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  1. The 4 makes it even funnier- Vote 4 Millsap
  2. Don’t know if this is the wrong thread for this or not, so mods feel free to move to 2019-20 thread.
  3. Me too. I wish this overhaul got adapted to both a mobile app and an updated forum
  4. Thank you @CinnamonRoll21 ! Keep up the good work!
  5. The Falcons ones are amazing! Also what template do you use? The presentation is phenomenal!
  6. Those were supposed to say “Hockey Is Back” but I didn’t know if an racial justice message was necessary somewhere
  7. Hi everyone! I haven't posted here in a while but here goes nothing. I'm limited to Illustrator right now but this morning I decided to start making mockups for what the courts, fields and rink designs for when sports return to play. I'm torn on what/where to write the leagues' support for the fight against racial injustice though, so I didn't intend to leave it out. C&C is very much appreciated. NHL:
  8. Really loved the last series you did and like @coco1997 said the Photoshopping does bring it to a new level
  9. Awesome job on the Canes and amazing template
  10. I’ve been following this whole time and I love every single post! Makes me feel like this
  11. Awesome job! That template, though.