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  1. I find it mildly interesting that the Giants have started using NOB home cream jerseys for purposes such as ceremonies, reunions and celebrity appearances at the park. I wouldn't be completely opposed to the idea of them going back to NOB for the home uniforms at some point; I always thought the 1994-1999 home jerseys were nice in that regard. Also, this might be an unpopular opinion, but I like the two stripes on the 49ers jerseys. It's a better fit for how modern players wear their sleeves and there's some synergy with the helmet and pant stripes.
  2. It sucks that a licensed graphics package (NBC) was lost, but I'm a fan of the new look. Certain elements of it remind me a lot of the current Sunday Night Football package. I like it a lot better than Madden NFL 20's new score bar, that's for sure: The big paint mark that indicates possession bugs me more than it should, and I dislike how the team that doesn't have the ball has their side changed to black (Steelers aren't the best example of this considering black is one of their main colors). This score bar would have been a better fit for Madden Mobile or something. Overall, a downgrade for the score bar used in Madden NFL 17-19. FWIW, the score bar used in Face of the Franchise mode is a bit of an improvement. I just wish we could use it in other modes.
  3. Someone already mentioned Bryant Young of the 49ers; here are a couple of photos (one from 1994, another from 2007) to illustrate:
  4. The Philadelphia Eagles look much better in Kelly than what they have now, but I think it's overrated in regards to the Oakland Athletics and New York Jets. Darker shades of green work much better for those two.
  5. I really liked the forest green "Oakland" pullovers they used shortly after. The gold ones were nice as well. Not sure if they'd work as button down jerseys, but I'd love to see either one used for a Turn Back The Clock game sometime.
  6. I also prefer forest green over kelly. The darker shade makes the gold and white "pop" a lot more, in my opinion. The 1994-2013 green alternates are still some of my favorites of team history.
  7. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I'm mostly fine with the current state of NFL graphics. ESPN's is definitely the worst in my opinion. Ever since MNF moved from ABC to ESPN, the only two packages that I really enjoyed have been 2006-2007 and 2010. I know that the "flat" look of CBS and FOX is starting to grow stale with a lot of people, but they work for me. Especially in the case of Fox, since the 2014-2016 set that the current look replaced was one of my least favorite from them.
  8. I'd like to see it get used for MLB on NBC Sports affiliate stations. The A's and Giants have had the same graphics packages for four seasons now, and while I enjoy it, I think moving to this new style would be subtle, but also refreshing and worthwhile.
  9. Over the past few weeks, a number of A's fans have noticed that the team hasn't worn their gold alternates at all this season. During a Q&A with NBC Sports California's Brodie Brazil, A's manager Bob Melvin made it sound like the Kelly Green uniform set, introduced last season, all but replaced the golds:
  10. Even though I've liked it in a few instances (such as the 2003-2006 Spring Training/BP jerseys), i'd like to see the Giants ditch the gold drop shadows on their home uniforms. The gold made some sense as a fancy thing to do for their first season at Oracle Park back in 2000, but now it just seems kind of pointless. Getting rid of the gold would also bring the current home creams closer to the 1960's uniforms (seen below) they were modeled after. Moving on from the gold would also clean up the road grays. However, I wouldn't mind it if the gold stuck around on the "Orange Friday" jerseys.
  11. I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I like the current MLS score bug quite a bit. It reminds me of the 2003 NFL on FOX look, which I've always been a big fan of. Something about the slanted lines appeal to me, I guess.
  12. It looks like NESN (2018, 2019) and WGN (2018, 2019) were the only other stations to make changes to their graphics packages this season. Even then, most of the changes they made were slight.
  13. Week 3 of the 2003 NFL season was the only time Cleveland traveled to San Francisco while the 49ers wore their 1998-2008 set. Not a bad-looking matchup, in my opinion.
  14. Generally speaking, I liked the new NBC package. The angled nature of the scorebar reminded me of the 2003 NFL on FOX package, which I loved, and it had a certain flair that's uniquely NBC/SNF. CBS still has my favorite current NFL package, however. As a Bay Area baseball fan, I'm curious if our NBC Sports Bay Area/California telecasts will feature a baseball version of the new graphics package, or if they'll stick with the current version (based on the graphics package introduced for Super Bowl 49) for one more season.
  15. Good point. NFL preseason games have sort of become the last bastion of locally-produced professional sports telecasts.