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  1. I don't know these uniforms just are not working for me maybe the pullover if they used the red black and gold on it instead of black and gold, but that is just me i guess.
  2. Here are Southwest Baptist Bearcats logos.. and the MIAA conference logo which each school has in their school colors and this is SBU's former logo and this is the
  3. Here are some of Northwest Missouri State Bearcats various championship rings 2016 National Championship 2015 National Championship 2015 MIAA mens basketball championship rings
  4. here are some more like Lindenwood Lions member of the MIAA> Missouri Southern State University Lions of the MIAA. Missouri Western State University Griffons I have more if your interested.
  5. Nothing wrong with it, just needs a small update, Ava, Missouri high school got told they could not use the bearhead so they updated it and it looks great! https://www.hudl.com/team/v2/31283/Boys-Varsity-Football
  6. As a member of the MVC, I wish Missouri State would update their bearhead logo, and also create a alt logo and a wordmark that is somewhat similiar to the old "SMS" wordmark!
  7. Agreed, MLB should make sure that Nike puts their logo on the sleeve like the NFL has.
  8. I believe this is the Missouri State Bears baseball Missouri Valley championship ring, this is my favorite ring i have seen since the 2011 St. louis Cardinals World Series ring.
  9. Might be because Arizona is one of the premier softball teams in the nation.
  10. Like the former logo of the school i graduated from, Reeds Spring High School in missouri.
  11. I enjoy the Buccaneers concept, the only thing i would change is make the helmet logo a alt logo for the throwback style, other than that great work.
  12. The shading of white oval next to the left eye makes it look like there is 2 eyes next to each other, maybe by making the white oval smaller it would help.
  13. In southwest Missouri we have a post Christmas tournament called the Blue and Gold tournament on the campus of Missouri State, and one of the more interesting match ups uniform wise in the Republic Tigers vs the Skyline Tigers. http://www.ozarkssportszone.com/2018/12/26/pictures-republic-55-skyline-39/
  14. I just found a photo of the back of Southeast Missouri State Redhawks jersey, and it has the same kind of player nameplate as Oregon does
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