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  1. Yeah I guess it does look a little bit like that. Either concept could work, and I do agree that the "new" concept with the gray looks a little bit like a lot of college teams (A&M, and Missouri State come to mind for me).
  2. These are nice. Maybe the Ferrari ones (especially Vettel) should be a New Orleans Saints jersey, people always have great expectations of both but they always tend to flop when it matters most, and they both get screwed by the officials frequently. Favorites are the Mercedes black jerseys and the Alfa Romeo white ones.
  3. What is the template that you are using? I'd appreciate a link to it, I think it's a cool one and I'd be interested in using it/
  4. Complete Rebrand Option If the team is going to drop the Red-skeins (had to say it like this because there's a filter on the website, just saying the old name) moniker and thus the Native American identity completely, then I would say that the best option would be to "commit to it" and go with a full rebrand. I decided on maroon, white, and gray for the colors. First off, they fit with the identity of the rest of the sports teams in the DC area (I decided to go against using red, white, and blue; it would look too similar to the New York Giants' logo, the Washington team's historical arch-rival). Second, they maintain the same maroon color as the old team, to show some continuity with the past. Third, they still match the general theme of white-and-gray, monumental, imposing buildings that are common in Washington DC. Logo: Uniforms: C&C Welcome and Appreciated
  5. Also, the main logo (The "W" with the Capitol Building) could work for pretty much any other name for the team that has been proposed, except maybe the Redtails or the Redwolves.
  6. My take for the Washington Not-The-(Washington Football Team). I decided to call the team the Sentinels. A Sentinel is a soldier who keeps guard over a particular thing. The name works well for a football team (although maybe not if they have a bad Defense or an Offensive Line), and it gives the impression of a fortress or a defensive stronghold, such that should be implied by the capital of a country as prominent and powerful as the United States. Logo (features a letter "W" with the dome of the US Capitol Building superimposed on it) Uniforms (keeps the same general design as the old (Washington Football Team) uniforms, but adds a chevron on the sleeve to look like military insignia) C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  7. Not that I'm aware of, I just posted it as its own separate thread earlier. The concept is original, though.
  8. Alaska Amaroks Anchorage, AK, USA Sullivan Center (expanded) or new arena The Alaska Amaroks would be the first of the major North American sports to have a team in Alaska. The team is based in Anchorage, the state's largest city. An Amarok is a large wolf in Native Alaskan mythology. Main Logo: Uniforms: Wordmark: I know this is a crosspost. I put it in here so people can see the full concept for the expansion without having to jump around between threads. Please do not lock the topic. C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  9. Saskatchewan Harvesters Saskatoon, SK, Canada SaskTel Centre The first (second if you count the Amaroks) team is the Saskatchewan Harvesters. The name comes from the wheat industry in Saskatchewan, and the colors are associated with the province in general. Saskatoon has been mentioned frequently in expansion discussions for the NHL (there was actually talk of the St. Louis Blues moving there in the 1980's, in the midst of ownership issues). Main Logo: Uniforms: Wordmark: C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  10. Going ahead and making this a whole series. With its expansion into the Seattle market, the NHL seems to be in an expansion mindset. NEW TEAMS: Alaska Amaroks (Anchorage, AK, new arena), Western Conference Saskatchewan Harvesters (SaskTel Centre), Western Conference Kansas City (Name TBA, Sprint Center), Western Conference Milwaukee (Name TBA, Fiserv Forum), Western Conference Quebec City Nordiques (Colisee Pepsi), Eastern Conference Moncton (Name TBA, Expanded Avenir Centre), Eastern Conference Hamilton (Name TBA, FirstOntario Centre), Eastern Conference Hampton Roads (Name TBA, new arena), Eastern Conference Have a few concepts ready, however, it may be awhile until I get more of them up. Work and stuff.
  11. Also here's the next template, it's a Chevy Malibu race car. Would be in the upcoming racing series mentioned above (the base models would mainly be mid-size sedans, instead of full-size or sports sedans that are featured in NASCAR).
  12. Made some minor tweaks to the spoiler and the bodywork. Also wanted to note that this isn't necessarily a "NASCAR-specific" template, I didn't really mean for it to conform to a cup car, it was actually going to be for an upcoming concept series on a new racing series. However, I have done some experimenting with lengthening the front and rear of the car, to make it more like an actual NASCAR.
  13. If this topic needs to be moved, please let me know instead of just shutting it down @ moderators. I'll happily move it.
  14. A template for a Nissan Altima race car. Would not be compatible with the current generation NASCAR (it has standard-size 18-inch wheels instead of the 15-inch NASCAR wheels), but would probably be compatible with the Next Generation NASCAR, or your own racing series. Based on the 2018 Nissan Altima. Base blueprint was from, and was traced and modified. Feel free to use it, it's my first take at making a base template, so bear with me if it isn't exactly perfect. C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  15. Replaced the main logo with the Alaska logo for all of the uniforms. I feel it helps distinguish the team as "uniquely Alaskan", instead of just the head, which could end up being rather generic. I also think that the Alaska logo is in better contrast with the uniform than the old logo.
  16. Went ahead and made the outlines thicker. Also removed the word "Alaska" from the Alaska Heritage uniforms, the state outline seems to do the trick.
  17. Some stadiums that I've made for some of my concept sports teams. I think this is the right forum for these, let me know if this thread should be moved. Links to the concept threads: NFL Expansion:
  18. Concept Update I posted something and then made a major change shortly after. What's new. Updated Main Logo (mostly minor changes, but they make it look better and more professional) Main Logo with Alaska Outline (this combination could be the main logo) Updated Uniforms Uniform with Alaska logo ("Alaska Heritage"/like a City Jersey) Updated Wordmark with a new font
  19. Yep I just realized that with the KISS logo. When I was using the font I thought it looked familiar but I wasn't exactly sure where.
  20. The Alaska Amaroks would be an NHL expansion team, based in Anchorage, Alaska. Since the Sullivan Center is not big enough to host NHL games, a new arena would need to be constructed. The team would draw support from all around the state of Alaska (market size of about 750,000), as well as the Canadian province of Yukon. They would play in the Western Conference. The franchise would be the only Big 4 (American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey) sports team in Alaska. An Amarok is a giant wolf in Inuit (Native peoples of Alaska and the North American Arctic) mythology. Main Logo: Wordmark: Uniforms: The pattern on the wordmark and the uniforms is based on an Inuit art theme, and also represents the mountains in Alaska. The uniforms all feature the Big Dipper, which is depicted on Alaska's state flag. C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  21. That's literally the Dallas Renegades logo on top of the Dallas Cowboys logo. It looks good though.
  22. Kansas City Stealth court The court at the Sprint Center features the skyline of Kansas City as a background. The slogan "Attack. Defend. Dominate" is inspired (but not an exact copy) of that of the 509th Bomb Wing (which is based at Whiteman AFB and flies the B-2 Spirit Bombers), "Defend, Avenge". The slogan is also a fairly generic sports slogan.