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  1. Love the hexagon shape (like a classic soccer ball panel in the 90s)! Very happy they keep orange in it, though it could have been a bit more/flashier. Don't like that the monogram in combination with the written out name. The monogram itself isn't really legible to me (unlike SD Padres for example) and looks more like a street grid, maybe would look better with a "filled" out H. Possible explanation for the lightning bolt: dynamo > energy > lightning bolt? the FC add on is silly, but doesn't bother me that much since they kept Dynamo and it's not just city name FC. Maybe they had to alter it due to legal / trademark reasons, so a name change/add on was required. Hope their fans like it though. (even if there is still a club ownership change or mentality change required) Any Dynamo fans or Houston residents here, what's your opinion?
  2. go and enjoy it alone or make new friends with the people around you, either way you win
  3. logo wise the update is cohesive, not that I ever will see it since we don't have CBS over here. Paramount+ is already a thing internationally (it's also right at home with Disney+ and AppleTV+ streaming services) Most people outside North America don't know CBS or the Eye, while the imagery of the "Paramount" mountain and stars is well known, even if it's primary from movies.
  4. Sorry to hear about how it all went wrong @mcrosby I love the black background version you shared, really cool how you incorporated the bridge as (queen) crown and the purple color for the subway to Queens. Hope your creative talents get appreciated soon by other sports teams (and other clients).
  5. I believe this is it! thank you so much for sharing that again :) IMO it's such a unique and "bespoke" logo shape, fits so well with Houston and it's history. Also the Apollo name obviously too and as a plus would fit right in the space family of sports teams (Houston Astros and Houston Rockets).
  6. Could be a fun thread, so even if I don't have a long story here's my little contribution. As a kid I had Miami Dolphins baseball caps and a shirt or two, yet for almost a decade had no idea what they actually were. (Didn't know what the helmet on the dolphin was for, just liked orange and dolphins) Only found out when a friends older brother asked me why I'm wearing American Football gear if I didn't like the sport.
  7. I've seen a wonderful concept here many many years ago where the shape of the logo was that of a space capsule and I believe the colors were the same, including the light space blue or whatever it's called. Not sure it had the same team name. Unfortunately I can't find it with the search options This is also pretty nice IMO https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/111388-mls-houston-dynamo-logo-update As an outsider, hopefully they the color orange involved and listen to their fans and communities what they'd like as name.
  8. It's an unusual action but I very much appreciate San Diego's stance and decision. I'm happy that their pillars (independent, authentic, inclusive and optimistic) aren't just marketing speak. The player has been released by Los Dos (LA Galaxy II) according to headline I've seen.
  9. as a SD season ticket holder I'm not in favour of the logo being upside down as well and find that marketing gimmick dumb, but with their stance on branding (including that stupid name) I'm not surprised. It's bad enough they and adidas couldn't come up with a torrey pine green shirt in time, so the white is just a placeholder. Then there is the orange secondary, but now they seem to wear the BLM jerseys mostly. Brand identity wise it's a mess, despite it being well intended.
  10. San Diego Loyal SC (USL Championship) would like to build a temporary stadium at the Sports Arena site. They don't wan't to move into the upcoming SDSU stadium just yet, as it's too large for now. Source: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/soccer/story/2020-07-10/sd-loyal-soccer-team-plans-stadium-near-point-loma-chargers-east-village-usl
  11. so much fantastic art and craftsmanship. Laola wave trough these boards for you! The redesigned Nashville logo guitar pick, while keeping the N shaped music wave is my favourite redesigned logo of them all. as for the jerseys, my favourite is the Galaxy home with the sash made out of the logo based quasar star. As the poster above mentioned, I'm also sad it's over, thus how about a select few USL (would love to see what you come up with for San Diego) or Hawaii expansion teams next
  12. What a beauty. Very nice color combo, the zigzagged leg pattern horizontally is a great touch. and thumbs up for all the creative work in this thread in general.
  13. I understand both sides (authentic/no sponsor), but I'd definitely pay extra for sponsor-less gear if available. Too many kit designs are "ruined" because of sponsor boxes/word marks/colors. There are a few that fit nicely in shape/colors but that's rather the exception IMO.
  14. Generally the Vancouver Whitecaps have decent to great uni's and a decent looking sponsor. Now imagine them having this uni with VW as sponsor. . CPL a rather nice looking league, albeit with some weird team names. Wish them lots of success and a stable future.