fat American tourist.
  15. Not sure if it's been discussed (and don't know who beyond @andrewharrington plays ultimate why would it unless he brought it up?) but there is a Seattle Sockeye club ultimate team. Can only improve upon their choice of branding...
  16. I agree that many people are being conditioned to believe that "disagreement = insult" but it's not confined to youth or Boston for that matter. It's why friendly and honest political discussion of opposing sides doesn't and cannot exist anymore. Anyway, I am in no way a basketball fan, but if A.) "buying" championships is the way to win an NBA championship (which, IMO, was pretty much started by the Boston Celtics in 2008, don't try to tell me otherwise) and B.) the Pelicans actually got something for their superstar (unlike, say, the Miami Marlins getting rid of Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich for a couple of bags of peanuts and some tubesocks), then what is the problem? I feel like AFB is in his own one-man boat right now trying to defend a rather extraordinary point of view.
  17. There are "dip :censored:" fans on every team. I just think Boston's are more vocal than the dip :censored: fans of other cities. You've hit the nail on the head, though. Some of the most vocal of the dip fans are the ones on the radio. Dale Arnold is probably the saving grace when it comes to Boston area sports talk. Level-headed, smart, and not trying their damndest to play some sort of PG shock jock, which most of the morning and afternoon guys fall into. Another show, Mustard & Johnson is pretty good, but they're regulated to weekend duty only. I've said it before, but sports talk radio in itself just stinks. Danny Picard here is the king of ending everything with "WELL WE'LL JUST HAVE TO SEE HAPPENS NOW WON'T WE?!" Of course we will, because we don't play.
  18. No. And nobody especially listens to 98.5. There are like two or three radio people worth listening to in the Boston area. The rest are terrible at their jobs, but somehow employed (Callahan, Ordway, Picard, Mazz and Felger, etc.)
  19. First of all, congratulations to the Blues and their fans on here. I can't think of any Blues diehards here off the top of my head or else I'd tag ya, so enjoy the championship! Hell of a story from January to today. Just please don't burn down Seoul Taco on Delmar in your celebration. I love that place. I need that place. And of course, congratulations to the 99% here who could not stomach another Boston victory. Having the top three sports teams in your city (Celtics, ya'll know you're 4th and probably 5th behind the Revolution forchristsake) go to championships within like six months of each other is absurd and winning two of them means I have nothing to complain about; plus, I didn't even think the Bruins would get by the Maple Leafs so anything after the first round was just gravy. I wish the Bruins made more of a game out of it though. I don't think the Blues outplayed the Bruins, per say, but rather the Bruins had just the biggest case of "aw, shucks" I've ever seen whenever they made a mistake. The defense, however, played outstanding. Rask stepped up in a HUGE way this postseason and the entire defensive core was absolutely phenomenal. Krug, Chara, Carlo, are the reasons this team got where they got. It's a shame that the league sucks at marketing its players correctly and relies on goalies or OFFENSE!!!!!! in terms of popularity, because some of those guys should have been in Conn Smythe conversations had the Bruins squeaked out the victory here tonight. Also, very scary to think that the Bruins completely wasted three consecutive first round picks in a stacked 2015 draft...but still made it this far. (Yes, I am counting Jake DeBrusk as a waste, don't @ me. Bruins fans only love the concept of Jake DeBrusk and not the actual player.) I'm over Brad Marchand. His antics are old, tired, and if you're not scoring while being a pest then you're just Zac Rinaldo and nobody should aspire to be Zac Rinaldo. Not even Zac Rinaldo. Oh well. Bruins have a young team; hopefully they'll be back. If it spares us a "I'm never watching this sport until [Boston team] stops winning!!" only to be followed by a renewed interest four months later, then I'd say it's fair.
  20. This might be one of the sloppiest game sevens in playoff history. Just not good hockey to watch.
  21. Bruins are playing in the offensive zone like they’re protecting a one goal lead. Is Claude Julien coaching this team?
  22. Krug?! Really? The entire defense is the reason the Bruins came this far.