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  1. agreed. i love the shadowing used by the light and dark blue colors in this alternate logo.
  2. camby sheed double ai right team, wrong uniform b scott
  3. I absolutely love the old Rockets' jerseys, in tenure from 1995-2003. In addition to the light blue colorway of the Utah Jazz from 2004-2010. Curvy Vikings' jerseys. 2006-2012 (pretty sure). 49ers'1998-2008 dark red jersey. Eagles' 2003-2006 alternate look.
  4. I think the NBA should revert back to the simple look of everyone wearing their respective home/away jersey. 1997-2001.
  5. Those jerseys were the peak of all Rockets' uniforms...
  6. Dallas Mavericks' trash bags Ew.
  7. Has there been an affiliate done for the Baltimore Ravens yet? Team: Annapolis King Crabs Affiliate: Baltimore Ravens Colors: Black, Gold, Light blue Stadium: Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium
  8. The aftermath of Katrina forced the Hornets to move temporarily. Who would come to the games? How would they sell enough seats and still be able to make money? They had to move the team, and Oklahoma City was a city that had always been fiending for an NBA team. It was also an experiment for the NBA to see how the city would react to acquiring a team, and if the market there proved to be successful, there could be a future opportunity of an NBA team coming to Oklahoma City (which became true two years later).
  9. Bobcats vs Pelicans, November 2nd, 2013. This was the Bobcats' second to last season; the inaugural season for the Pelicans. Memphis Grizzlies vs. Atlanta Hawks, April 5th, 2003. The Grizzlies changed to their navy+teal colorway in 2004 (after adopting the Vancouver Grizzlies' colors when they moved in 2001); the Hawks to their navy+red colorway in 2007. Houston Rockets vs. Vancouver Grizzlies, February 27th, 1999. The Rockets changed to their current red+white colorway in 2003 (I personally love these navy jerseys; I wish they would bring them back), and the Vancouver Grizzlies departed for Memphis in 2001. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkeUH03vwno Seattle Supersonics vs. Minnesota Timberwolves, February 14th, 1996. This was the first year of the Sonics' green+red colorway and the last year of the Twolves' royal blue+green colorway. (I couldn't find a single picture of players from both teams in the frame, so a video of the game is the best I've got.) Philadelphia 76ers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, March 7th, 2009. This was the last season of the 76ers' black jersey before they adopted the modern blue+red colorway, and this was the Thunders' inaugural season.
  10. If you ask me, the Warriors lack of a true big man is what is going to cost them in the end.
  11. The colors changed, as well as the design of the uniform, but the logo itself had little change.
  12. Here are the NBA logos.
  13. Here are the NFL logo changes. I chose the ones that haven't been posted yet and/or received major changes (for example: the Jaguars' 2013 logo change received very minor changes, barely noticeable.)
  14. Duane Starks on the Cardinals (2004) DeShaun Foster on the 49ers (2008) Larry Johnson on the Dolphins (2011) Shaun Alexander on the Redskins (2008) Eddie George on the Cowboys (2004) Jason Taylor on the Jets (2010) Tim Brown on the Bucs (2004) Torry Holt on the Jaguars (2009) Joey Porter on the Cardinals (2010) Donovan McNabb on the Vikings (2011)
  15. Dennis Rodman on the Lakers, Scottie Pippen on the Rockets -- 2 in 1! (1999) ] Grant Hill on the Clippers (2013) Allen Iverson on the Grizzlies (2010) Nick Van Exel on the Warriors (2004) Dominique Wilkins on the Magic (1999) Alonzo Mourning on the Nets (2004) John Starks on the Jazz (2002) Penny Hardaway on the Heat (2008) Antawn Jamison on the Lakers (2013) Shawn Kemp on the Trailblazers (2001)
  16. WILD CARD: AFC Raiders 24 Texans 13 Steelers 34 Dolphins 9 NFC Giants 23 Packers 20 Seahawks 24 Lions 10 DIVISIONAL ROUND: AFC Patriots 35 Raiders 20 Steelers 21 Chiefs 17 NFC Giants 27 (OT) Cowboys 24 Falcons 17 Seahawks 13 CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS: AFC Patriots 28 Steelers 20 NFC Giants 31 Falcons 23 SUPER BOWL LI PATRIOTS 37 GIANTS 28
  17. the most memorable example of this occurring was the Oklahoma City Hornets after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. (not sure if this one has been done already, but I thought I'd contribute anyway.) The city truly embraced the team, even though they had a mediocre 77-87 record.
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