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  1. It has been years since I've posted on here but, I Just wanted to say congratulations to a former poster on this site. Troy Grosenick his username is lets_go_red not only did he record a shutout in his NHL debut last year, but he is in the ahl all-star game tomorrow. You can see him right now in the skills competition. Way to go Troy!
  2. I have a question. Why do people constantly ask why they cannot start their own topic when it has been answered at least 20 times in this FAQ? People, please read. lol
  3. Hanging at the Centre Robert Guertin in Gatineau (Hull) for my boys the gatineau olympiques of the qmjhl. i have a personal photo of the championship banners.. of course it will be out of date seeing as we just won the presidents cup.. and hopefully the memorial cup too.. not too mention the #28 of Claude Giroux that will be up there in the near future....
  4. Although I realize he played for Chicago and SD, this guy will always be a Phillie: ole' one nut..... come on, he's a legend. best one testicled first baseman ever to play for the phillies.
  5. i totally agree.. actually i consider him to be more of a wing than a sabre.... they should have put a pic of him in a sens uni... or even chicago. the rat bastard....
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