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  1. It looks like a generic Spring Training logo by MLB to me.
  2. I actually didn't expect this to win, but it's pretty nice because it has the familiar sights of New York State, especially with the inclusion of the Manhattan skyline with the Freedom Tower that was just completed in 2012.
  3. I sometimes see the 2000s-era New York license plates on people's cars, especially if their cars were from the 2000s. I usually see it as an alternative plate for to the one we have now for cars that are sold in New York State.
  4. Ever since I saw that current New York plate, it always make me think that it was an old license plate from the 1960s. Heck, it even looked like a mish-mash of the plates from the early 1960s. (1960) (1962)
  5. I saw that design earlier just a few days ago while I was shopping for butter at a local deli, which was also advertised as a grocery store. Strangely enough, I never thought that Smartfood would ever change their logo at all given that they used that logo for decades. At least for what I've saw because they used a different logo in the early 90s.
  6. NHL: New York Rangers NBA: not a huge fan of the NBA to be honest MLB: New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays NFL: Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants
  7. They were... alright. They surely were more recognizable with the colors being represented more with their logo (aside from the black). But I kinda like how they switched to the Orange/Blue jerseys around the early 2010s. Makes it more represented towards their logo. Not that I care about the Mets jerseys, since most of them are either rip offs of the Yankees, Dodgers, and Giants, or they're just stuff reminiscent of Shea Stadium/Citi Field. The Yankees jerseys are much better looking in comparison. Especially since they used them for over 80 years now. At least with the pinstripes home jerseys.
  8. I'd feel like if that was the reason why it's #3 on one of their redesigned license plates, then that's kind of awkward considering I don't think New Yorkers really care about a bridge that came from upstate New York. Even as somebody who has lived his whole life in the NYC metropolitan area (Staten Island, per se), then I kinda like the NYC bridges even more because of bias. Even with that, I think they're more familiar than say something that came from Westchester. A lot of New Yorkers (upstate and in the NYC area) might agree with me on that. Maybe even outside of New York State to be honest given the popularity we had since the United States became a country.
  9. As a native New Yorker, even I have to agree that number 3 is my least favorite out of all the recently redesigned license plates. The bridge looks nothing like an actual New York bridge, let alone a New York City bridge (which are the most notable bridges in the state like the George Washington Bridge, or the Brooklyn Bridge, or even the Verazzano Bridge). It looks like it came from San Francisco.
  10. I'd vote for #5 because it is reminiscent of a previous New York license plate from the 2000s that I remember seeing all the time on various vehicles. ^ This one is what I'm talking about.