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  1. Thank you so much for responce Whittier and thank you Atomic for fixing my post. I didn't want to post the image since it's a large file and didn't want to mess up the thread layout hehe. Yeah i'm not too happy with the letter Q. When adding the tail gets tricky. I'm basing this off the consistency and the pattern from the Giants letters... Let's split some hairs: Using the letter O as the base to create the letter Q, do you think the tail is a straight, not slanted in between, with the hexagon head in the end?
  2. I'm designing an alphabet sheet using the letters that the San Francisco Giants uses. We all know the closest font to their respectful logo is the IFC Hardball with some editing of course. I own a jacket from their 1st world series 2010. What I love is the use of the letters so I decided to see what the rest of the letters would look like that haven't been used yet here: The letter B is using the letter P as a base like in the jacket. The letter F is using the letter E as a base like in the jacket The letters J, K, Q, U, Z i'm assuming what it would look like. Any suggestions? For example I was thinking maybe the letter J should be a opposite letter L like in the jacket. The letters V, X, Y i'm using the letter W as a base like in the jacket.
  3. Regarding Adam Gase, were the Jets even supposed to be competitive this year? The Le'veon Bell signing seemed like a smoke screen.
  4. Looks boring. Imagine if Yahooligans was still around
  5. Edit: Ha! Somone already posted Matt Cain already lmao. Let me edit to show Bruce Bochy. I know, I know he's not a "player" but it was interesting in 2011 he switched his number to accomodate Carlos Beltran's number 15 even though he was a trade rental.
  6. NBA: Bulls - I grew up in the Jordan era. NHL: Sharks - No teams breaks my heart every year than the Sharks. MLB: Giants - Born and raise in the Bay. NFL: 49ers - See above