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  1. I can't respect any man who willingly admits to watching "The View"
  2. Kornheiser is the reason I'll have the sound off, and my sirius radio on. I wonder if he'll bring those jackasses from his old radio show who pretended everything he said was funny.
  3. Ok... tonight! Now I expect some of the more technologically advanced of my board-brothers to start posting pics slightly after kick-off. I've seen all the promo stuff, but the game is all that really matters... I need to know how upset to be.
  4. I was at the Hall of Fame game last weekend, and Philly brought their cheerleaders there also. Umm... *ahem*... let's just say... attactive.
  5. For some reason, I was never that big of a fan of that logo, back in the 80's (which reminds me... the 80's Saints were the 1st team to go leotard with the pants/sox road combo back then... maybe that's why I didn't like the logo), but now it looks pretty cool. Just not there on the upper chest... put it on the sleeve. Or if they do leave it there, get rid of the other logo on the sleeve... too cluttered.
  6. What's the deal? Amybody got a good pic?
  7. I thought Ga Tech had a navy jersey normally.
  8. How did we get from brick-red teams to playoff structures?
  9. Has any team ever used the name "Silverbacks"? I think it's a cool name, and think of the awesome gorilla images you could use in the logo....
  10. I love amost every Padre uni from the brown era. The uni they lost the world series to Detroit in was awesome. And if I ran the world, the Astros would be back in rainbows tomorreow.
  11. Anybody had any dealings with this company? Good quality? Accurate? They have a great looking catalog, but that can be deceiving. I think they're also known as Stall & Dean.
  12. yeah, I know all those... I guess I mean when a gray-like color is substituted (beige, tan... I guess the all yellows (Pirates, A's) and all oranges (Oreoles) would count). If the Marlins really did wear a green-tinged gray (Pantone????) I'd like to see a Pic.
  13. Back in the late 80's, when the Padres had the brown pinstripe uniforms, what was that color on their road duds? I always thought it was a beige/tan color, but I have a friend who insists it was just regular gray, and only looked beigey because of the brown pinstripes. Along those lines, since they're now wearing that strange putty color on the road, here's a trivia question: Discounting the 70s/80s sky blue craze, and the current ugly inclination to wear a dark top, how often has an MLB team regularly substituted another color (both pants and jersey) for gray on their road unis? I can think of a few off the top of my head, but I'll bet there's a lot.
  14. OK... then that brings up another question. Was there ever a road version of the rainbow bellies? Okkonen has a light gray one from 75 to 80, but I sure don't remember it. Is it possible they just wore the same uni, home and road? Has that EVER hapened?
  15. I'm just hoping someone will say something insulting and start another giant fight, but... Can anyone tell me what color the Astro's road uniform from the mid 80s was? I seem to remember them wearing a uni with the rainbow down the sleeves, and I could barely tell the difference between home and road. I don't know if such a pic exists but it'd be nice to see the two jerseys together, side by side. Doesn't MLB have some sort of rules as to what constitutes a legitimate road color? You know the NFL would.
  16. Wow... this has all been rather interesting. It brings to mind three points: ONE... we generally give Pantone the benefit of the doubt, not because we believe he is infallable, but because he has a well deserved reputation, lots of connections, and states his case in a reasonable and careful way (as opposed to saying something about... I duuno... moms maybe). TWO... the Astros looked great back in the early 70's (and I have to admit a certain fondness for the rainbows... those outrageuos eyesores are what got me interested in sports uniforms). They need to return to their TRUE colors YESTERDAY!! and THREE... zippers on the jersey?? and stars on the SOX!!??? AWESOME!!
  17. They're already for sale on Ebay with some really clear pics
  18. You know, I can agree to part of that... the Royal Blue/ yellow gold combo clearly outshines the current look, but not the sleeve horns. Rams have only one set of horns... and they're on their heads!! Horns on the shoulders??? Makes no sense. The Ram uni that needs to make a comeback? The 50's Gold jersey/ white pants with the royal helmet. One of the best unis EVER!
  19. Actually, its probably more likely that only the kicker will have sleeves... most QBs are now wearing the shortened version. I agree that these types of designs would be better IF THE JERSEYS WERE STILL CUT THE WAY THEY WERE 30 YEARS AGO! BUT THEY AREN'T!!! These teams should stop trying... the Bears, the Lions, the Steelers, these jerseys look great on a hanger at the mall, but they look crap on the field. (Well, OK, the Lion's jersey looks like crap everwhere.) You might wanna call it a "sleeve stripe", but when the players come out of the tunnel, its gonna look more like a 4 inch flag. Its just not working anymore. And can we stop getting all worked up over supposed "color changes" from a downloaded photoshop paste pic? Remember a few weeks ago when everyone went nuts over the Viking's switching to dark purple and vegas gold based on leaked pic?
  20. I think the Astros should go back to wearing Navy, Red, Yellow and a half-dozen different oranges. I'm serious
  21. You've gotta be kidding. I HAVE to see that... PLEASE, somebody find a pic!
  22. That does bring up a good question. Exactly what DOES the NFL consider an actual change? Like when the Rams dropped the side-panels (which I don't believe was 5 years after the new uni) was that a true change, or just a... I dunno... adjustment, or something? In other words, after a team makes a major change, can they live with that uniform for a short period of time, see how it works, and then make a slight change (you know, the kind of thing that only those of us that frequent this board would even notice)? I really think this has happened before... can anybody think of some examples? Of course, I'm really just hoping that the Vikings will still be allowed to add some road sox to the purple pants look.
  23. West Virginia has Kangaroos? Huh... who knew?
  24. You know, I really don't see what all the hatred over this trend is about, either. As far as graphics go, its a pretty small thing... almost unnoticable in a game setting. But some people are going nuts over this, like its the worst thing ever.