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  1. Cards need to do something with their helmets. The almost all-white buckets make their heads seem ridiculously large. They look like a team of Great Gazoos.
  2. Great job on those Guelph logos!! IMO, all of them are better than what they currently have. They were the Platers, with a lightning bolt element in their logo. Too bad they couldn't include the bolt in a storm logo to weld the two eras.
  3. The white-pants-uniform would look great for a Winter Classic. With the red pants, I'd like to see you lower the waist chevron and then run the red right to the bottom of the sweater. With the white below the striping (over the red pants), the look, unfortunately, reminds me of the NFL idiots with their un-tucked t-shirts. The flame maple leaf is a fantastic idea!!
  4. Saw the whole thing on Behance. Great series!
  5. The chevron with "North" makes perfect sense because, well, the chevron is pointing north (up). I agree with IceCap that a North special edition uni should be just crisp, clean, red & white like Canada's flag. Red letters on black's a mistake IMO.
  6. ghost316


    Really nice to see a Fraser concept on the boards again. I saw this on twitter and, (other than the fact that the maroon colour could've been a little more maroon-y), thought it was incredibly well done.
  7. My molar's aching just looking at that Jawbreakers logo. Excellent series!!!
  8. Good point. Gloves usually look better, IMO, when they match the lower sleeve colour (the part that runs into the glove). So yes, if the uni concepts are accurate, with dark blue being the fore-arm colour on both home and away, a mostly dark blue glove colour would look best on both.
  9. Sometimes, there's a very practical reason why there's a uniform aesthetic standard. For example, light-coloured pants (white or tan) look pretty neat for a single game, but for an entire season they'd get pretty grubby-looking, pretty fast, from sliding down the pine. I imagine that the only-1-colour standard for gloves per season is a holdover from the days when players only received 1 pair of gloves for an entire season. Jeez, some players today use a couple of pairs of gloves per game. So, in today's game, a different colour glove for home and away is quite do-able. Vegas showed us that white gloves look fantastic with the white away sweaters and helmets.. I wouldn't be surprised if Seattle and other teams start following that trend. Anyway, I agree with Ridleylash. 1&2
  10. Wasn't the "St. Louis Olympiques" name more relevant to field lacrosse at the 1904 Olympics?
  11. Gawd, I LOVE this helmet: and doesn't it play into the current "Hey-look-at-ME-it's-all-about-ME" climate of the current NFL? Each player has his own personal logo on his brain-bucket! It's brilliant! Stick a fork in it!
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