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  1. Bills in white on white for Saturday. Just when you think you know a guy...
  2. No surprise since they’ve pretty much established this as their road look this year but, white on blue for the Bills this week. Should look good under the lights but I was really looking forward to it going up against Pittsburgh’s regular home set. If they were going to go alternate I wish they would’ve went their black throwbacks instead.
  3. Pittsburgh just announced color rush for the game on Sunday night. I don’t think that was their original plan, NFL must’ve let them change when the game was flexed
  4. It’s a promotion the bills are doing for that day, one of the reasons why last week I thought this game could be a color rush game. https://www.buffalobills.com/news/bills-to-host-canada-day-at-new-era-field-on-dec-8
  5. As I hinted at early last week, Bills will be in red color rush for Canada day. Unfortunately though, they’ll be back to regular grey facemasks. Does anyone know if Baltimore posts what pants they’ll wear during the week?
  6. Bills will be wearing WHITE facemasks on their helmets on Thursday. Can also confirm GUD with blue on blue as well but I also think they are doing the all white sock look as well
  7. I wouldn’t rule out the Bills breaking out the red color rush again for thanksgiving. Not saying it’s gonna happen, just a thought. Maybe against Baltimore since they are marketing that game as “Canada Day.” With them oddly not doing the throwback game with Miami this year makes me think they might be wanting to wear red one more time.
  8. Blue on white for the Bills vs Denver. First time for a home game this year they’re wearing something they’ve already worn once at home.
  9. Bills going regular white on blue in Miami this week. Can’t remember the last time Miami wore a non throwback/non white jersey at home against the bills for a day game
  10. Missed practice this morning but Bills tweeted white jersey blue pants for Sunday vs the Browns
  11. The Bills haven't worn a blue version of their throwbacks since 2010. Ever since Nike took over in 2012 they've worn the white one. As to why the full change from white to blue I have no idea. Maybe they think the white throwback jersey contrasts more from their normal home/road set than the blue throwback? Maybe the white throwbacks sold more than the blue throwbacks when they wore both simultaneously in 2009 as part of the AFL anniversary?
  12. Bills will be in the white throwbacks this week against the Redskins. The Bills have worn a different uniform combination for every home game they’ve had so far this year
  13. I was talking about for a road game. Yeah sorry should’ve been more specific, I meant with their current set.
  14. Blue on white for the Bills. Don’t think we’ve ever seen them go blue on blue for a road game, wouldn’t rule out the possibility for thanksgiving but I doubt it
  15. Bills in standard white on white this week, not the throwbacks. Was hoping for white on blue but knew it was a long shot
  16. Is this confirmed? The release the Dolphins made when they announced these uniforms kind of made it seem to me that the white version would replace the aqua ones. https://www.miamidolphins.com/news/dolphins-will-wear-white-throwback-uniforms-in-2019
  17. Interesting. I would've had my money on them wearing the throwbacks during that 3 game home stand weeks 7-9 for a change of pace, potentially against either Philadelphia or Washington. Besides Miami, The Bills have worn the throwbacks against a different team each year at home since 2012 (STL, CAR, MIA, IND, NE, OAK, JAX)
  18. White on Blue again this week for the Bills. If they beat the Giants maybe there's a chance we will see the white on blue at home week 3 against the Bengals.
  19. Bills going with blue pants this week. Interesting that the little video shows the player in solid red socks but I don't think there's anything to that
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