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  1. 2 hours ago, Walk-Off said:

    I remember some discussion of Vancouver as a potential site for an MLB club during the late 1980s and early 1990s.  If what I have read about BC Place is correct, that stadium hosted a handful of PCL Vancouver Canadians games and occasional preseason exhibition games between MLB clubs during its first twelve years of existence.  (At the very least, if BC Place has retained an ability to accommodate a full-size baseball field since the venue's 2010-11 rebuild, then a Vancouver MLB team should be able to use that stadium as at least a temporary home.)  Also, I definitely remember Vancouver's profile going through an upward surge during and after the World's Fair that the city hosted in 1986 (Expo 86).  During that era, the criticisms of the idea of placing an MLB franchise in Vancouver seemed to stem from both a concern that the Canadian dollar was too weak to enable an easy profit for a Vancouver MLB team and a general skepticism of the ability of an MLB team based anywhere in Western Canada to amass a fanbase comparable in size to the followings of the Blue Jays, the Expos, or especially most of the US-based MLB clubs. 


    As for a nickname for a Vancouver MLB franchise, if an ursine theme is desired, then I think that Kodiaks is definitely the choice that has the most professional look and sound.


    True about the prior baseball at BC Place.  Here was BC Place set up for baseball back in the day:




    To put a baseball game in there now, they would need to bring down the huge hanging scoreboard.  Not sure how possible that is.  You could still fit a field in as lower seat can still move if needed:




    Another article mentioning Vancouver's potential as an MLB city:



  2. 7 hours ago, Wackyriderfan14 said:

    Bombers are the “home” team. They chose to go Gold/White/Gold.

    Ticats chose to go Blackout again (Black/Black/Black).



    This is some really unfortunate news to wake up to this morning.  That really sucks.  Would rather see the Bombers in the blue jersey and the Ticats in the white jerseys.  Would have looked better overall.  The one problem with the Bombers uniform is the blue shoulders on the white jersey.  And we are going to get mono-black ballerina look from the Ticats.

  3. 54 minutes ago, buzzcut said:

    From the New York Times, the 42 teams facing extinction(I'll list them here for those who get paywalled): 

    Auburn Doubledays
    Batavia Muckdogs
    Billings Mustangs
    Binghamton Rumble Ponies
    Bluefield Blue Jays
    Bristol Pirates
    Burlington Bees
    Burlington Royals
    Chattanooga Lookouts
    Clinton LumberKings
    Connecticut Tigers
    Danville Braves
    Daytona Tortugas
    Elizabthton Twins
    Erie SeaWolves
    Florida Fire Frogs
    Frederick Keys
    Grand Junction Rockies
    Great Falls Voyagers
    Greeneville Reds
    Hagerstown Suns
    Idaho Falls Chukars
    Jackson Generals
    Johnson City Cardinals
    Kingsport Mets
    Lancaster Jethawks
    Lexington Legends
    Lowell Spinners
    Mahoning Valley Scrappers
    Missoula PaddleHeads
    Ogden Raptors
    Orem Owlz
    Princeton Rays
    Quad Cities River Bandits
    Rocky Mountain Vibes
    Salem-Keizer Volcanoes
    State College Spikes
    Staten Island Yankees
    Tri-City Dust Devils
    Vermont Lake Monsters
    West Virginia Power
    Williamsport Crosscutters


    Only the Cubs and Rangers will have their full set of affiliates survive the contraction.


    Vancouver Canadians fan here.  I see 2 teams from the Northwest League on the list.  The league has only 8 teams.  Is there plans for the Northwest League to merge with another short-season Single A league?  A 6 team league is not ideal.

  4. If I had my way, the Edmonton Oilers would still be wearing the royal blue uniforms.  


    I am now fine that they have switched to the orange uniforms.  However, I wish they would have stayed with the orange and royal blue shades of the third jersey when they switched to the orange as the primary:




    Rather than the shades we got:



  5. Since it is CFL playoff time, one for some of the vintage CFL fans out there.


    Vince Goldsmith is up there in the list of all-time CFL sack leaders.  Started and ended his career with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Spent some quality season in between with the Calgary Stampeders.


    However, Goldsmith in a Toronto Argonauts uniform just does not look right.  Spent only 1 season there in 1984.



  6. 5 hours ago, ColeJ said:

    I don't remember the last time my opinions differed from everyone else's on this forum so wildy!


    That jersey is probably the worst NHL jersey I've seen. The fishsticks are better. The Mooterus is better.... the Buffaslug is 20x better.


    The Sabres Turdburger is arguably better, because it's a stupid gimmick just like this sweater, but at least it WOULD HAVE looked okay if the back matched the front. This one just has NO redeeming qualities for me. It's just really bad from top to bottom.




    speaking of bottoms, is the guy in the pic wearing the pants backwards?! I've never seen the NHL logo in that placement....


    Looks like the guy modelling is wearing a Montreal Canadiens pant shell backwards.

  7. I know it is a small thing, but I really wish the Capitals would get gloves with royal blue instead of navy when wearing their throwback alternates.  So that they can match the colour scheme.  Other NHL teams seem to be able to manage that with gloves and alternate uniforms these days.







  8. Yep, this Stampeders look of red with silver trim was nice.  


    Some other CFL uniform observations. 


    -Since we are speaking about silver pants, lets mention the abandonment of them by the league's clubs.  Currently no CFL team wears silver or grey pants.  Only 15 years ago (2004), as many as a 3rd of the teams regularly wore silver pants, at least at home (Lions, Roughriders, and Alouettes).


    -By 1985, only a few season after teams started to do this, each team wore their logo on the sleeve or shoulders of their jerseys.  A 3rd of the teams these days do not. 

  9. 3 hours ago, Digby said:

    Do Whitecaps fans see any need for a stadium or is BC Place fine from a viewing perspective? Looks fine on TV.


    As a fan who has attended many Whitecaps games, BC Place is fine.


    I did also go to a Canada vs. Mexico World Cup qualifier there in 2016 and they opened the upper deck.  Had just under 55,000 in attendance at that game.


    Seeing the crowd in Seattle today.  Thinking if the Whitecaps could actually do something about getting a decent team on the pitch, maybe we could get close to 55,000 at a game in BC Place for an MLS Cup Final.  One can dream.

  10. 56 minutes ago, johnnysama said:


    Pictures of the Calgary Stampeders in red facemasks are hard to come by, but this action shot of John Hufnagel circa 1977ish shows the red masks.


    We did get to see some Calgary Stampeders games in the red masks again when they wore those throwback alternates in 2010.





  11. 9 hours ago, kiwi_canadian said:

    A slight change on the Victoria Royals sweaters. They have replaced their shoulder logo with the word mark logo.


    Good eye on that.


    Another really small thing since the change to CCM Quicklite that has fallen under the radar.  Just noticed this today.  Sudbury Wolves no longer have trim colour around the edges of their shoulder yokes.






    Old jerseys.  A bit of white trim around the shoulder yokes:



  12. 3 hours ago, mr.negative15 said:

    I still say a stadium in Stanley Park overlooking the water would be the most beautiful venue in MLS.


    Easy for me to say of course. I’m sure getting the land, upgrading traffic infrastructure, ect would be a nightmare. 


    True it would be quite beautiful, but getting the land, upgrading traffic infrastructure would not just be a nightmare.  It would be pretty much impossible.  Small bit of land surrounded by water.  A lot of the park would need to have forest cut down.  It would wreck the park.


    The Whitecaps proposed stadium was going to be waterfront with glorious view of the North Shore and the mountains.  Would have been ideal and the location located at a major transit hub.

  13. 7 hours ago, Dilbert said:

    . Vancouver really is the oddball. BC Place I believe is owned by the province, and not the MLS club owners. They had a proposed stadium, that they ended up scraping and have since said they are content with playing at BC Place. Not sure how MLS feels on that situation.


    It was really too bad that the Whitecaps had not been able to proceed with their stadium plan.  It was to be privately funded with the initial plan for it to be completed in 2009.  All sorts of city planning red tape and resistance met it along the way.  I thought it would have been great and was hoping for it.  The location was great in my mind and it was not going to be a huge stadium.  I guess the critics felt that it did not fit the Gastown district as it was not some shop in an ancient building selling cheap souvenirs for cruise ship passengers.


    It was easier to scrap the plan after the full renovation of BC Place was completed in 2011.



  14. 19 hours ago, mkg74 said:


    Of course it was the Seahawks and USFL Jacksonville Bulls as the other pro teams that already had similar wraparound helmet logos as the Roughriders when they introduced theirs in 1985.


    I give a nod to the 1985-89 as a fave because of the sleeve stripes.  The sleeve stripes were removed in 1990, which was becoming a trend at the time.  Then in 1991, the Riders brought in green pants in favour of silver pants to acknowledge the 25th anniversary of their first Grey Cup win.  Wearing mono-green (like the 1966 team) at home just for that 1991 season and being a definite downgrade compared to 1985-89.  Silver pants were at least back for the home uniforms in 1992.




    And now we are stuck with the Riders wearing mono-green at home today.  Really hoping the Riders go with green over white at home for their next uniform redesign.

  15. 19 hours ago, johnnysama said:

    Wade: Re: The 1985 Saskatchewan Roughrider logo/uniform change

    I present to you a news article from the Ottawa Citizen. They introduced them on April 23, 1985.


    Good stuff Johnny!  Thanks for sharing it.


    I remember first seeing the uniforms in 1985 watching CBC's TV show Switchback, the Regina edition. 


    Have tried to find footage of that show on YouTube or other articles and not much out there.

  16. 11 hours ago, mr.negative15 said:

    I really hate that they did that. I feel like they really lost any unique-ness (I know that's not a word) when they did. Now they are just a template team. 


    I saw some old highlights on a CFL broadcast recently with that old helmet (showing S.J. Green's first catch which was against Saskatchewan).  Realized I miss that helmet when seeing it.


    The logo design for Saskatchewan was based on the idea of having the wraparound logo on the helmet.  When that helmet was revealed before the 1985 season with the new uniforms, I thought it was such a cool look.  I remember seeing some early training camp footage in 2008 and thinking something did not look right, like part of the decal fell of the helmet.  Then realized the Riders had made the change upon closer look and the wraparound logo had been retired.


    I get that the Riders are sticking with just the green and white uniforms and their current look.  I think bringing in a 3rd uniform based on the 1985-89 look would be a way to go.  At least let us see the wraparound logo with some silver and black trim again maybe a couple times a year.

  17. Roughriders did make changes to their helmet for 2008.  The wraparound helmet logo eliminated in favour of just the shield logo on the sides, but the black mask stayed around for 2008 and 2009.  Riders switched to white masks in 2010, same year they dropped the silver home pants for white home pants.









  18. 2 hours ago, Seadragon76 said:

    The information I got was from the Wikipedia page saying there was talk of UBC Okanagan having a team similar to how Regina does it and a team at UQTR but that has stalled.


    Yep, good points.  Those schools could be added if all would work out right.  It was disappointing about UQTR.  Would have loved to see the green and orange of the Patriotes on the RSEQ gridiron.  That hope seems to have died at the end of 2016.  Have not heard any news about trying to get that going again.




    Heard about talks for the Okanagan Sun of the Canadian Junior Football League to become the team that would represent UBC Okanagan and move to U Sports.  Regina Rams were a junior football team before become the U. of Regina Rams and adding some gold to their uniforms to match school colours.


    Would hope the Okanagan Sun would continue to wear the brown and orange in university football.  However, those talked are snagged too.  Have not heard and news about that going ahead for a while.  Unless there is some news?