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  1. Here's the home and away main uniforms with white helmets, I agree that those do help the logo stand out more. As far as the logo itself looks, I did actually kind of think the same thing, that it's a little static-looking and featureless. However, the plane from the top looks like this: and I feel like that I already incorporated most of the features, and if I incorporate more, it will start to look crowded. The F-14 is fairly iconic, with the large delta-shaped wings at the rear, and I think that most people would know what the plane is supposed to be.
  2. Make the tornado gray or white and make the basketball look a little more orange and then you’ll be good. WideRight’s right, it looks like a turd.
  3. Nice job! You should do similar series for baseball and basketball.
  4. I think the best use for Camping World Stadium in Orlando would be to have it as a permanent location for the Super Bowl. That way, it's truly a neutral location (unless one of the Florida teams is playing, and seeing as things are, it's gonna be awhile till that happens). The city is already a major tourist destination, with flights from just about everywhere in the United States, and enough hotel rooms to accommodate an event the size of the Super Bowl.
  5. One other thing to mention about the San Diego concept is that I decided to go with San Diego over Orlando for the AFC South team. After doing some research, it just doesn't seem feasible for Orlando to support an NFL team. The other 3 NFL teams in Florida don't have that strong of a following (as is the same with most Florida teams, except maybe the Miami Heat and the TB Lightning). I feel that adding a fourth team to the state would oversaturate the market. It's different with California (The Aviators would be California's 4th team) or even Texas (if the team would be located in Austin, which was the other option I was considering. Austin Aviators sounds pretty cool, I'll probably do a concept for that later, but I digress), since each of the cities has its own identity, whereas most Florida cities are very similar. I think that San Diego was a stronger football market than Los Angeles is (both the Chargers and Rams's home games are full of away team fans). I'm still going to do a concept for an Orlando team later, as well as an Austin team.
  6. SAN DIEGO AVIATORS San Diego, CA Division: AFC South Stadium: SDCCU Stadium Logos: Wordmarks: Uniforms: I know that the poll that I put in here the other day said that "San Diego Aces" was the preferred choice, but when I thought about it more, the name "Aces" seems like more of a name for a baseball team. "Aviators" placed second, and it just seemed like a better fit. The team's colors take after the San Diego Fleet AAF team, except the Away Alternate uniforms, which is inspired by the former San Diego Chargers, and it is also sort of a sky blue. The logo is a stylized version of the F-14 Tomcat (a.k.a. the planes from Top Gun), which were stationed in San Diego. C&C Welcome.
  7. Would be the AFC South team for Viperion101 x NFL Expansion. Logo is a fighter jet, colors are blue-gray and gold, like the Fleet.
  8. Top Left: The color that Imgur displays Top Right: The color that Inkscape displays, the correct color Bottom: Both shades of green are the same between Imgur and Inkscape. I was only asking if there was a way to prevent this from happening with the shades of red. Also, the San Antonio Texans, the Miami Dolphins (kind of), Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies, and a few other NBA teams all use teal or some variant of mint green. The original maroon doesn't clash with the green used on the uniforms, but the one that Imgur displays does a little bit.
  9. It's the red that seems to be different.
  10. The reason I went with the "mint green" was to try and match the color of the San Antonio Texans, a former CFL team that played in San Antonio. I also wanted more of a "neon"/"electric" color than a color like the D-Backs green.
  11. Problem: So I create something in Inkscape: And then I post it into Imgur and it shows up like this: The Inkscape window is the most updated version of my concept (I know it says "Venom", it's a different area of my drawing page. What I'm really trying to show is the color difference). If I'm not mistaken, there is a difference between the top picture and the bottom one (pay special attention to the red). Is there any way to fix this? The red on the concept is really supposed to be more of a maroon, as in the top picture, but ends up looking like something other than maroon on the bottom one.
  12. San Antonio Venom VIPERS Update Decided to change the name and modify the colors a little bit. If anyone is able to tell me how to keep Imgur from hypersaturating the colors from Inkscape (will explain in a new post), please let me know. It's very irritating when I come up with something on Inkscape that I really like, and once I upload it to Imgur, it's a different color than I want. Logos: Wordmarks: Uniforms:
  13. Okay so I think something's screwed up. The teal on the uniforms is supposed to be the same color as the teal on the logo (so it actually looks green-ish, not Cyan. The color formula is supposed to be R55/G255/B165). There must have been something that went wrong with Inkscape (where I create the concepts) or Imgur (where I host them). I'll experiment with making the color a little darker, though.
  14. Really good work on these! Seems like the best way to get pro sports to Hawaii (this could be done with other sports, especially baseball), since it is logistically difficult for any of the mainland leagues to put a team in Hawaii.