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  1. The white unis they’ve been wearing are on the new Under Armour template and have some slight tweaks to the trim. The white and gold are assuredly an alternate - they had that same design last year but in navy and gold (with no white).
  2. The new rocket is a huge improvement - it looks much less cartoony. However, I'd reduce the stroke weight a little of the basketball seams and around the rocket. It's a little overpowering, especially with the thin font used. Beyond that, this would be by far the best logo the Rockets have ever had.
  3. That was just a one-off graphic for "Basketball Day in Indiana" on Saturday, a partnership with FOX Sports Indiana that "televise[d] more than 14 hours of high school, college and Pacers coverage." They also played two high school games at Bankers Life earlier in the day.
  4. @andrewharrington is something like this what you're envisioning? Essentially what @WavePunter did in the LSU mockup above, but tapered at the bottom. I agree that this would be the most ideal solution for the UCLA stripe.
  5. My only complaint about this set, otherwise it's beautiful.
  6. You do recall correctly, but I didn't see a navy outer outline. Just a thick gold one. Also, I love the new font. The one we used initially with Under Armour was a little too thick for my liking.
  7. Yes, expect to see this with all ND teams. The school released them in a new set of athletics brand standards this offseason, which also included a standardized interlocking ND.
  8. The Indiana State Fair logo got revamped this year, and I must say they did an awesome job. Seems to be part of a whole rebranding initiative for the fairgrounds...
  9. Nice work on the Cubbies. While I don't mind the white-trimmed wordmark and numbers on the current road set (they do match the logos), the route you went looks good and has history with the club. The piping you added to the road and alt looks really nice, and is MUCH needed. My one complaint would be the NL patch on the blue jersey. I don't think anyone likes that thing lol. I'd get rid of it and consider adding the primary logo to the (player's) left sleeve, or even using the primary on the chest and the walking cub on the sleeve.
  10. @Carolingian Steamroller The 40s set didn't have a helmet logo, so I wanted to be as authentic as possible on the throwback. I would have considering changing it up and throwing back to the white C era if the unis weren't exactly the same! @Silver_Star I'm not a big fan of the Honolulu blue facemask for the Lions. I think with silver helmets I just prefer a silver or dark facemask. Any other opinions? I know the NFC North is kind of boring haha
  11. Alright, next up is the NFC Norris Division. Chicago Bears - Tweaked the home sleeve/sock stripes to be equal widths W/O/W / B / W/O/W / B / W/O/W. - Flipped the colors of the road pants stripe to match the road sleeve stripes. - Kept the 1940s throwback. Detroit Lions - Removed black from the colors scheme. - Kept the helmet/pants stripes – with blue replacing black on the outside – and tweaked the sleeve stripe. - Brought back the Thanksgiving day throwback. Green Bay Packers - Tweaked the sleeve stripes – green/white/green with thicker yellow on either side – to better work with the helmet and pants. - Removed the collar stripes and added sock stripes. - Kept the blue and yellow throwback they added last year. Minnesota Vikings - No more black facemask. - Got rid of the awkward serif/point things on the numbers. - Changed the stripe coloring on the white pants to match the white jersey.
  12. Love love love the Padres. The color scheme, logos, font, and unis are all gorgeous. And the sand road works really well with the brown and yellow. The only criticism I have is the spacing of "San Diego" in the primary logo. Shorten that space between the words a little (similar to the full wordmark) and this is perfect.
  13. As noted in a picture a few posts up, needs a third sleeve stripe. Why two? There's no history there with Houston. This is just generic, catalog order stuff. I think this his works pretty well. (Shameless plug alert.)