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  1. So appearently there is some sort of MLS wide retro collection merchandise being released today/tomorrow according to a few tweets by Twellmann and Co.
  2. Hope Sacramento Republic makes it trough these difficult times and either joins MLS eventually or will remain on of the USL Championships top teams. I'm biased, but would love San Diego to get an MLS team, but would also be ok with Pheonix getting it for example. The Cincy stadium is gorgeous, hope they can have fans in a safe way soon. Also, SBI founder Ives Galarcep is in the ER hospital due to covid. Hope the soccer media legend pulls trough!
  3. really dig the penguin head series, especially the blue-black uniform.
  4. I dig their wordmark and theme - house shape(s), initials making up houses, but it doesn't feel sports-teamy at all. But I'm not in/from Chicago, can't talk about their history and all. Hope their current and potential fanbase likes it and that they will be doing well. Despite Wilt's reputation, they follow up the Fire's wrongs Chicago Fire = TV Show then eventually soccer team Chicago House = probably real estate then soccer team afaik they also have to play in Bridgeview or wherever the Fire were housed (pun intented) prior to relocating to Soldier Field.
  5. Wow, what a cool series and so many great concepts! bravissimo My favorites are St. Louis Blues, Anaheim Ducks and both Vancouver Canucks ones. Especially love the Orca Canucks logo/colors and it including the V as well. Just the word mark style isn't my favorite choice.
  6. this is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite series/threads. I'm looking forward to many further great ideas that you bring creatively to reality.
  7. While the logo of San Diego Loyal SC isn't new, a nice variation has shown up on their 2nd year merchandise. (Really wish it would be their primary) @FiddySicks Don't remember if you were directly involved or just knew people who were, but you talked about alternate concepts of logos/names that didn't make it. Was that logo below one of them? Source: https://theshop.sdloyal.com/collections/swearshirts/products/grey-sd-jacket
  8. what a fantastic series! bravissimo So many beautiful uniforms and logos. Well done!
  9. so many nice logos and unis. What a great series. Grazie for sharing!
  10. Blue & Gold, as they should be instead of primarily white... the white part of the neck and the weird white, then meshed? stripes are ugly though.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/MerrittPaulson/status/1346180448955731969?s=20 Need to sell 100k kits to allow a 3rd kit. We are among top sellers even as a small market. I think market size should be weighed into equation to allow clubs to do a third kit as we are punching way above our weight and its not apples to apples comparing ATL to PDX
  12. wasn't there a talk about a soft rebrand when the move into their new stadium? AFAIR it was hilariously always mandated by official channels to be the Columbus Crew SC and not just Columbus Crew. And when the new Ownership took over there was some tweet about 96 or something, so "Columbus Crew 96" maybe?
  13. Love the Dash Logo and it's orange/blue color mix and look! Much more visually appealing to me than the not very legible Dynamo monogram (it also lacks the blue) Love the hexagon shape in general - it's also very soccer related (goal nets, soccer balls before they became these tongue like melted together panel) - it's also not just another circle or shield Like that they basically go with the Hex as unifying theme across their pro clubs, youth development and all.
  14. just so many beautiful concepts! Bravissimo! Boreal Thunder Bay is my favorite, just out there neon color 80s wise and something totally different. Calgary Cavalary SC is just classy Love the Whitecaps update lovely ideas behind the Alaska and St. John's Town designs.
  15. classic and very nice look, including the pattern AWESOME finally without sponsor! great to see Umbro making a comeback (a little bit, regardless of who owns the rights nodways, was it Nike?)