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  1. does anyone have a good Under Armour football uniform PSD Template?
  2. what template did you use? and how did you change the color of the brand logo?
  3. When this is all said and done, will you have done all the FBS teams?
  4. BLANK uniform full body procombat tops bottoms helmet styles revo speed striped procambat with flywire no flywire techfit tops reebok tops cleats white black no sock black2 revolution helmet F S B are these available as a psd??
  5. are these available as a .psd?
  6. What templates did you use for your Complete College Football Redesign? 

  7. What template did you use? and how did you get the logos on the jerseys?
  8. If only these were the REAL NHL logos!!!
  9. What fonts are used by Notre Dame?
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