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  1. Birmingham Cannons South Division Stadium: Villa Park Jersey Sponsor: Barclays The next team, the Birmingham Cannons. The name comes from Birmingham's history as a gun manufacturing center. I went for more of a "classic look" with this concept. Main Logo Uniforms Banner Wordmark C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  2. Edinburgh Name Change, and 2 Expansion Teams I have decided to change the name of the Edinburgh team to the Kelpies, after the horse-like shape-shifting figure from Scottish mythology. I think that it has a more genuine, Scottish theme to it, rather than the generic "Highlanders". Additionally, I have added 2 additional teams to the league (just names for now, concepts coming shortly): Newcastle Vibe (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England)- Named after the city's vibrant nightlife, as well as its contributions to British rock music. Belfast Emeralds (Belfast, Northern Ireland)- Ireland is known as the "Emerald Isle". Somewhat generic, however, that is probably the best way to avoid creating any controversy.
  3. Liverpool Steamers North Division Stadium: Anfield Road Jersey Sponsor: Cunard Line The next team, the Liverpool Steamers. The team's name comes from Liverpool's history as a major port and ship-building center. Many famous ships, such as the Olympic and the Titanic. The ships were named "RMS", or Royal Mail Steamer, hence the name "Steamers". Main Logo Uniforms: Banner Logo Wordmark C&C Welcome and appreciated.
  4. Glasgow Griffons North Division Stadium: Ibrox Stadium Jersey Sponsor: Lipton Tea The first Scottish team in the league, the Glasgow Griffons. Went with a more simple logo on this one. Main Logo Uniforms Banner Logo Wordmark
  5. It's a tongue, the reason I put it where I did was because I used the traditional Welsh Dragon as a reference, which features the tongue in the place that it is in the logo.
  6. Cardiff Dragons South Division Stadium: Principality Stadium Jersey Sponsor: Iceland Supermarkets The next team, the Cardiff Dragons. The name draws from the association of the red dragon with Wales. Main Logo: Banner Logo: Wordmark: Uniforms: C&C Welcome and Appreciated!
  7. Oklahoma City Barons New Logo Updated the Oklahoma City Barons Logo. Wanted to make the logo less complicated, and more unique (I feel the old logo borrowed too heavily from the old Houston Oilers logo). The design within the oil drop is supposed to be a stylized "B". Updated onto the home uniforms: C&C Welcome and appreciated.
  8. CALGARY ICEMEN STADIUM (a.k.a. The Fridge or The Ice Cube) Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Capacity: 77,813 (without suites); 80,778 (with suites) Shared Sports: Soccer, Canadian Football League (both are only part-time, Calgary doesn't have an MLS team, and the Calgary Stampeders CFL Team has their own stadium) The Calgary Icemen Stadium (The Fridge), is the largest stadium in Canada. It features many windows, to let in natural light, and a retractable roof, so it can be opened during fair weather. The stadium is compatible with the CFL, which is why the sidelines are so wide. C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  9. Updated Southampton Spitfires Logo. Made the lines thicker on the exhaust pipes, and simplified the windows.
  10. Southampton Spitfires (s/o to Brian in Boston for the name suggestion- I looked into it a bit more and I think that it would go well) South Division Stadium: St. Mary's Stadium Jersey Sponsor: British Airways Main Logo (on background): Banner Logo: Uniforms: C&C Welcome and appreciated.
  11. Updated Away Uniform Changed the away uniforms for Manchester a little bit, makes it easier to tell them apart from the home uniforms. Also moved the logo closer to the center of the helmet.
  12. Yeah I kind of agree with you about the away jerseys, that it's hard to tell them apart. I still think the stripe would be part of the team's overall identity, so I think it'd be a good idea to keep it.
  13. Manchester Industry North Division Stadium: Etihad Stadium Jersey Sponsor: Siemens Presenting the Manchester Industry, a.k.a. the Discount Pittsburgh Steelers (just kidding, that wasn't my intent). The name comes from the city's industrial past (in fact, Manchester is known as the "first industrial city"). The color scheme comes from worker bees and bees in general being a symbol of the city. Main Logo: Banner Logo: Wordmark (would not include the "est. 2020" and "Gridiron Football Club" on it) Uniforms: C&C welcome and appreciated!