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  1. Pacers City Uniform has officially been revealed... More images and a video on I actually really like these! It's less busy than the original pinstripe unis and their 5 stripe collars and double outlines on the wordmark and numbers, and the side panel design adds a touch of FloJo flair. I actually wouldn't mind it if they moved to this as their regular set - just need a white and yellow version. Also, I'm definitely going to need to acquire a shirt with this logo on it:
  2. I really like this look for the Pacers! The winged basketball logo is really nice, and a welcome replacement for the simple roundel. I'd buy a shirt with that on it in a heartbeat. The updated FloJo home and road unis look really nice. The narrower striping would help them look a little less '90s on the court, and the sublimated vertical lines tie in nicely to the current "We Grow Basketball Here" brand. My only suggestion would be to make the shorts logo larger and move it over to the side of the shorts, opposite the stripes. That would help balance out that side of the uniform. I'm personally not a huge fan of logos in place of wordmarks, but your yellow jersey works pretty well. I like inspiration of the late '80s uniforms. I'm really digging the brickyard inspiration of the City Edition. For the Indy script, maybe you could use the Visit Indy logo, which is similar. Also, I'd like to see the version with navy and brick red - I think that could actually work really well.
  3. Hey man, saw in a thread in the requests forum that you have vectors of Boston College's font. If you still have it would you mind sending it to me? Thanks.

  4. If it's alright with you to have me present a team in the way you do, what size do you put the helmet on? Just wondering if there's a specific way you do it.

  5. Did you use Commando by chance for your personal logo? I was considering it for my Panthers concept... Just was wondering.

  6. Hello Im looking for a Graphic Design to help me design uniform for my new sports uniform brand call Validation Athletics also need a logo for so it can be my stamp like the Swoop is for nike. If you are interest in this project but let me tell you i do have a small budget this is an energing business not rich yet. Email me