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  1. The Preds' look could be (has been) muuuuch worse than this.


    Along with making the sleeve stripes a little more interesting, I wish they had been more consistent with their application of white. Ideally, the smaller, inner stripe on the collar would be white:



  2. 4 minutes ago, Conrad. said:

    Can confirm that it follows the design I've seen, except it's missing the numbers on the upper part of the sleeves.

    Any chance this means we'll see the jerseys without numbers tomorrow? I remember they did that with a handful of World Cup jerseys, and it was SUPER annoying.

  3. 42 minutes ago, dolphins91 said:

    So are we looking at something along these lines? Just a quick mockup I did


    @hendocfc How close is this to the real thing? Is the striping any different? Maybe higher up on the sleeve with separation from the gloves?

  4. Spoiler


    1 hour ago, Ice_Cap said:

    I didn't ignore any of this. I just dismissed it becauss I just don't buy it. I'm sorry. I just think this particular argument is weak.


    And I don't buy your overtly-biased theories. Guess we're even? Still gonna finish this post.



    See, the whole "the...concern [is] about a secondary market profiting off of their product" excuse just rings hollow to me. If the Preds price their tickets at $X and someone is willing to pay $X for Y# of seats then the Preds made their money! What the secondary market does or doesn't do is immaterial! It literally doesn't matter from a purely economic perspective as far as the team goes. Once they've sold the seat? That's it.


    Make a limited number of something popular, put them on sale, and let me buy half of them for X. Then I'll go sell that thing for 4X without your blessing. You wouldn't be pissed about missing out on that profit? Or about the unsold things not being used because I priced active fans of the thing out of the market? Right.



    Be it Nashville and Tampa disliking the stigma of being a "non traditional" market with a sizeable chunk of the crowd rooting for the opposition. Or the Senators constantly being reminded that they're their third most popular team in their own city. The end result is the same. They don't like it when someone else shows up in visiting colours. 


    Nashville literally started on the back of opposing crowds thanks to Detroit transplants. Folks would wear Preds stuff every night except for Wings games, and many would layer up and adapt based on how the game was going.


    Once it became clear to ownership that the team was growing/could grow on its own, they implemented policies to help "grow the gold." They literally offered a free/discount (I forget which) Preds jersey when someone swapped in a Hawks sweater a few years back. Bush league? A little. Did many take the offer? No clue. Did they ban Hawks fans from wearing red? You know the answer by now. Are people still talking about such policies like they affect their daily lives? Resounding yes.



    My reasoning is that you don't see Toronto or New York or Chicago pulling this chicanery.


    Solid use of "chicanery." If the Rangers jumped off a bridge, would the Leafs?



    If the reasons you listed were really that big of a problem? And the policy that much of a solution? You'd see this all over the league. You don't though. You don't see MLSE and the ACC wringing their hands over Illinois postal codes and credit cards when the 'Hawks come to Toronto.


    MLSE has convinced people to give them money despite not winning a Cup since expansion. Not really a fair comparison.


    Every team has some sort of policy like this. Whether it's limiting how many tickets one can buy or using dynamic pricing/multi-game packages to capitalize on rivalries. The only thing Nashville did differently was market their plan as a "Keep Chicago/St. Louis fans out" plan basically to get attention. Now it's an every other game procedure, just part of the operation. As someone who works for a sports team and deals with ticketing stuff, I know that going to ID/credit card entry limits other problems that arise with paper tickets, including "lost" revenue in secondary markets. Other major pro teams are slowly moving to this sort of thing. (Or they're straight-up partnering with StubHub to get their cut.) They just aren't doing it as loudly as Nashville.



    It's only limited to the teams that really get irritated about fans in visiting sweaters. So...I'm sorry. It just looks like what it looks like.


    When the Preds moved to gold as a primary color, Tom Cigarran (team chairman) mentioned that yellow was psychologically linked to irritation. Whether you see it or not, part of the team's goal was to get under the skin of other fanbases. Thanks for being proof.



    And again, since you seemed to ignore this part. The Preds don't need to do this crap. The game has been grown in Nashville. Put it on a bloody banner. "2007 Ice_Cap was wrong about Nashville as a NHL market." I don't know how many other ways I can say that. You have the fan support where you don't need to do this crap.


    Agreed, they don't need to do this. But they've decided it's advantageous to their operation in ways that you fail to recognize. If outsiders' perception were a factor, then I'm sure the Preds would survey Leafs fans in Florida. Instead, they'll keep doing what they're doing, reap the benefits (including free press), and keep selling out games.



  5. 6 minutes ago, Ice_Cap said:

    They are. Or at least the team is.


    I said they were insecure. I never said it was justified.

    The shot of the crowd in downtown Nashville for game six is enough to convince me that the Preds won't have a problem filling the arena with their own fans if they trusted the free market. If just a fraction of the people who turned out became hooked as lifers? The team's in good shape when it comes to having a healthy long-term fanbase.


    They don't need the ticket policy they have. Yet they keep it. That's insecurity. Even if it isn't justified. 

    Insecurity rarely is.


    Once again, the only insecurity present here is the Preds' concern about a secondary market profiting off of their product. It's all about control of where tickets go, not what fans come to the game. It's about not letting some broker in California buy up hundreds of hot tickets and selling them for 3-4x the face value. That actually would prevent people from going to the game. Instead, they give the best rates for playoff games to renewing STHs.


    Since you clearly ignored it earlier, I'll repeat the fact that they push concert promoters to use credit card entry for shows at Bridgestone Arena. It requires the person who initially bought the tickets to show up to the event, preventing the StubHub effect and ensuring the money goes to the building and promoter.


    I don't have the story handy, but I recall some articles about the Preds (along with Ticketmaster) lobbying the TN state legislature to protect their product from scalpers and sites like StubHub. At no point have they petitioned to ban Blackhawks fans from wearing red in the state. That's called spin, which you've bought hook, line & sinker.

  6. 19 minutes ago, Ice_Cap said:

    I'm not sure "team is insecure about fanbase's ability to fill the arena so they have to literally make it impossible for opposing fans to show up" qualifies as "good" PR.


    100.3% capacity for a team that played like garbage for a good chunk of the season, just sneaking into the playoffs. If they were truly insecure about "filling the stadium," why would they turn away fans from anywhere? Just an asinine argument.



    1) When are the Leafs coming to town?

    2) Will I be able to enter the stadium in a Leafs sweater? I ask because I'm legitimately not sure if the "visiting fans" being "welcome" claim you made is entirely factual. 


    1) We'll find out soon.

    2) Legitimately not sure? I had multiple Pens fans sitting near me at Game 6. But let's talk about Nashville being insecure...

  7. 4 hours ago, Ice_Cap said:

    You kind of sunk your entire point in the last quarter there. 


    Have confidence in your fanbase. "We won't sell to those meanies from out of town" comes off as "we're afraid to trust the free market because if we do we can't fill the building." 


    As far as "morons" coming into town goes? Welcome to the economy of tourism.


    1 hour ago, the admiral said:


    Perds fans brag to anyone in earshot about what a great scene Broadway is for drinking before, during, and after games, and then get mad when anybody else does, especially when they're from Chicago. 


    It may have been about "confidence" at some point, but it sure isn't now. Just check out the difference in ticket prices this postseason between Nashville and their opponents' cities.


    I know firsthand how obnoxious *some* visiting fans can be, just as I'm sure *some* Nashville fans who have shown their butts on the road. It just so happens that the Nashville police reports are littered with Illinois ZIP codes the morning after a Hawks game. Much more than any other opponent. Visiting fans are welcome, but there's a difference between enjoying the game and being a drunken a-hole in public.


    That said, you're all still talking about a ticket policy of all things. Papers in Chicago still put out pieces about a ticket policy every season, sometimes more than once per year. Safe to say the Preds have long won this stupid PR battle from the exposure alone. And if you guys are really so concerned about getting tickets in Nashville, let me know. I'll gladly help you acquire tickets and even go to the game with you, schedule permitting. Just promise not to make an appearance in the police reports.

  8. 3 hours ago, Ice_Cap said:

    I think it's a sign of an insecure fanbase when they get so worked up that ownership needs to ban visiting fans/opposing team's sweaters, yes. And that goes for Ottawa too, lest you think I'm picking on the good ol' Sunbelt.


    And they don't just do it for O6/Olde Tymed Iced Hockey fanbases either! Nashville implemented the same rules in the WCF against Ducks fans!

    You know. The well-traveling arena-invaders that they are.


    I think this has more to do with the Preds/Bridgestone Arena wanting to control the flow of tickets in general. Before PIT won the East, team Predsident (sic) Sean Henry had a presser largely about ticket procedures. Point #1 was not to trust secondary markets at all for SCF tickets because "paper tickets would be nearly nonexistent."


    I bought my tickets from a STH friend, and he wasn't even able to transfer them to my Ticketmaster account. I had to meet him outside and walk in with him. Scan his STH card, print a stub, and we were in. Bridgestone Arena has been doing credit card entry like that for concerts and other non-Preds events for years. The "Keep the Red Out" campaigns were just a way of getting Preds STHs to buy into the ticket-less process and sell tickets back to the team for re-sale. All the "negative" national press was just gravy on top of locals happy not to endure morons making Nashville their weekend drink-away.

  9. 1 hour ago, JWhiz96 said:

    It seems people forget that in Pittsburgh we were without one of the Norris Trophy candidates in Letang. Had he been in I highly doubt we would have given up so many breakaway and odd-man scoring chances.


    The goal was a good goal (by garbage do you mean fluky? I usually attribute garbage to meaning non-earned). Nobody was arguing the EN.

    Fair re: Letang.


    By garbage, I did mean a very fluky, Hornqvist-like goal. My point was they didn't straight-up beat Pekka or execute some incredible back-door play to score a goal. Maybe it's not fair to say Nashville "outplayed" Pittsburgh in Game 6, but it's not like Pittsburgh "outplayed" Nashville either. More like out-lucked in the close-out game.


    2 hours ago, HedleyLamarr said:

    You got to see one helluvah game and a pretty neat trophy being awarded that night.  Win or lose, those are pretty neat moments.


    True. But it freaking hurt, man.

  10. 1 minute ago, HedleyLamarr said:

    You may be confusing "played better than" vs. "played well".


    Nashville definitely outplayed Pittsburgh in 1, 3, and 4.  The game was pretty even in Game 2 until the 3rd, when Pittsburgh turned on the after-burners.  And Game 6 was pretty even across the board.  (Hell, had the goal counted, it would have been 1-1 going to overtime)


    Nashville played well in every game other than Game 5.  They just didn't do enough to finish the job.


    Guess I'm compensating for Nashville playing without two top centers and in front of an at-times shaky Rinne. Versus a Pittsburgh team with two of the NHL's Top 101 best players (there ya go, Geno).


    As far as Game 6 goes, PIT scored on a late garbage goal and an empty net. Shots were basically even, but it sure didn't seem like it, especially for the bulk of the 1st and 3rd:


    Basically, the only thing PIT did consistently better than NSH was special teams, which was only a factor in Game 6 because NSH was anemic.


    Agree to disagree, though. Just trying to feel better about investing the money and driving time into seeing that game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  11. 22 minutes ago, HedleyLamarr said:

    [The catfish thing] wouldn't have become a wildfire sensation had that fan not gotten that "Instrument of Crime" charge in Pittsburgh.


    Which all started when Pittsburgh fish markets wouldn't allow TN license-holders buy catfish, just like they did with octopi back in 2008/9. So it's all their fault. :P


    19 minutes ago, Cosmic said:

    I mean, the catfish was cool and all, but it felt like there was one every stoppage in Game 6. I did lol at the one in the jersey and sparkly hat before the game, though. I'm part of the problem. 


    Agreed that it's jumped the shark. Much preferred when a couple catfish went flying after the anthem, and that was it. Pretty sure I saw at least one fish after the Pens' second goal last night.

  12. 12 minutes ago, JWhiz96 said:

    I disagree with this. The Preds played better in games 1, 3, and 4. The Pens played better in game 5, and games 2 and 6 were about even. If you recall game 6, the shots were and chances were about even, the only real indicator of one team being out played were the faceoffs (which were heavily in favor of Nashville).

    The Preds played better in the first two periods of Game 2. And I recall Game 6 as I was in the room where it happened...


    Fine, 4.667 out of 6.

  13. Well. At least I got to lustily boo Gary Bettman in person. A few thoughts:


    - Four PPs is not even close to one disallowed, good hockey goal. Textbook definition of false equivalency.

    - Murray played well last night, but he was beaten once. Kevin Pollack screwed up and even apologized to Sissons for doing so. The NHL's unwillingness to prevent this sort of thing from happening, either in the moment or after the fact, is infuriating regardless of the team(s) involved.

    - This whole thing would stink a little less if the first goal of the series weren't also taken away by dubious means.

    - Pittsburgh got outplayed in 5 out of 6 games.

    - Nashville got better intermission acts on relatively short notice for Game 6 (Ben Rector, Cage The Elephant) than the league got for the All-Star Game last season (honestly don't remember, and I was there) with over a year to prepare.


    All in all, I'm proud of the Preds and Nashville. We'll be back.

  14. 14 hours ago, Viola73 said:

    I did.


    “I really don’t understand the call," Laviolette said. "I saw my guy get his head cross-checked into the ice 10 times."


    Yeah, but PK was performing some Vulcan nerve pinch on Sid's leg. Total ??.

  15. 1 hour ago, Viola73 said:

    You have it backwards. He was being punched in the head because he wouldn't let go of Crosbys leg. Crosby said, after the game, that Sabban was trying to do some MMA crap to his ankle and he didn't take kindly to it.

    This is after Sidney overreacted to a clean hockey check by bringing down PK by the neck and shoulder pads. Since we're all backwards here...


    Sid's leg was on top of PK's left arm. It's not like PK picked him up the leg and swinging him like a rag doll. Sid was clearly in the dominant position is this scuffle and has little-to-no right to the victim's role in this particular instance. That hit by PK in Game 1? Sure. But using that to justify Sid's Headbangers Ball in Game 5 is similar to justifying Hunter Strickland's throw at Harper a while back because of Harper's HR like 3 years ago.

  16. 15 hours ago, charger77 said:

    Scrapping the Nashville word mark, would this work in just Yellow, Blue and White as a shoulder patch on the current jerseys?





    While I love the N-Tower logo and think your update is solid, I don't think it would fit on the current jerseys. The block N totally clashes with the team's slick type style. But I would buy a soft, vintage style tee with this logo in half a heartbeat.


    11 hours ago, selby56 said:


    Continuing with the Predators. 

    A logo only used on pant covers with an alternate jersey. Again, another Preds look that was <homer> fine </homer> for the time it existed. Alas, it belongs in the past with the checkerboard, BFBS, and chromed out red-eye tiger.


    6 hours ago, M4One said:

    Was this logo every used at all on anything?



    Totally agree with @KJTALBOT, this is easily Ottawa's best logo ever. No stupid shading or awkward 3/4 view. Symmetrical in both shape and color balance. Suggests an "O" without being a plain "O." Plus, I always loved how the cape sort of mimics the flag of Ottawa:


  17. 3 hours ago, sayahh said:

    Is there an official league-wide apparel supplier for the Big3?

    Looks like those jerseys were made by OT Sports out of North Carolina. They're mainly known for working with Minor League Baseball and hockey teams to make specialty jerseys (Star Wars and whatnot) plus primary gamers for the SPHL.

  18. Two developments in the SPHL today. First, the Columbus Cottonmouths are suspending operations for 2017-18. The statement says, "the league is in the final stages of securing new ownership," and plans for that franchise to make a comeback for 2018-19.


    Second, the Fayetteville FireAntz announced a press conference for next Friday, May 12. New ownership + half-price merchandise = likely refresh of a look in dire need of one.

  19. 6 hours ago, buzzcut said:

    The Norfolk Admirals are hinting at a new affiliation to be announced next week. They may also be plotting a return to the AHL. Stay tuned.

    Their release says they are announcing new NHL and AHL affiliations, and they squashed the notion of moving up twice on Twitter. They've also already announced their home schedule for the ECHL season. They aren't leaving the 'Coast anytime soon.


    However, they have been using a logo progression graphic everywhere with '?' over '2017.' Their site also has no logo in the header. My money is on a new/recolored logo to match the new parent club(s).