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  1. Wow. The graphic design on this thread has definitely improved. It was good before but it's really good now. It'll be interesting to see how Camden in NY will play out as well. Great stuff. Go Choppers and Shamrocks (weird combination, I know).
  2. I just realized that this is posted in concepts and not Alternate History. Whoops
  3. I'll do stadiums in a big post once I get all the concepts finished. Although it's not going to be a baseball stadium for Milwaukee because 2001 is the year that Miller Park was built
  4. UPDATE: So yeah, I've been pretty inactive (read: fell off of the face of the earth) for a while. I originally just got stuck on Toronto, but then I had to deal with personal issues and moving to Milwaukee. I am going to continue this thread for a few reasons: I'm learning Inkscape I have something big planned and I've learned from my mistake and I'm deciding to prepare in advance.
  5. Alright, Chicago: PRIMARY BADGE SECONDARY BADGE KIT 1 (HOME) KIT 2 (AWAY) STORY BEHIND THE KITS Kit 1 for the Stars is a classic kit, with the only change ever coming when they added their sponsor's logo to the front to comply with ASA rules. Kit 2 was introduced to comply with ASA rules, and was inspired by the Chicago flag and Kit 1. KEY PLAYER 25 year-old Anthony White led Notre Dame to a national championship in 1995 and 1996. He was taken by both the Bay Bridgers of Pacific Soccer League and the Chicago Stars of the Midwestern Soccer Association. White chose to sign with his hometown team, and they have enjoyed considerable succes ever since. FINAL RATING: 7.20 Will be posting Empire next
  6. Welp, here's San Antonio: BADGE KIT 1 (HOME) KIT 2 (AWAY) STORY BEHIND THE KITS It just looks good. KEY PLAYER 22 year-old Jakub Williams was a phenom in the Polish leagues, scoring 32 goals in one season. The Alamo signed Williams in hopes of competing in their new league, after an abysmal 11 year stretch in the Texan Amateur Soccer League where they went 32-96 FINAL RATING: 5.45 IMO, I think that the kits are way better than the logo, but I don't know what anyone else thinks
  7. Our story begins in 1997, when some 20 guys in Milwaukee decide that they're tired of plain old American Football and decide to create Brew City SC. They tour around the country playing other amateur teams, until eventually, in 2001 they create the American Soccer Association. Among the teams are: Brew City SC Chicago Stars Toronto Conquerors Empire SC San Antonio Alamo Los Angeles Saints Miami _______ St. Louis Flyers CS Montréal Lis Providence Pioneers Anyways, I'm going to post Brew City SC first, so here it goes: BADGE KIT 1 (HOME) KIT 2 (AWAY) THE STORY BEHIND THE KITS Anthony Morretti, the founder of the club, had a fondness for minimalism. This translates pretty clearly onto the kits, which are some of the most conservative in the league. KEY PLAYER 19 year-old Micheal Weber is one of the best players in the world, and has often drawn offers from top European clubs. However, he has always opted to stay with his hometown team Brew City SC. He will probably have the biggest impact on this season for all clubs, not just Brew City. FINAL RATING: 9.45 C&C appreciated, will be posting San Antonio next
  8. Now I'm just wondering who Jonathan is.
  9. I actually think that the green and gold primary looks better than the original, but that's just my 2 cents. I may be influenced by being a fan of the Packers
  10. Well, I just spent 20 hours of my life reading through this thread. It was time well spent. Go Shamrocks!
  11. I might be from the Northwest side of chicago, but all the teams in wisconsin could be my favorites, because my father may have been raised in wisconsin
  12. Hello there! My name is @anonymous., but some people, especially @ZionEagle, might remember me as @Meh. It has been 3/4 of a year since I have posted, so let's start with this. This is a place to post things about Logolympaid. This is in Sports Logos because I didn't know where to put it. This is an unofficial forum. I will not be surprised when this gets taken down. I use CST(Central Standard Time).
  13. just a realignment + expansion suggestion, move Milwaukee to the northern division, add a another team from Chicago into the central division, and add a team from san Antonio into the southern division
  14. I'd like you to listen to this song, look at the rankings, look at the big ten, and rethink your cfp On Wisconsin!