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  1. Very topical(mod edit) In all seriousness these are great uniforms. I like the return of stripes on the football helmets, and that white hockey sweater is just a thing of beauty. But I feel like the vertical stripes on the collar of the football and hockey uniforms are a bit tacky, and that the Fighting Illini on the white basketball jersey doesn't need to come back.
  2. Wow. These are just incredible. In my totally unbiased opinion, blue and gold is the best color combination in sports, and you absolutely nail it here. My only (minor) pet peeve is the use of the fleur-de-lis as a diacritic.
  3. I might be from the Northwest side of chicago, but all the teams in wisconsin could be my favorites, because my father may have been raised in wisconsin
  4. Hello there! My name is @anonymous., but some people, especially @ZionEagle, might remember me as @Meh. It has been 3/4 of a year since I have posted, so let's start with this. This is a place to post things about Logolympaid. This is in Sports Logos because I didn't know where to put it. This is an unofficial forum. I will not be surprised when this gets taken down. I use CST(Central Standard Time).
  5. I'd like you to listen to this song, look at the rankings, look at the big ten, and rethink your cfp On Wisconsin!
  6. for Wisconsin state, in ncaa football 14 I used teambuilder to make two teams that were named Wisconsin state. one was called the foxes and one was called the Trojans. I think foxes is more area appropriate because the fox river is one of the main bodies of water in Wisconsin.
  7. anonymous.


    This is a concept post where I will create football uniforms for fictional teams in a fictional conference I made called, formally Midwestern 10, informally Mid-10.
  8. I am going to unofficially close this thread
  9. k thx. I was actually going to do my own concept to start it. I was just starting right now
  10. K. Where do I put this then
  11. So I had an idea, and that idea turned into this thread. It is a place to post basketball concepts. Uniform design has 2 requierments. 1. The brand is under armour. 2. The ua logo must be in the upper back
  12. also I would rather have this badgers helmet
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