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  1. Preds Gold vs. NSC Radioactive Banana I stand by it.
  2. Not sure many North Carolinians would appreciate "SC" in their MLS team's name if it didn't have to be there.
  3. My wife called it "radioactive banana." Considering the green-ish tint, that description is kind of perfect as this thing ain't ripe.
  4. I don't think I've seen anyone mention this, but Jerry Bruckheimer is part of the NHL Seattle ownership. Considering he's the producer of the "Pirates" movies, "Kraken" makes sense in the same way "Golden Knights" does for Bill Foley. While I don't think "Kraken" is the worst name ever, I hope they go with Sockeye, work with the league to take back Metro(politan)s, or figure out something else. I really like the shade of red they're using on the new site and think it would work very well with "Sockeye" as the name. For reference: NHL SEATTLE STL CARDINALS #FF0000 RED
  5. Colorful and dynamic event identity + plain black-and-white uniforms = the modern All-Star experience. The NHL and NBA have more in common than I thought!
  6. How does the Dallas Stars' "Victory" Green compare? Seems a little richer than the Austin shade.
  7. From the AFL's press release: So this was basically an in-house job.
  8. Correct. That hat & logo were showed off by a local sports radio station on Tuesday:
  9. I may be seeing something that's not there, but... Otherwise, it's a good look.
  10. *** CAUTION: Pure Speculation Ahead *** We already know that Memphis' City Edition will be their new grey this season. It just occurred to me that since the day of their redesign, the Grizzlies have been giving away these sunglasses: (Please ignore my oddly dusty dashboard...) While they've given away sunglasses for a couple of seasons now, they're usually yellow and haven't matched a uniform before. However, my bet is on a grey set with this new "MEM" shipping container mark front-and-center.
  11. Why does the NBA insist on such a lazy approach? Every single one of these team names either (1) have a proper Spanish translation, like Toros for Bulls, or (2) would be the same word in Spanish because it's a proper noun. Is this a licensing issue? They don't want to/can't register "Sacramento Reyes," so why bother? I may be off base, but I feel like this approach could be considered offensive.
  12. The ACTUAL Conference Champs banner is already gold. If they're going to continue the different colors for different banners route, then they've run out of colors. My solution w/o redoing every banner: WHITE - Division NAVY - Presidents' Trophy GOLD - Western Conference SILVER (shimmer fabric!) - Stanley Cup