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  1. I see it now... In my mind it can't be both an F and a Falcon
  2. Anyone want to help me ID the font the Penguins use for the NOB and #OB for their jerseys?
  3. Why are those caps and helmets navy though?
  4. Also, the Rams one says "Vamos Rams" and is not the slogan on the leak.
  5. Seattle Six Minus Three
  6. From MLBSHOP: https://www.mlbshop.com/new-york-yankees/mens-new-york-yankees-nike-navy/white-authentic-collection-short-sleeve-hot-pullover-jacket/t-14002154+p-0383439268283+z-9-3022856273?_ref=p-BRLP:m-GRID:i-r3c2:po-11 https://www.mlbshop.com/chicago-cubs/mens-chicago-cubs-nike-charcoal/royal-authentic-collection-thermal-crew-performance-pullover-sweatshirt/t-81779700+p-697221469817+z-8-1754671132?_ref=p-BRLP:m-GRID:i-r6c2:po-20 https://www.mlbshop.com/milwaukee-brewers/mens-milwaukee-brewers-nike-navy/gray-authentic-collection-game-performance-sweatshirt/t-36993294+p-3661107070646+z-9-4150854017?_ref=p-BRLP:m-GRID:i-r4c1:po-13
  7. Thoughts on these latest ones?
  8. I must have copied and pasted incorrectly. It should be the wildcats. seocond- I was trying to get as many teams to share stadiums as possible, but this is only a first draft. PM me if you want to help design a thread for these teams. Thanks again for the C&C. I’ll send the edits back shortly
  9. Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but I made a 32 team XFL with each team having an affiliate. I don’t have names for either Indianapolis or Cincinnati. How’d I do? XFL East NFL XFL West NFL New York Guardians New YorkJets Los Angeles Battlehawks Los Angeles Rams DC Defenders Washington NFL Houston Roughnecks Houston Texans Tampa Bay Vipers Tampa Bay Bucaneers Seattle Dragons Seattle Seahawks St. Louis Battlehawks Kansas City Chiefs Dallas Renegades Dallas Cowboys Boston Americans New England Patriots Santa Clara Miners San Francisco 49ers Miami Orcas Miami Dolphins Phoenix Rattlesnakes Arizona Cardinals Buffalo Beavers Buffalo Bills Minneapolis Noresmen Minnesota Vikings Pittsburgh Cougars Pittsburgh Steelers Chicago Wildfoxes Chicago Bears Cleveland Generals Cleveland Browns New Orleans Voodoo New Orleans Saints New York Pilots New York Giants Los Angeles Lightning Los Angeles Chargers Philadelphia Hawks Philadelphia Eagles Henderson Bandits Las Vegas Raiders Baltimore Mariners Baltimore Ravens Indianapolis ??? Indianapolis Colts Charlotte Leapords Carolina Panthers Green Bay Locomotives Green Bay Packers Jacksonville Bobcats Jacksonville Jaguars Detroit Hotrods Detroit Lions Nashville Grizzlies Tennessee Titans Denver Bighorns Denver Broncos Atlanta Pirates Atlanta Falcons Cincinnati ??? Cincinnati
  10. Boston: And Cleveland: C&C would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Alright, I'm back! I've been having scratch disk problems but if anyone wants to help me work on these please PM me. Here's Oakland: And Atlanta: