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  1. @j'villejags Tried to put your concept to life on Todd Gurley. Think these would look so good as the Falcons new unis
  2. Oooooohhhhh baby!! This is not a drill!!
  3. 1.) Colors flipped didn't look good, so I went ahead and re-created the classic stripes. 2.) Number is now traditional font. 3.) Left bare looked naked, rolled with Browns on chest from old set (but in orange). 4.) Brown facemask brought back. Bonus: Three different pant options all with traditional stripe on side. As much as I love it, we could've seen this uniform by googling 'Joshua Cribbs'.
  4. Nothing special but quick easy fix. Fixed contrast stitching Shortened sleeve stripes Grey facemask (chose over white) "CLEVELAND" shrunk Numbers in white White pants w/ basic stripe contrast colored to sleeve and helmet stripes.
  5. Someone please help: How do I upload a photo to a thread??? My only options are: 1. Choose existing 2. Choose from URL
  6. Someone please help: How do I upload a photo to a thread??? My only options are: 1. Choose existing 2. Choose from URL
  7. Pulled the trigger on a Kirk Cousins jersey the day after he signed, and wore it the day after it came. Had at least 10 people around campus call me out on my "Sam Bradford" jersey while shaking their heads.
  8. C'mon now. Don't reach. The curve isn't to accentuate the swoosh, the curve is to accentuate the Viking horn. The same horn that is resembled in the numbers and other stripes.
  9. I personally love what Nike has done with the NBA. Every game is visually appealing. BUT this thread is about the Jags new threads, so let's keep it that way.
  10. Call me biased, but I have to completely disagree about the Vikings. I've been a Vikings fan for 26 years and I haven't heard one negative thing about these uniforms from any type of fan. I've lurked on these boards for seven years and the only negative comments I've seen have been about the numbers. But if you compare those to other Nike creations, the Vikes are in great shape.
  11. IMO the Jacksonville Jaguars = Teal jersey & white pants / White jersey & BLACK pants It's beautiful, it's unique, and to me it's the Jags.
  12. Made my way down to Mercedes Benz Stadium this weekend to see the Vikes and the new stadium ... was shocked to see the pre-2013 logo used all over the stadium. I understand how similar they look, but the correct logo is right there! y
  13. The Rams fail if they don't go with this uniform set. It's too easy.
  14. I'm unable to open your image but judging by what @aawagner011 posted they will be upgrading. It looks like it moves the orange from the shoulders to the top of the uniform.
  15. Are the Bengals upgrading to Vapor Untouchable? I think the full collar will already help this uniform alot.
  16. Holy I've never even noticed.
  17. Just noticed the tree on the wolf's neck.