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  1. NASCAR Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro Template Here is a livery template for the NASCAR Next Gen car, which will be making its debut for the 2022 season. This one is for the Camaro. C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  2. London Grenadiers London, Ontario Eastern Conference New Stadium The second team, the London Grenadiers. Named after the 18th century/colonial era British Empire special forces, who were famous for their red uniforms, hence the name "Redcoats". The logo mimics that of the Canadian Grenadier Guard. Logo: Uniforms: Wordmark: C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  3. I was going to say, I wasn't even aware of the Remparts hockey team. I don't think it would be a bad idea to have teams for 2 different sports with the same name. I also did some research and the Remparts are a minor league/junior hockey team, so it may not be as much of a problem like if they were an NHL team.
  4. Les Remparts du Quebec (Quebec City Ramparts) Eastern Conference Telus Stadium (at Universite Laval), would eventually move to a new, larger stadium The first team of the expansion, the Quebec City Ramparts (known as Les Remparts du Quebec in French, and are referred to as such since French is the official language of Quebec). Quebec City has been mentioned many times in both CFL and NHL expansion discussions. The word "Rampart" usually refers to a stone wall used to defend a city or castle. As one of Quebec City's most famous landmarks are the city's walls and fort, the name "Ramparts" was chosen. "To stand rampart" is also used as a general term for standing "on-guard" in defense of something. The logo features the letters "RQ" in a royal stylized font, and an outline of a bastion fort, the same style as the fortress in Quebec City. The colors match those on the coat of arms of Quebec City. Logo: Uniforms: Logo with Wordmark: C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  5. CFL Expansion So, I've done an NFL expansion thread, and created a league in Britain (British Gridiron League), so the next logical step is to do a Canadian Football League expansion. With the NFL season now over and the Chiefs doing, well, whatever that was last night, I present the CFL expansion, to reach a total of 16 teams. C & C Welcome and Appreciated.
  6. Really like this concept, interesting league background concept and unique team names for sure.
  7. Barons uniform update An update to the Oklahoma City Barons uniform. Decided to ditch the orange because it's obnoxious and unnecessary. The green and white are because those are Oklahoma's state colors, and the black is self-explanatory (oil is black, Barons=Oil Barons). C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  8. Yeah I guess it does look a little bit like that. Either concept could work, and I do agree that the "new" concept with the gray looks a little bit like a lot of college teams (A&M, and Missouri State come to mind for me).
  9. These are nice. Maybe the Ferrari ones (especially Vettel) should be a New Orleans Saints jersey, people always have great expectations of both but they always tend to flop when it matters most, and they both get screwed by the officials frequently. Favorites are the Mercedes black jerseys and the Alfa Romeo white ones.
  10. What is the template that you are using? I'd appreciate a link to it, I think it's a cool one and I'd be interested in using it/
  11. Complete Rebrand Option If the team is going to drop the Red-skeins (had to say it like this because there's a filter on the website, just saying the old name) moniker and thus the Native American identity completely, then I would say that the best option would be to "commit to it" and go with a full rebrand. I decided on maroon, white, and gray for the colors. First off, they fit with the identity of the rest of the sports teams in the DC area (I decided to go against using red, white, and blue; it would look too similar to the New York Giants' logo, the Washington team's historical arch-rival). Second, they maintain the same maroon color as the old team, to show some continuity with the past. Third, they still match the general theme of white-and-gray, monumental, imposing buildings that are common in Washington DC. Logo: Uniforms: C&C Welcome and Appreciated
  12. Also, the main logo (The "W" with the Capitol Building) could work for pretty much any other name for the team that has been proposed, except maybe the Redtails or the Redwolves.
  13. My take for the Washington Not-The-(Washington Football Team). I decided to call the team the Sentinels. A Sentinel is a soldier who keeps guard over a particular thing. The name works well for a football team (although maybe not if they have a bad Defense or an Offensive Line), and it gives the impression of a fortress or a defensive stronghold, such that should be implied by the capital of a country as prominent and powerful as the United States. Logo (features a letter "W" with the dome of the US Capitol Building superimposed on it) Uniforms (keeps the same general design as the old (Washington Football Team) uniforms, but adds a chevron on the sleeve to look like military insignia) C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
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