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  1. so many nice logos and unis. What a great series. Grazie for sharing!
  2. Blue & Gold, as they should be instead of primarily white... the white part of the neck and the weird white, then meshed? stripes are ugly though.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/MerrittPaulson/status/1346180448955731969?s=20 Need to sell 100k kits to allow a 3rd kit. We are among top sellers even as a small market. I think market size should be weighed into equation to allow clubs to do a third kit as we are punching way above our weight and its not apples to apples comparing ATL to PDX
  4. wasn't there a talk about a soft rebrand when the move into their new stadium? AFAIR it was hilariously always mandated by official channels to be the Columbus Crew SC and not just Columbus Crew. And when the new Ownership took over there was some tweet about 96 or something, so "Columbus Crew 96" maybe?
  5. Love the Dash Logo and it's orange/blue color mix and look! Much more visually appealing to me than the not very legible Dynamo monogram (it also lacks the blue) Love the hexagon shape in general - it's also very soccer related (goal nets, soccer balls before they became these tongue like melted together panel) - it's also not just another circle or shield Like that they basically go with the Hex as unifying theme across their pro clubs, youth development and all.
  6. just so many beautiful concepts! Bravissimo! Boreal Thunder Bay is my favorite, just out there neon color 80s wise and something totally different. Calgary Cavalary SC is just classy Love the Whitecaps update lovely ideas behind the Alaska and St. John's Town designs.
  7. classic and very nice look, including the pattern AWESOME finally without sponsor! great to see Umbro making a comeback (a little bit, regardless of who owns the rights nodways, was it Nike?)
  8. it's like this inverted triangle (Charlie's Angels say hello ) and the various color bars very much, but I think that's just the placeholder since there was no usual "describe the logo explainer" Would be stoked if it was the real deal though! On their shop and social media they do sometime have the name in the inverted triangle, but without the color bars. https://store.weareangelcity.com/ https://www.instagram.com/WEAREANGELCITY/ https://twitter.com/WEAREANGELCITY https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmL3eLNeL2Ux5hh5tUHLzng
  9. the Angel City name is aces, and I actually quite like the what I assume, temporary logo with a downwards facing triangle and the multiple color stripes behind.
  10. Love the hexagon shape (like a classic soccer ball panel in the 90s)! Very happy they keep orange in it, though it could have been a bit more/flashier. Don't like that the monogram in combination with the written out name. The monogram itself isn't really legible to me (unlike SD Padres for example) and looks more like a street grid, maybe would look better with a "filled" out H. Possible explanation for the lightning bolt: dynamo > energy > lightning bolt? the FC add on is silly, but doesn't bother me that much since they kept Dynamo and it's not just city name FC. Maybe they had to alter it due to legal / trademark reasons, so a name change/add on was required. Hope their fans like it though. (even if there is still a club ownership change or mentality change required) Any Dynamo fans or Houston residents here, what's your opinion?
  11. go and enjoy it alone or make new friends with the people around you, either way you win
  12. logo wise the update is cohesive, not that I ever will see it since we don't have CBS over here. Paramount+ is already a thing internationally (it's also right at home with Disney+ and AppleTV+ streaming services) Most people outside North America don't know CBS or the Eye, while the imagery of the "Paramount" mountain and stars is well known, even if it's primary from movies.
  13. Sorry to hear about how it all went wrong @mcrosby I love the black background version you shared, really cool how you incorporated the bridge as (queen) crown and the purple color for the subway to Queens. Hope your creative talents get appreciated soon by other sports teams (and other clients).
  14. I believe this is it! thank you so much for sharing that again :) IMO it's such a unique and "bespoke" logo shape, fits so well with Houston and it's history. Also the Apollo name obviously too and as a plus would fit right in the space family of sports teams (Houston Astros and Houston Rockets).
  15. Could be a fun thread, so even if I don't have a long story here's my little contribution. As a kid I had Miami Dolphins baseball caps and a shirt or two, yet for almost a decade had no idea what they actually were. (Didn't know what the helmet on the dolphin was for, just liked orange and dolphins) Only found out when a friends older brother asked me why I'm wearing American Football gear if I didn't like the sport.