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  1. IMO the Guardians nailed it. They didn’t pull any “Cleveland Baseball Team” BS, they didn’t nuke the whole identity, and they aren’t acting like their history is nonexistent. I don’t think they need to change color scheme or whatever to distance themselves as much as possible from anything associated with the Indians brand. It seems to me that they’re doing this in the most honest and admirable way possible. The color scheme wasn’t wrong, the script and overall uniform style wasn’t wrong, it was just the team name. They changed it. If anything, the whole ordeal can be a learning opportunity. They can keep their history with the (significant) asterisk of “yeah the nickname was a misstep.”
  2. This is exactly what I’ve always thought! Red stripes on a white jersey are kinda covered by the 49ers and Giants, but the blue numbers help a lot (and the Giants should change anyway).
  3. I see it said here all the time - “when are these owners gonna start saying no to Nike?!” It does happen and you’re right, this might be the case.
  4. Absolutely. I think it’s been under appreciated, the fact that they didn’t touch the helmet. Didn’t change the finish or the face mask or anything. Kinda crazy.
  5. They’ve worn crazier alternates before - no riots. It’s gonna happen.
  6. I’d be shocked if they weren’t worn and were only produced for the spring game. You know that now it’s an option, the players will want it.
  7. Michigan debuted new blue pants in their spring game. I fully expect them to be worn at least once this season. Tradition aside I think they look great.
  8. Gray facemasks are fantastic.
  9. The TV numbers on the bone jersey are italicized and they just look so cheap. Man, the Falcons are kinda dumb but they’re so simplistic and harmless to me. The Rams just look awful.
  10. How can anyone disagree that the Rams have the worst uniforms in the league? The shades of blue and yellow look so amateur. The bone...my lord. If anyone should have that base color for an away uni, it’s not an LA team with bright colors. The sleeves...weird half curves, cheap (suddenly italicized?) numbers that are thrown on there off centered. It just looks...so bad.
  11. Bucs all-pewter is my favorite look of theirs.
  12. Michigan looks best on the road with the white striped pants. Not sure what the popular opinion is here, but it seems most Michigan fans prefer the maize pants. I love how the striping on the white pants matches up with the helmet stripes. It also keeps them balanced and not too maize heavy. I love the name Minnesota Wild. It works with the geographic name. If it was the Los Angeles Wild, or even the Minneapolis Wild, it would be some XFL-level cheese. But I see it as short for Minnesota Wildlife. I love their branding that has stayed somewhat minimalistic (I’m sure there’s a better word to use there). But the logo being an undefined wild creature, with the imagery of a nature scene...idk, I just think the name Minnesota Wild works really well.
  13. The Browns have the best uniforms in football and it’s not even close. And orange is one of my least favorite colors. They are literally perfect.
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