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  1. Apparently there is historical precedent http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/tyoe6ugnw2w2b2ybl5uubz0kg/Cleveland_Browns/1946/Helmet_Logo
  2. Yippy

    NHL 2017-18

    So they're going back to their green accented unis presumably in their current template
  3. Are you proficient in any coding languages? If so, which?
  4. Gotta love the unprovoked comments around here. Zeus deserves a timeout for that one
  5. Agreed. For a 90s redesign, they nailed it. They have honed in on their identity and I hope to continue seeing it generations from now. The M-trident and all that bright blue/yellow just isn't them anymore. Let the brewers continue to play with that color scheme since they have no idea who they are anymore.
  6. Those awful And 1 shirts the boys in my middle school wore always reminded me of the Warriors logo
  7. Guilty as well. I grew up with the navy and gold era and liked them more than the Nolan era but didn't think they were anything special. When they introduced the western style I fell in love. Sure the theme had nothing to do with the name but the Utah jazz makes no sense either and they looked great while in purple. Now I despise their current look
  8. The bosox are not the Yankees. Here is their proper road uniform
  9. My guesses for first season with UA: Tigers Cubs Red Sox Nationals White Sox Pirates Orioles I don't see the Yankees doing it simply because they tend to avoid manufacturer gimmicks (did they ever wear cool base?) I'm actually surprised they went with those matte batting helmets on the road, which I do like (for the record).
  10. It is quite ugly and hardly "gold" more like a dehydrated urine Truth be told, I had no idea this even existed, let alone since 2015. So the logic was: since their new field has this "gold" color everywhere, they added it as a tertiary color to their home uniform and logo? Or am I missing something?
  11. Manslaughter, alcohol , cocaine. Meh this player doesn't deserve to be publicly memorialized. If the players want to remember him, do it somewhere other than the uniforms. Just my 2ยข
  12. This looks like a generic uniform you'd see a mom washing in a tide commercial
  13. More to come, but this look was absolute trash
  14. I wouldn't say it was a necessary change but no harm done. Definitely a more uniform brand now.
  15. Awful, but I don't go to Aldi for the logo, I go for the cheap groceries and delicious frozen pizza
  16. Another prime example. I'm so tired of certain teams that once had original (arguably good-looking) uniforms deciding to play "Original 6 dress-up"
  17. I know I'm not the only person here who would prefer this returning over whatever that amounts to
  18. I wish I could share your sentiment, but I sincerely believe that this franchise won't offer any benefit to the league and will become another Coyotes mess. The least they could have done was come up with a nice name and identity but they couldn't even pull that off. Personally, at least I enjoyed the Coyotes identity (before the re-brand) and would sometimes play as them in video games to see their logo and jerseys but this Vegas team gives me nothing to care about.
  19. Just for the record, I wish nothing but the worst for this ugly, meaningless, desert hockey team. Any Canadian city deserves a team over this nonsense.
  20. When I think of a baseball uniform I think of the Yankees pinstripes. The road however leaves a lot to be desired and is easily a bottom 10 look. I've always wondered what their script would look like on their away jersey (sans Yankees of course)