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  1. Anybody know the Rams new NOB font?
  2. What templates did you use for your Complete College Football Redesign? 

  3. Pacers City Uniform has officially been revealed... More images and a video on Pacers.com/City I actually really like these! It's less busy than the original pinstripe unis and their 5 stripe collars and double outlines on the wordmark and numbers, and the side panel design adds a touch of FloJo flair. I actually wouldn't mind it if they moved to this as their regular set - just need a white and yellow version. Also, I'm definitely going to need to acquire a shirt with this logo on it:
  4. I like the navy, brick red, and old gold!
  5. I really like this look for the Pacers! The winged basketball logo is really nice, and a welcome replacement for the simple roundel. I'd buy a shirt with that on it in a heartbeat. The updated FloJo home and road unis look really nice. The narrower striping would help them look a little less '90s on the court, and the sublimated vertical lines tie in nicely to the current "We Grow Basketball Here" brand. My only suggestion would be to make the shorts logo larger and move it over to the side of the shorts, opposite the stripes. That would help balance out that side of the uniform. I'm personally not a huge fan of logos in place of wordmarks, but your yellow jersey works pretty well. I like inspiration of the late '80s uniforms. I'm really digging the brickyard inspiration of the City Edition. For the Indy script, maybe you could use the Visit Indy logo, which is similar. Also, I'd like to see the version with navy and brick red - I think that could actually work really well.
  6. Notre Dame with lotsa patches this year. “Rally” seems to be the team mantra for the season, but I’m not sure what it’s doing on the jersey...
  7. Those Jacksonville uniforms are wonderfully 90s, and I think it works for an expansion team from that era (See Miami, Tampa, Arizona). I agree with the others that the logo doesn't quite work though. The detailed, illustrated style with that font looks more 70s than 90s. I'd take a look at a lot of logos from 90s expansion teams across all sports to get an idea of the distinct style from that era. I think your updated Seattle logo is a HUGE upgrade, and I like the look of the drop shadows and lime green. I loved the simple green and white as well though, so you could really go either way.
  8. Love those scripts and cap logo, as well as the simple green and white color scheme (other than the Seattle-required florescent green alt).
  9. My favorite option for the roundel is A2, but any of the A options would be a big improvement!
  10. Denver looks really nice. The Angels font works great here, and I think the yellow-heavy look is a success, as the navy cap, undershirt, and socks help balance things out. I agree with NDFreek on the roundel - maybe try navy with yellow text instead of the white with navy text.
  11. Great series so far! New York is a strong, classic baseball look that fits the city. I especially like your unique take on an interlocking NY. Indianapolis looks great, and as an Indy resident I’d proudly rep the team. I love the name - great job finding a unique Indianapolis inspiration (i.e. not racing). I also like how the Unions script looks like it’s been around forever (and it has according to the throwback), meaning it’s not super clean like many modern scripts but also doesn’t look sloppy and unprofessional. The references to the city flag are great too. And as far as the overall look, I like the combo of Dodgers-inspired home and Cubs-inspired road - funny how they go together perfectly. Looking forward to the rest of this series!
  12. Pittsburgh Love this logo. Bold lines, not over-designed, and it does a good job of conveying motion. I like the addition of silver/grey too, I works well with the black and bright yellow. As far as your question, I prefer the name Hammers - Ironmen just congers up images of the super hero. Supersonics I really like the general idea of this one, but I think the line work could use some tweaks. I would make the green inline and basketball lines thicker, and make the basketball lines an even weight. I would make the start of the vapor trail the same thickness as the other lines, and then taper it thinner as it gets closer to the plane.
  13. Yep, after seeing this and some of the NOBs (on retail images and the Joey Bosa pic) that’s definitely the Vikings (right number) font, just slightly condensed and italicized. I don’t mind that, it’s a really nice rounded block font. Wouldn’t mind more teams using it as a base and making slight tweaks to it.
  14. Absolutely beautiful. Simple, classy, bright. Clean custom* number font. Contrasting socks. No inconsistencies in striping, outlines, etc. The alternates aren't great with the monochrome neck to toe, but the colors are nice and I like that the design is consistent with the primary home and road looks. My only complaint is that I'd rather see powder pants than yellow, but that's minor. I give them a 9/10. Easily a top-10 look now. * I say custom, but it looks to me like they just took the Vikings number font (the non-serif one) and made it italic. No issues with that, it's a nice font.
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