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  1. I have a question: Isn't "Dodge Ram" an oxymoron? If you're dodging something, you're trying not to ram into it! OK, nevermind. Seriously, we don't have to design a car or anything, do we?
  2. Amen, preach on! I love the current jerseys much more, but these are good, too. I do believe that if you were to make another concept jersey, it would be best to base it a little bit more on the current jerseys, as they would be more likely to be accepted by the fans.
  3. ooh, I wanna play! Memphis- Nashville- Knoxville- Wow, everybody in Tennessee is different. I knew we were weird, but this is ridiculous!
  4. NSH- Like the design, but the colors are way off. Like Coast2Coast said, there isn't really a color set that matches it perfectly, and I believe the closest is their current navy/steel/mustard. Try lightening up the brown to more of a golden brown. STL- I like it. Colors are nice. Logo is sorta auxilary looking, try to develop a main logo and use it as a shoulder patch. TB- As much as I also love Flash, I don't like these jerseys. The arm design worries me. good attempt, though.
  5. I'll join, if my 30 day free trial of Illustrator allows! Also, could you email me ( to remind me? I might forget to check here and find out due dates, etc.
  6. Ahhh, thanks guys! I appreciate the good and not so good remarks. Ok, one more time. I changed the left armband to light blue, put an 'M' on the neckline, and added a light blue pinstripe on the right side (like with the dark blue on the left). I'm almost decided that the stripes on this color jersey would look better if they were dark blue w/ light blue and gold pinstripes. One more "maybe," would the neckline look good in gold or the lightest blue?
  7. I agree, the colors don't make much sense. But, then again, not many of the NBA teams' colors make much sense, or the nicknames for that matter! (LA Lakers, etc.) But, I believe the Grizzlies were going for colors that represented Memphis well, hence the names "Beale Street Blue", "Memphis MidnightBlue", and "Smoke Blue." Oh well, anything's better than those god-awful teal jerseys they had in Vancouver! Also, decent job, NWTrekkie. I am honored to be inspiration for once.
  8. Alright, same song, second verse. I made the right stripe navy and eliminated the 'MG' logo. Would it be too radical if the left armband were light blue. Or maybe if I add more gold. And what to do with the little gold triangle on the neckline... IDK, what's your honest opinion?
  9. I like the third set as well. However, I might darken the yellow to almost the mustard on their current thirds. Other than that, FANTASTIC!
  10. I designed these Grizzlies unis on MS Paint, so be gracious w/ your C&C. Also, where ccn I get an Illustrator-like program for free/cheap? As much as i "love" Paint, I need something more professional.
  11. Great job with all the sigs, just one suggestion. With the Preds' sig, could you do it with a steel blue/navy gradient instead of yellow/navy? I think it would look a little better and make the yellow outline stand out better.
  12. Good job, Eddie. I'll be sportin' the Preds until they're done (hopefully longer than last year).
  13. Very nice. I like these numerals much better, along with the added red. BTW, I now see that you used Illustrator. Thanks, I guess I didn't look there.
  14. Umm, it's decent. The helmet is questionable, but I like your use of the sword logo on the pant leg. I personally think they should use the flames more. I like your use of red, also. They used to have a red jersey with navy shoulders that they sold as an alt. jersey, but they never wore it. I'll see if I can find a pic of it. I can tell you right now that they would not use those numbers, though. Overall, though, pretty good. BTW, what program did you do this on?
  15. Thanks, guys. I appreciate your response and welcomes. I kinda agree that they are a little flashy for the NHL, I just didn't like the fact that the Preds tend to neglect their steel blue, silver, and orange in their logo. I do agree that the skull could use some work, and I keep meaning to make the crests smaller anyway. Thanks again.
  16. Here are some Nashville Predators sweaters that I created one day, and I was wondering what y'all thought of them. Pretty decent for MS Paint, huh?